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    Local time on August 6 evening, north of British capital London produces people

    protest and rambunctious event, a two patron wagon, bus and a shop are burned, the window of several shops is broken.

    That day towards evening, about 300 people gather in the Tuotenamu that is located in London north (near Tottenham) district police station, 4 insolation fight remonstrant police a young man of local.

    This man of 29 years old is called mark - Du Gen, it is the father of 4 children, will be shot to beat dead by police on August 4. This causes the intense dissatisfaction of Du Gen relatives and friends and local dweller, they ask through protest " justice " .

    Original, remonstrant just gathers outside police station, but after the day is black, protest the activity evolves into rough stuff gradually. Police spokesman says, the bottle of combustion of two cruiser cast to police mixes remonstrant sundry, car catchs fire later, not bad fuzz is not at that time inside the car, get hurt without the person so.

    Outside eliminating patron wagon, still have bus and o

    n fire of an around shop. According to the report of the BBC, 46 years old of dwellers of local of the spot that witness defend draw state greatly, the shopwindow of a few shops is bungled to rot.

    "The flooey with true condition, " he says, "Two polices catch fire, I feel very insecure... I see somebody is assaulted. I feel very insecure... I see somebody is assaulted..

    Nevertheless, police spokesman says, really a lot of people gather around police station, but be not everybody be involved in is rambunctious. Distribute news dispatches up to the reporter, this incident still does not have casualties report.

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    Aobama says Diaoyu Island manages range of treaty of security of applicable beauty day clearly by Japan

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    The sea net, dispatch occupies channel Metropolis Daily outside intermediary report, philippine president Ajinuo publishs national condition report 25 days in congress when, publish with respect to Nanhai problem again strong make known one's position, allege force of use force of Philippine preparation be convenient to use protects this country to be in of Nanhai " domania

    l " .

    A Jinuo says in national condition report, philippine government will upgrade the armament that equipment lags behind badly, include to purchase new naval vessel and weapon. He says: "We do not hope to raise the intense concern with other country, but the thing that we must allow a whole world to know we prepare to protect us. But the thing that we must allow a whole world to know we prepare to protect us..

    The report says, june, be in in when because Nanhai conflict begins insecurity,phenanthrene concerns, friendly United States of Philippine Xiang Jimeng seeks protection, the result also got beautiful congress helps his upgrade the acceptance of armament. A Jinuo is opposite 25 days when congress delivers a speech, disclose, the coastguard cutter next month that United States Coast G

    uard already retired will reach Philippine shore, make the naval naval ships and boat with the biggest humble.

    To Nanhai problem, chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes again and again, china reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion to The Nansha Islands. The footing that just goes up in Nanhai problem in is consistent, clear. The law of nations with accepted basis just advocates from beginning to end in, through settling Nanhai dispute when the direct negotiation between thing country. China hopes concerned country can do advantageous to area peace and stability business more.

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an a

    ttempt to, article, video, show fontal
    state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Greek number of death of 40 cars pileup is added to 5 people (graph)

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    Occupy Japanese media 12 days to report, ocean of Tokyo university, Japan considers to develop an orgnaization to wait with Euramerican international group together, the 2 satellites Saturnian satellite in Saturn 2 go up the environment that discovers existence hot water. According to saying, this is the mankind discovers the can exist for life environment besides consist in earth in solar system first. This achievement already was published in British science magazine " natural " on.

    Satellite of Saturn 2 (E

    nceladus) , the diameter makes an appointment with 500 kilometers, run around Saturn. Its center is rock, distance sun is distant, consequently very cold. The surface is enclothed by large place glacial a layer. Study the group discovers, in be equivalent to satellite of Saturn the subterranean existence near the antarctic of 2 is marine. Study the group discovers, seawater often gush to aerospace, the life such as carbon is contained to form place in ejective seawater must element.

    According to American aerospace bureau (NASA) the Saturn detector that wait Ka Xini date (the observation of Cassini) , in ejective seawater, discovered what form by 2 oxidation silicon to exceed fine grained content. According to Japanese experiment, this is the grain content that be reacted with rock happening by hot water of 90 degrees of above in underground and forms. This one environment is similar to telluri

    an the deep-sea spout that heat up fluid. Have not make clear at present heat source comes from where.

    The element such as liquid state water, carbon, hot energy is considered as life to exist indispensable 3 gist element. Guan Genkang's person emphasizes the Tokyo college associate professor in studying a group, this is (it is beyond the earth) discover the celestial body that has 3 gist element first.

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    Yesterday of International Airport of Swedish A Landa receives bomb menace block to board the plane mouth

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    Service of provide for the age

    d of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief b

    oard, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    In new network report will report 24 days according to dispatches from foreign news agency on August 24, official of an Afghanistan government in Afghan south Heermande is saved die by assassinate. This is this visits the 3rd be murder

    ed official inside a week.

    The message of Heermande's governor office says, two armed members that take autocycle save metropolis 23 days to pull assorted to block Er to add in Heermande late, to an accept the assemblyman of parliament of made of baked clay area shoots. This assem

    blyman subsequently by urgent send toward the hospital, but do not treat finally die.

    The report points to, afghan government official and governmental proponent are the assault target of armed organization.

    In two assault of 21 days, armed element killed an assemblyman that comes from Gereakh area and a chief procurator.

    19 days, heermande saves governmental building to make a surprise attack by suicidal type bomb, a fuzz gets hurt in explosion.

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    66 highway of American can sing can prevent overspeed to drive not to listen too fast or too slow

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    Login register Internet bar of beautiful Chinese of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to rob 200 yuan of administrators to be wounded by two men head origin: ? ?2014-01-15 16:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Flying mainstream Internet bar is vestibular. (The United States " live abroad signs up for " / of the Song Dynasty is photographed)

    According to the United States " live abroad signs up for " report, according to message of new York police, 12 days of before dawn 6 when 10 minutes or so, be located in Hanmierdu park highway of 6207 an Internet bar that the name is flying mainstream, be robbed by two men, in combat, the controller of the Internet bar is wounded by cateran the head, be wounded when the cash in contending for cash register with cateran at the same time arm. After cateran reaves 200 yuan, escape an Internet bar.

    Offer closed-circuit television to show according to police, two men hold a brick to enter store in, not on the head that by defend oneself one brick makes in Internet bar administrator, immediately blood flows continuously. Victim of after the event goes to a hospital checking, had caused initiate a gender traumatic, even if is such, this cateran still undertakes to the victim cruel beat up, when another cateran walks along cash register place to lever cash register to take money forcibly, the victim is contended for desperately.

    But right now cateran be ashamed into anger, the eye sees do not rob, the arm that grips cash register to the victim wildly has charge, bring about victim arm finally to be interrupted, faint antagonism, two cateran reave 200 yuan of cash from inside cash register, immediately decamp. Police thinks, two individual choices start work in before dawn time committing the crime is early certainly plan somewhat, know time of Internet bar before dawn almost unmanned inside, ability wait for one's chance commits the crime.

    After the event, the male merchant that o

    ccupies flying mainstream Internet bar expresses, he was absent that day the spot, just hear tussle is very intense that day, but when the reporter asks farther question again, do not wish to make overmuch reply to going to the lavatory. Lay dweller report according to around business, here the Internet bar is ferial the business is not thriving. Also did n
    ot see a lot of stream of people are connected hereat. Reporter discovery, this Internet bar is different from common Internet bar, ten pieces of report inside inn have 7 only on cerebral desk, 8 computer, there are 2 foreign citizen of Chinese origins inside inn 2 Xi Yi's teenager is getting online, and the rest of the table is empty, a lamp leaves only inside inn, very weird.

    This Internet bar that the name is flying mainstream is located in Hanmierdu the position that park ave approachs 62 markets, ferial belong to a case to send the ground more. Point out according to police, hanmierdu a park highway is the area austral cloth busy logical sequence main main street, circumjacent shop is various, economy booms, but also be " problem " highway. Because of burgalry of this car pilfer, into room rob case frequency hair, it is city alarm the key attention of 68 substation is street. Police expresses, substation adds a group already alarm force patrols this highway.

    Recommend read: The man is in by forensic subpoena with vivid crocodilian settle accounts 3000 yuan of fine [video]

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring ci

    ty makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt t

    o, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Asia-Europe head can stand have mystery whole scene: Ictus of · of hour of mutual benefit ·

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    Ma Hang breaks couplet family member to be stationed in in the horse China appeal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the sit-down before diplomatic mission is sober

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    Indonesian rub 7.3 class earthquake happens near Lu Jiaqun island or cause seismic sea wave (graph)

    2022年01月18日 03:09 宁波千花网
  • 武汉养生放水推荐2020

    One studies the report shows, take a picture to cannot help people begin to re

    member things possibly, be just the opposite to what one wished instead.

    Law intermediary reports 10 days, beautiful jade of psychologist of university of heart

    of Er of humble of American cost Er amounts to · go smoothly to overcame Er to do a test. She arranges a few students to look around in school museum, ask they are used take a picture or the way that the eye watchs remembers certain goods. Morrow, experimental result shows, the student that observes with the eye is more accurate to the memory of article.

    She returns discovery, if experimental object films the local detail close-up of a certain article, there is this place not only in memory local, and the integral impression that has pair of article.

    "Depend on technical measure to help memory when people, record incident to pay close attention to incident without total heart however with camera, can have negative effect to memory. " she says.

    Research report of Hengkeer is published in newest first phase " psychological " on the magazine. (According to Xinhua News Agency)

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    Now international news

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    Whether is this page list p

    or home page? Did not find appropriate text content.

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    Romania 24 years old of men lose smaller part because of inductrial injury the head still survives (graph)

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    Flower archives announces thousands of to UFO witnesses incident to report or offend doubt

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian seabed of multilateral contention the Arctic circle " meaning of drunk Weng Zhi " in oil origin: ? Chasm tamper is not Nao?2013-12-12 10:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Each country of drawing near of the Arctic circle

    Regard the territory on the world as the country with the biggest area, russia over or across comes from Europe 11 time zone of far east. Nevertheless, russia rocksy announced a few days ago, the course makes an on-the-spot investigation, the area of the Arctic Ocean that includes the kilometer of 1.2 million square that arctic nods inside also belongs to the mainland of Russia to wear. This one view sufferred the doubt of a few scientists immediately.

    Want again enlarge kilometer of 1.2 million square

    According to England " defend a newspaper " will report on June 28, russia geology inspects a group to took the nuclear-powered submarine that has capacity of the scientific research below ice to have by a definite date to arctic area 6 weeks exploration. 25 days, they allege find evidence to prove underwater of the Arctic Ocean is continuous the nature that the Luo Meng Nuo of nearly 2000 kilometers alls alone husband Hai Ling is mainland of area of Russia Siberia north is outspread, the mainland that ought to belong to Russia is worn.

    The marine landform of the Arctic Ocean is one shows elliptic sea tub, by 3 main Hai Ling -- , husband of all alone of Nuo of alpha sea mountain, Luo Meng the backbone in Hai Ling and the Arctic Ocean -- , be broken up. Among them high and steep of mountain of sea of husband of all alone of Luo Meng Nuo and abrupt, anew Siberia archipelago crosses arctic point around outspread all the time to bank of Greenland island north, tower above is deep-sea Campagna 2500 meters of above, controlling the landform of whole sea basin.

    Basis 1982 " treaty of U.N. ocean law " the 76th regulation, "The mainland of coastal state is worn include its the full nature that its land territory depends on beyond territorial sea is outspread, expand the mainland wears the seabed of the marine area of the brim and subsoil. If rise from the base line that calculates territorial sea width, be less than 200 sea mile to mainland brim outside, land wearing width can expand if go to the mainland,to; of 200 sea mile the brim exceeds 200 sea mile, can expand at most 350 sea mile. Can expand at most 350 sea mile..

    If presently square this one view holds water, will mean Russia territory to will increase kilometer of 1.2 million square, be equivalent to France, Germany and addition of territory of Italian the Three Kingdoms, still be in charge of the Greenland island with Denmark, Canada, underwater that still has the United States probably have a common boundary of area under administration.

    Seabed of multilateral contention arctic

    27 days, a few scientists are geological to Russia of the team inspected achievement to express doubt, they state a country wants the range that outspread mainland wears, must prove this area and its terrestrial and domanial geological structure are similar. And the international collaboration of the Arctic Ocean that is located in Sanket and Atlantic institute grows Puliyamikefu to express everywhere: "Tell the truth, I also feel this is a little strange, canada also can offer identical view, they can say Luo Meng Nuo alls alone husband sea mountain and North America mainland are linked together, do this mean Russia to add whole Eurasia to belong to Canada administer limits? Do this mean Russia to add whole Eurasia to belong to Canada administer limits??

    In fact, canada has offerred this one view really before this, and Denmark also thinks Hai Ling of husband of all alone of Luo Meng Nuo is datival hill orchid island is linked together, because this should belong to the mainland of this country,wear. The underwater of the Arctic Ocean that the United States also claims to have city of area ratio California to return big half as much again runs area under administration. And Russia is in early ever wore borderline problem with respect to its mainland 2001 to U.N. demur, the requirement is in its continue on the foundation of exclusive economic zone of 200 sea mile outspread. But this one requirement is overruled by U.N. .

    Current law of nations sets, arctic dot reachs the area around not to belong to any countries, the mainland that also does not have which country is worn outspread to arctic dot. Management board of international sea floor thinks, the Arctic Ocean that periphery of boreal the utmost enclothes for ice sheet place belongs to international maritime space. Country of periphery of 5 the Arctic Ocean has Russia, United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark only the surrounds 200 sea mile exclusive economic zone outside territorial sea.

    "The meaning of tipsy old man " in oil

    The each country contention to arctic area so intense, not be to yearn of course large quantities of immigrant of world of ice and snow, however settle on the rich resource that has not develop. According to rocksy estimation, the whole world 1/4 not the Arctic Ocean that the oil of exploration and natural gas hide in ice and snow to enclothe is marine, here is probable be " lard library " . And estimate according to Russia, the contain in the section that it holds is worn at least 10 billion tons of oil and natural gas.

    In addition, as the whole world calefacient, hai Bing melts, be open to navigation or air traffic of the Arctic Ocean also becomes a possibility. According t

    o the record of bureau of American space navigation, came 30 years in the past, the arctic air temperature of the area rises 10 every years 0.5 Celsius. Arctic area biology growth period lengthens several days 10 every years, permanent frozen earth already also began defrost inside the Arctic circle. The ice on scientist estimation the Arctic Ocean is in with annual the speed of 3% melts, be in that is to say 50 to 100 years between, the Arctic Ocean will do not have the screen of the iceberg completely possibly, shipping, fishery and development of oil natural gas will be straight
    way. If the water area that traverses Russia border land is held back without the iceberg, europe can shorten to waterborne range of the Asia half. These created advantage for oil exploitation.

    Current, the reserves of natural gas ascertain of Russia resides the world the first, and it is the country of exit of the 2nd old oil that is next to a Saudi Arabia. For long-term plan, the Kremlin still is in seek new oil gas natural resources actively. Nevertheless, want to have mine below the Arctic Ocean, facing the dispute of vast base delimit not only, still involve issue of a lot of environments, in recent years inside be afraid carry out hard.

    Recommend read: Russia appeal Canada, Denmark suspends differentiating mainland of the Arctic Ocean is worn

    Canada refers territory of the Arctic circle to apply for to be about to decide arctic " domain "

    The Arctic circle of Russia of map of country of vicinity of the Arctic circle inspects limits [graph]

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Dispatch will be opposite the net austral Fujian on October 4 American, bush this surname is afraid not unfamiliar. W cloth assorted ever held the position of assorted of cloth of George W H and son George president, a much-told story of arms of father and son of go into battle stays in the political field. Nowadays, the battle array hopeful of arms of father and son welcomes the 3rd person, added a Bush's president again 2016 for the United States.

    Small Bush accepts Fox 2 days when the program interviews Fox and friends, news channel says, he thinks little brother Jiebubushen wants to become a president, oneself also are encouraging him to devote into 2016 presidential election. Outstanding cloth is 61 years old, be old Bush second child, came to held the position of Florida state governor 2007 1999. And once outstanding cloth shows itself from republic party camp, hillary of anybody of the Democratic Party will become his main competitor possibly. Hillary will be asked about this year in July whether can attend when the president entered into an election contest 2016, still did not decide in order to return to reply.

    Law intermediary reports, when spread out in the light of Buddha state electorate this month civilian attune shows as a result, if Hillary participates a president, her supportive rate will precede all republic parties that include

    Jiebubushen inside participate a person potentially. Nevertheless, the difference between outstandi
    ng cloth and Hillary is the least, it is 44% pairs 46% .

    2022年01月18日 03:09 武汉夜盟
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    On November 22, 2013, should GrafTech South Africa(Pty)Ltd. application, south Africa undertakes to originating in the black lead electrode of China and India formerly put on record is investigated

    turning over a dumping. Encode of custom of experience case product is 8545.11.


    ion period is the dumping of this case on May 1, 2012 ~ on April 30, 2013, damage investigation period to be on May 1, 2010 ~ on April 30, 2013.

    2022年01月18日 03:09 西安绿茶spa曲江
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    According to coverage of large public network, besides terroristic menace, it may be said of Olympic Winter Games of agree of this all alone 3 fold. It is Olympic Games place first construction cost is high, a few place are likely cannot on schedule hand over a completed project, it is Russia is promulgated then prohibit

    undertaking to 18 years old of the following adolescent the homosexual publicizes law, cause personage of activity of homosexual rights and interests to resent, doubt homosexual athlete may be discriminated against, russian authorities must appear personally " put out a fire " .

    The media such as the England before this is disclosed, russian government builds a piece in all alone agree " enclothe almost completely " monitoring network, orgnaization of Olympic committee of foreign high official, international comes on, each country delegacy comes below, take part in the match player, judgment and medical treatment personnel, even reporter of audience, media all is listening object.

    The message points to, russian Federation security bureau begins to upgrade since 2010 a system that is SORM, the solid government that it is Ru

    ssia has the network supervisory system of monitoring to Internet information, ask all phones and Internet service supplier must be installed compulsively. Russia safety orgnaization is enjoyed sufficient, straightway visit allows right, this means the data of network news report such as all phones, free WiFi to be not had close insurable.

    In fact, from 2007 all alone agree obtains an Olympic Winter Games to hold authority to begin " murmur " ceaseless, western country tries to censure to the problem such as Russian authority, environmental protection, gao Ke of president of Aolangde of president of American president Aobama, France, Germany make known his position clearly already nonattendance Olympic Winter Games.

    The list of delegacy of United States of Olympic Winter Games of all alone agree that publishs according to the White House, president abstruse cling to footman Fu, vice president Bai Dengfu Fu and currently hold the post ofministerial minister collective absent, only by before Nabolidanuo of minister of land safety ministry leads a group to attend an opening ceremony, currently hold the post ofthe United States Bern of standing deputy Secretary of State this lead a group to attend closure. This was 1988 since the first family of American and vice president couple first opening ceremony of absent Olympic Games or closure.

    "All alone agree Olympic Winter Games ought not to become the platform of politics or dissension. " international a word of Bach of abstruse conference chairman, spoke the political wrestle with complex backside of current Olympic Winter Games.

    Recommend read: Torch of Olympic Winter Games of all alone agree will enter outer space and arrive at arctic to slip into Lake Baikal

    2022年01月18日 03:09 上海龙凤网坛
  • 上海龙凤阁

    American man and cummer quarrel to kill 7 people to be shot dead by police repeatedly

    2022年01月18日 03:09 宁波千花网
  • 上海贵族宝贝论坛

    Member of Mexican sinister gang admits to kill the name that be missing learns stranger is police gives they

    2022年01月18日 03:09 夜上海最新论坛 中山市品茶上课群
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    Incident of force of Mexican case Lei Luozhou 57 students are missing the police is checked whether be involved in

    Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, last week 5 (26 days) evening and Saturday (27 days of) , after the case Lei Luozhou of Mexican south produces violent incident, 57 students miss. Inquisitor begins this country 29 days the police that investigates place whether be involved in this incident.

    2014-09-30 10:41 origin: ? Heir Lian?
    Syria of night raid of bomber of strategy of U.S. Army B-1 " Mohammedan country " extreme armed picture

    American media announced B-1B bomber to go to Syria to carry out bomb " Mohammedan country " extreme armed is video data. It is reported, b-1B strategy bomber from September the last ten-day of a month rises begin to execute mission of armed of extreme of bomb Syria churchyard. Bomber of this batch of B-1B comes from a Texas to wear the wing of the 7th bomber of Yi Si air base, the Aerwudaide from Qatar (Al Udeid) air base takes off, target area is reached after be being cheered in course sky, after dropping a bomb, return.

    2014-09-30 09:49 origin: ?  ?
    Wu Kelan is the biggest Lenin is statuary be demolished many city holds the parade that oppose war (graph)

    Wu Kelan many cities hold massive rally and parade 27 days without approval, fight battle of black the eastpart part.

    2014-09-30 09:46 origin: ? Qu Xian?
    Japanese volcano erupts send dead number to already amounted to 36 people to because mephitis rises,be rescued make stop

    People net dispatch will be sent according to Reuter on September 29 from Tokyo 29 days of latest news, the hill of Japanese drive high mountain that erupts suddenly on the weekend (Mount Ontake) already brought about at least 36 people to die, the rescueing operation that seeks survival makes stop today, because worry about mephitis level. . .

    2014-09-29 17:20 origin: ? Heir Lian?
    Afghanistan holds the post of presidential Ashenlafu Jiani newly to make a pledge to assume office

    In report will occupy new network on September 29 outside intermediary report, 29 days, the Ashenlafujiani that wins victory in Afghan general election makes a pledge to assume office to assume a president newly for Afghanistan. This year in August, commission of Afghan independence election announces presidential election result. . .

    2014-09-29 14:45 origin: ? Travel hill?
    Plasma bleb can disturb U.S. Army communication to cause task failure and personal casualty

    The U.S. Army has absolutely control of the air on Afghan battlefield, helicopter unit is carrying U.S. Army soldier to undertake fighting in country environment, taliban and base organize armed element to be able to use surface-to-air weapon to have charge to helicopter, this is U.S. Army helicopter. . .

    2014-09-29 10:42 origin: ? Zi calf cattail?
    Incident of pop of inn of American Miami night sends 15 people to get hurt contain 5 minor girls

    A wounded male does not have reaction, and 5 also sufferred an injury to 17 years old of girls between in 11 years old.

    2014-09-29 10:08 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
    Outside intermediary: ? ǖ of ability of imprison of appraise of discharge   still does bore with a reamer of stop up of  ǜ Shao Jiben  break bifurcation to instruct to awake?

    According to Japan " read sell news " will report on September 27, primary problem: " haven of sri lanka of Chinese submarine berth " , the report says, sri lanka eve is visited in Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman, submarine of a China was in to 14 days of berth from September 7 division human relations. . .

    2014-09-29 10:02 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
    Volcano of hill of Japanese drive high mountain erupts incident already sent 4 people to die 27 people insensate indication

    Incident already caused 4 men death, additionally 27 people present heart lungs to stop (insensate evidence) condition.

    2014-09-29 09:32 origin: ? Travel hill?
    Expert: ISIS starts 911 type horror to assault Biladeng without ability difference became far

    IS still lies in arisen process, compared with in those days pull ascend, the force that waits in the United States still has IS very big defective.

    2014-09-29 09:28 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
    The United States is passed sell a website to cheat on amount of Chinese investor diddle 100 million dollars only

    Reference news net will report beautiful intermediary says on September 29, american superintendency branch accuses two companies mix 3 the individual operates pass sell fraud, from the diddle on chinese mainland, Taiwan and American investor body 129 million dollar. Will report on September 26 according to associated press. . .

    2014-09-29 09:20 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ?
    Peruvian Kusike is saved produce 5.1 class earthquake to already brought about 8 people to die 5 people are injured

    Occupy Peruvian RPP broadcasting station 28 days to report, this country Kusike saves the southern part area of handkerchief Lu Luo produces 5.1 class earthquake 27 days late, already affirmed 8 people die at present. Announce according to institute of Peruvian earth physics, this earthquake happens local time 27 days 21 when 3. . .

    2014-09-29 08:45 origin: ? Heir Lian?
    Police affirms case of be murdered of Chinese female student studying abroad is relevant and factitious its male friend already returned China

    In report will occupy new network on September 28 the United States " live abroad signs up for " compile a report, police is loving city of China of carry on one's shoulder 26 days (Iowa City) discovered a female cadaver in the mothball box of Feng Tiankai beautiful luck 1997, this body is thought the likelihood is Iowa establishs an university (ISU. . .

    2014-09-28 15:08 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
    American female physicist says the black hole is impossible to exist or overthrow a cosmogony to say

    Once her viewpoint is proved to be correct by scientific group, to cosmic origin doctrine will be overthrown entirely.

    2014-09-28 14:53 origin: ? Piao of ㄖ fall forward?
    Modification lecture notes of benefit of Jin of Han intermediary Chinese hackberrya exposing to the sun is experienced because of attend to China do not want to see president of beautiful hint given with the eyes

    Korea president Piao Jinhui was immersed in speech draft to revise the door recently, han intermediary explodes 27 days makings say, because scruple,modification lecture notes is China is experienced. Korea " world daily " the report says, 24 days, korea president government office sends out external Piao Jin. . .

    2014-09-28 11:38 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
    Volcano of hill of Japanese drive high mountain erupts strength is abate already sent 33 people to be missing 42 people are injured

    In report will occupy new network on September 28 coverage of Japanese news network, japan grows wild county government to say 28 days morning local time, connection is lost in 33 climber erupt in volcano of hill o

    f drive high mountain, miss up to now. The report says, from local time that day approach. . .

    2014-09-28 11:21 origin: ? Travel hill?
    Dust rich pulls virus to already sent West Africa epidemic situation of death of 3000 much people diffuses continuously

    Combine coverage of morning paper network according to Singapore, world Health Organization releases bulletin of newest epidemic situation to say, still pull epidemic situation to had caused death of more than 3000 people in the dust rich of West Africa indulge in wilful persecution, warn at the same time at present this one epidemic situation still is in diffuse continuously. Report. . .

    2014-09-28 10:53 origin: ? Salary  ?
    Iowa of United States of Shao Tong of Chinese Dalian female student studying abroad is missing body Tibet car is mothball box

    Shao Tong comes from Chinese Dalian, entered Iowa to establish an university 2012, the body is discovered to hide a car mothball box.

    2014-09-28 10:40 origin: ? Heir Lian?
    Volcano of hill of Japanese drive high mountain erupts militia goes to the spot to come to help (graph)

    Armed escort of out of 3 instructions group participates in premier An Beijin come to help, expedite ground armed forces and helicopter.

    2014-09-28 10:09 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
    German Nazi builds bridal school to train a girl to groom wash clothes to cook and look after children

    Want to be in the time that is less than two months, accept such as to wash clothes, cook, look after children wait for all sorts of severe exacting to groom.

    2014-09-28 10:03 origin: ? This ┣ A Ou?

    2022年01月18日 03:09 上海千花网论坛
  • 夜上海论坛

    Occupy company of middle east of Egypt government news agency 2 days to report, cecil of leader of the army before commission of top president election announces Egypt formally that day and leader of left-wing politics party breath out Muding Sabaxi to be the presidential election candidate that accords with a condition.

    According to arrangement of program of Egypt president election, will come 23 days on May 3, two candidate can spread out propaganda. Presidential election is first-run and voting will undertake with 27 days o

    n May 26, at latest of this round of voting result will be announced on June 5.

    Candidate of Egypt president election nominates and register the job to will end on April 20, two people handed over only Cecil and Sa Ba Xi to participate application, and the condition that accords with presidential candidate to register.

    2022年01月18日 03:09 广州夜生活论坛QDS
  • 上海4197龙凤

    Login register Scotland of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to hold independence now fair if pass: of far-reaching to England and Scotland origin,cast? ?2014-09-18 08:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] if fair cast through, 300 years when Scotland is the same as the end England " marriage " , make independency home.

    In new network on September 18 electric basis the accredit of British administration, local time on September 18, whether Scotland put up with breaks away from England and hold referendum independently, and the same night plan ticket reachs as soon as possible result. If fair cast through, scotland is the same as the end 300 years of marriage of England, make independency home, and England also will break up overnight. This fair cast be not is Scotland sudden crank, historical kind and enmity and uptodate area develop the problem that waits to did not mediate, make contradictory concentration erupts. The analysis thinks, if Scotland is independent, will give England, Europe even the world causes great effect, and the way before its is not certain also evenness.

    Local time on September 13, scotland independence is fair cast hold with and oppose two a group of people of same interest, before polling severally the last held large street propaganda to strive for su

    pport Saturday.

    The independent road situation of 400 more than person turns white-hot

    Whether will Scotland spread out independently from Britannic U.k. on September 18 local time fair cast. Voting will at British time 18 days morning 7 when (Beijing time 18 days 14 when) begin, to in the evening 22 when (Beijing time 19 days of before dawn 5 when) end.

    Have about 4.2 million in all Aberdonian register participate in independence fair cast, occupy can poll entirely 97% of population. This is Scotland history go up the most large-scale voting. And this voting regulation has 16 years old of above only, live in the Scotland and the other area that are born in England, handsome appearance that already made Scotland dweller now to authority polls. Be born in Scotland, but reside England now the person of other area cannot poll.

    Plan ticket official has developed measure in 5579 polling booth, reduce the likelihood that the person that poll needs to queue up to await. Additional, choose of 789024 person selected mails voting.

    After voting end, by a definite date one all night plan ticket job begins instantly. Part by 32 local government plan ticket, local government gives Edinburgh Yinggelisidu report of plan ballot outcome of royal upland center presiding plan ticket official. Number of record total bill will be in local time before dawn 1 when the left and right sides begins. By this attestation of plan ticket official plan ticket and accredit each district announces a result.

    Presiding plan ticket official shows, voting result will announce in time of 19 days of breakfast.

    As fair cast date drawing near, british home boils one piece, of the controversy intense already amounted to turn white-hot, form 3 groups with this, tycoon of high official distinguished personages, business chooses edge station in succession. British royal family is the independent in 3 cliques. Buckingham Palace already made a statement, emphasize queen transcending politics, affect Scotland innocently independence is fair project a result. According to the independent white book that Scotland government publishs, once Scotland is independent, queen will still be the national head of state of independent Scotland state.

    Object the delegate of a group of people of same interest of separatist, basically be the united front that premier Cameron and each political parties and groups comprise. Cameron is a problem with patriotism before this, the appeal is Aberdonian stay in England. And recently, he is to hurry off to Scotland continuously more, advise in earnest the ground is persuaded Aberdonian do not exit England, scotland is independent, will make as painful as England divorce.

    To remedy a dangerous situation, england 3 great main political parties are to cast political difference more, urgent composition united front. The Conservative Party that is in office jointly, free the Democratic Party and opposition the Labour Party all acceptance, want Scotland to stand not only only, will give Scotland bigger autonomy.

    And support separatist contrarily to represent Sa Mengde of leader of Scotland nation party to it, the enthusiastic hook in that waits for a person to Cameron not show respect for. He expresses, the program that the person such as Cameron offers does not have a bit new idea. He still thinks, each party chief is in England Aberdonian publicizes complete already failure independently instead.

    On September 16, company of investigation orgnaization ICM is " Aberdonian newspaper " (the civilian shift that Scotsman) place makes shows, scotland supports independent constituency to increase 3 percent, achieve 48% . 52% voter support stays in England. This body is revealed, support and a group of people of same interest that oppose independence almost match each other in strength, make fair project a result more add suspense.

    300 years of mercenary marriage today terminative?

    Had spent 300 years of time in all, why does the Scotland now insist to make a divorce with England even? This is having complex historical dispute and real reason among them.

    Scotland kingdom is finished 843 years in the Christian era after uniting, ever was an independent state. But 1296, it by England occupational, the despotic rule of generation of England king Edward is regnant arouse Aberdonian abidance to revolt, scotland 1328 recovery becomes independent position. Later 300 old, scotland and British cent cent close. Till 1706, scotland and England are signed jointly " associated act " and at formal on May 1, 1707 go into effect, britannic kingdom holds water, scotland makes among them one part.

    A lot of historians think, this positive-appearing image is one picket mercenary marriage, because Scotland choice and England are allied,be in 17 centuries Panama Da Lin plans 90 time colony broken postpartum is lifted helplessly, and " associated act " in the center a crucial clause, it is England government pays brushstroke cash with intent Scotland, in order to compensate those in Da Lin the principal in colonial plan does not have the investor that return.

    Because emotional base is not firm, scotland interior holds the political power that breaks away from England not cease all activities, await stage a comeback in saving force all the time. So, is now what reason makes does Scotland insist to want independence? Does its bottom gas where?

    Scotland stems from economic reason and England to incorporate at the outset, inducement also comes from now at economic respect. Now, england has become the 3rd big petroliferous country of European and state of production of the 4th big natural gas, oil output is next to Russia and Norway, after natural gas is located in Russia, Holand and Norway, the crop be closely bound up that this and oil field of British the North sea increase continuously. But Scotland is right however annual to British government pay the Yu Huai of be troubled of oil gas duty of nearly 9 billion pound.

    In addition, many Scotland officials show, if break away from administration, it is national boundaries in order to show some piscatorial line, scotland will acquire the oil field of 95% and the gas field of 60% , will get a huge treasure bowl-a place rich in natural resources at the appointed time. And this is Scotland and England the copy that makes a divorce enrages a place.

    In May 2007, the Scotland nation party that is a tenet in order to strive for independence is beaten in general election control Scotland to be in office authority the Labour Party of 50 years, win local election, welcomed the

    good opportunity that achieves independent goal. 2012, talk things over through relapsing, the Scotland government below Sa Mengde's leader and British Cameron government are signed " Scotland independence is fair pitch an agreement " , the decision held Scotland the whole people 2014 fair cast.

    If come true independently,will cause far-reaching effect to international condition

    If this after 300 years part company come true, scotland what course to follow? Analytic personage thinks, if Scotland is independent, will naturally cause to England, Europe and world situation long-term, far-reaching influence, and Scotland oneself may not meet what if place expects in that way, plain sailing. Above all, aberdonian may not can get a lot of benefit, contrary, can appear a few thorny issues.

    It is problem of European Union membership above all. Once Scotland is independent, will probable be made an appointment with at north by slam the door, besides the European Union. The meeting such as England and Spain rejects Scotland to join north to be mixed about stoutly European Union, in order to squelch the absolute power of relevant country.

    Still have monetary problem. Aberdonian Central Bank and money also will become difficult problem subsequently. At the appointed time Scotland cannot use pound probably to also cannot use euro already, will be faced with status of money, country to approbate the big question that waits for a respect. If Scotland severs pound system, its banking system or will be immersed in hazardous condition, cause capital flight.

    Social welfare also is a difficult problem. After Scotland thinks to become independent, constituency will get a lot of benefit, include to raise equality of minimum wage water among them. But the Scotland after independence, will lose a lot of have welfare already, the system of national health insurance that includes England to take great pride among them.

    Next, to England character, resugelan is independent, england is loser for certain. Lose Scotland, u.k. will lose territory 1/3, very one of the resource of oil gas of the North sea with population, enormous value and fishery counterpoise.

    Scotland also will affect England independently of the rest of politics force make judge. Agree to hold independence fair the Cameron certainly will that cast becomes guilty person, face nonofficeholding pressure. Meanwhile, the Labour Party of be out of office also does not touch advantage, because Scotland is storehouse of ticket of tradition of the Labour Party of be out of office, once take off flower, the Labour Party hopes hard also to turn over political power of heavy strike with the palm of the hand.

    In addition, scotland churchyard still has the strategic nuclear weapon with the mainest England library. Once Scotland is independent, england can take away weapon library only, this will expend huge financial resources and long time.

    This fair cast still can cause far-reaching area effect to Europe. Once Scotland is independent, originally England is in the dominant position in the European Union will not answer existence, england may face the choice that exits an European Union. In the meantime, european each country fears him country territory can resemble be being broken up so in succession, what bring about certain not rational government and society thereby is not quits, erupt more crisis.

    Finally, to the world character, once England loses certain hegemony power, may aggravate federalization and disrupt antagonism are changed, add not stable element for world situation. Be in Europe, american act is met more unbridled. In the meantime, ying Lun the situation of 3 islands will be more tight, the national contradiction become acute after decomposing, local conflict increases, go against the trend that world whole harmony develops.

    Cameron still was in British premier to do a last hurrah to rescue Scotland a few days ago. Premier office offers the speech draft excerpt of Scotland media to show: Left to be able to no more come back, won't have come afresh. If Scotland is voting support is independent, u.k. will break up, we part company.

    Cameron may reiterate the core message that moves independently instead, if stay,be in England namely, scotland can enjoy the profit that attributes country of an influential muscularity, and autonomic rate can rise further. But Aberdonian determination already was decided, they to future, to freedom yearning, all detain was in this fair cast. Scotland destiny how, wait even fair cast a result to turn over a card.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Millions upon millions plute and fistfight of foot of fist of good friend street weigh Australia still is a friend (graph)

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  • 上海千花女生自荐

    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form su

    ch as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the age
    d is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 03:09 广州花社区上课 佛山沐足网站