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1 day, face the reporter's query, russian premier Fulajimier Pu Beijing again evasive whether will he attend 2012 the problem of presidential election. Nevertheless, he is affirmatory also, he will be mixed Jeff of Wei of presidential plum heart ride

s two-men bike together.

According to news of Russian new network, since the closest period of time, whether do Jeff of more and more Xiang Meide Wei and general Beijing inquiry play reporters in March 2012 the presidential election of the portion. This two people face media to still can make fun of some of trick up to now evasive this problem.

General Beijing reachs lake of Er of case thanking benefit 1 day by helico

pter, head for above all " Fulajimier Pu Beijing and healthy lifestyle " exhibit a stage. There are 100 celebrities to waiting for him on the large scale over there, the person these attending the meeting of forum people it is fat person. They invite general Beijing to stand together large scale, the gross weight that adds premier holder as a result is 6.3 tons. General capital commitment will reduce weight inside 1 year half kilograms, tried to climb cliff simulator personally, still express to will try to ride two-men bike.

General Beijing is laughing at say: "We but not thin. "The person that attend the meeting people acceptance is subtractive inside a year half tons gross weight. General Beijing also says: "I also assure to decrease half kilograms. "I also assure to decrease half kilograms..

Still a representing that exhibits a stage revealed two-men bicycle, he points out, drive this kind of car very not simple, when two people cycle together, need is coordinated goodly cooperate. General Beijing is laughing to say: "My meeting and heart rice Terry Anatuoliyeweiji (Mei Dewei Jeff) ride together ride look, have a try. Have a try..

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 Naxide of the president before Maldives disobeys homeland to fear a law obtaining punishment 13 years instead

 Ceng Jian of the member that to CIA cruel convict findings report will give sound of bureau of the affection in furnace accuses American ginseng courtyard investigation

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fuj

ian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat pr
ovide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Login register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to shoot balloon artillery shell to fall into Korea churchyard Han to be answered with K-6 emmagee shoot: of 40 hair origin? Be not?2014-10-11 09:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Han Jun uses K-6 emmagee to answer subsequently shoot 40 much hair, without Han Fang personnel is in this incident casualties.

Will report on October 11, the report will say Han couplet company on October 10, combine give advice this department 10 days according to Korea message, pair of face handbills that Korea used 14.5 millimeter to shoot group of citizen of Korea of machine gun face high to send out that day firing, know exactly about sth bullet falls into Korea churchyard, han Jun uses K-6 emmagee to answer subsequently shoot 40 much hair, without Han Fang personnel is in this incident casualties.

Data chart: Annual Korea folk group borrows direction of Korea of season wind direction to release the balloon of the handbill and food.

Korea combines give advice cadre to express, local time that day afternoon 2 when make, of Korea citizen group the large balloon to face handbill is in the face in plain county adds up to ripples of path thing capital city and its environs the one belt in water enters the space, be in later 3 when 55 minutes of Xu Ting come from face square 10 polyphony report of a gun. Han Jun afternoon 4 when the cartridge case that around garrison ground 50 minutes area of and other places discovers to Korea doubt is like the bullet that fires machine gun high to be shot with 14.5 millimeter, later Han Jun afternoon 5 when K-6 emmagee is used to answer after making Xiang Chaoxian 30 minutes undertake admonitory broadcast fired bullet of 40 much hair. Korea combines give advice cadre to express, han Jun still is maintaining high state of alert.

On the other hand, motion of Korea of freedom of organization of the person that Korea took off north that day disregards governmental opposition jointly, unite in hill of head of a huge legendary turtle of city of state of slope of path thing capital city and its environs looked into the parking lot near the stage to send out to Korea as scheduled 200 thousand pieces of handbill. They sent out to Korea with 10 large balloons the handbill, 1 dollar soft, disc and booklet, the large banner that has condemnation Korea system still is hanged on the balloon.

Korea unites committee to will express on October 9 to peace of Han o

rgnaization motherland, if Korea government allows civilian group to send out pair of face handbills, or it is the word that gives acquiesce to this kind of behavior, han will be immersed in the situation that cannot redeem afresh toward the relation, and the responsibility of all these is in
completely Han Fang.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 " Forbes " label leather egg Yi Shangbang of bird's nest of wine of disgusting food snake again


 U.N. plans to accuse Jin Zhengen World Court with respect to problem of Korea human rights

According to cite of abstruse feet net " Australia daily " report, the price material that education makes Australia export an industry will increase one times inside 6 years, go to bay the international student amount that study abroad will grow at full speed.

2014 first half of the year, precede photograph of number of enter a school of index

international student is compared inside course of study the corresponding period grew 21% last year. Come one year, the number of enter a school of English language school rose 28% , a lot of students are prepared higher education is accepted in Australia or groom.

The model shows, the market prise that education regards Australia as export industry will break up time, from 2014 money year 15.7 billion yuan of growth reach 30.8 billion yuan.

The investigation of department of economics person information shows, sydney is the whole world the 5th study abroad costlily city, expenditure is taller than be in new York 20% , this means the student studying abroad's living cost to will make larger contribution for Australia economy.

2014, average per capita of all international student studying abroad that teach a domain pay forty thousand six hundred yuan of tuition and living cost every year. This data makings will grow 4% every year, till 2020, amplitude exceeds inflation. Be worth computation with the money 2020, the tuition that international student needs those who pay fifty-one thousand four hundred yuan every year and living cost.

Predict 2020, will student of 600 thousand international is read in Australia, if pay fifty-one thousand four hundred yuan every year each, criterion the market prise of international education industry will achieve 30.8 billion yuan.

After Australia international taught an industry to raise violent storm 2010, international education provider was greeted not period like that a favourable turn.

The market prise that teachs export industry breaks up from 7.9 billion yuan of 2004 times reach 16.4 billion yuan of 2010. Later, storm comes: The fame damage; that bay currency rises to happen quickly to adjust; Australia to learn aspect of strange person security in safeguard international considerably to; immigrant and student visa policy privatelies run the negative news frequency that leav

es academic school to close down passes; international to taught an orgnaization to be come from other.

New student number is serial 6 semester drop, in 2013 money year, teach the cereal background that exports production value defeat to reach 14.6 billion yuan.

Inchoate answer is budding the first semester that appeared 2013, new student person is compared several years grew 2% , arrived the 2nd semester 2013, amplitude rises 16% , achieved further in the first semester 2014 next 21% .

Begin from 2013, bay money had devalued to the dollar 15% .

Go to bay the charge that study abroad drops, certain study abroad the Australia city that cost can weighs the whole world is the most expensive also becomes compare par.

Australia Board of Trade (of Austrade) 2014 " restore to grow " the report tracks the positive change that recorded policy of Australia student visa. The government rolled out brief chemistry to give birth to visa policy; to be in in April 2012 2013, the government rolled out the authorities of working visa; of international graduate to developed further innovation 2014, include to simplified to the risk assesses order and degree and enlarge brief chemistry to give birth to the suitable scope of visa policy.

Australia Board of Trade points out, mix translate into higher education to the driving demand of English language courses professional education and groom the source of student of the domain.

 England lasts rainstorm weather causes big calamity to send peaceful interview person river definitely bank

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