Washington knows rebranding an NFL team, a process that typically would take at least a year, is impossible to pull off in the span of a few months. So the team formerly known as the Redskins has a short-term plan while it works to adopt a new nickname.

According to ESPN, the Washington football team will call itself just that — the "Washington Football Team." Per the report, this is "not a final renaming and rebranding for team; this is the name it wants to use until pending adoption of a new name in the future."

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ESPN also reported Thursday that the team will not change its burgundy and gold color scheme or make major changes to its uniforms while playing under the temporary name. The only previously visible Redskins logo on the helmets will be replaced by players' numbers, and the "Redskins" text on the chest of the jerseys will now read "Washington."

Washington "hopes to be entirely rid of (the former name) on physical and digital spaces in the next 50 days, by the Sept. 13 regular-season opener against the Eagles," per the report. Official "Washington Football Team" merchandise will be available for purchase soon.

After team owner Dan Snyder for years had refused to change the team's nickname, Washington on July 13 announced it would remove the racial slur after public pressure from sponsors and business partners.

Nike, for example, removed all Washington NFL apparel from its online store after receiving a letter from investors threatening to end the relationship unless the team changed its name. According to Adweek, PepsiCo and FedEx also received letters from the same investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion before putting pressure on the team.

The team has not announced a time frame for its decision on a new name, but reports indicate team is actively working toward a replacement. Favorites like "Washington Red Wolves" and "Washington Redtails" have emerged even though the team has not given any indication about its direction with the new name.

Earlier this month, ESPN reported that "Washington is planning to have no Native American imagery" on its logos and uniforms under the new name.