Mekhi Becton was already a respected prospect, but he really saw his NFL Draft stock rise following his combine performance in Indianapolis.

The 6-7, 364-pound offensive lineman from Louisville left the event as the heaviest player at the combine. You'd think with all that weight, he wouldn't be incredibly athletic, but you'd be wrong. Becton showed off his athleticism during his time at Louisville, and at the combine.

His most notable performance was his 40-yard dash.

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Mekhi Becton 40-yard dash time

    5.10 seconds (NFL Combine, 2020)

    The tweet says Becton ran a 5.11 unofficial, but his official time was actually faster at 5.10. He's the heaviest player to run a sub-5.2 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine since 2006, per ESPN. Big man Dontari Poe may have him beat, though, running a 4.98 40-yard dash while weighing 346 pounds.

    Although Becton weighed in at 364 pounds at the combine, he said he expects teams will want him to lose some weight.

    "They definitely want me to lose [weight]," Becton said at the time. "I'm willing to lose weight. Whatever they want me to do. I think that was what everyone was looking for. The weight. To see if I came in heavy or not. I feel I had a great weight.''

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    Mekhi Becton's body fat

    This almost seems impossible, and it could be innaccurate following D.K. Metcalf's body fat fiasco last year.

    Still, the test is probably accurate enough to make this another impressive physical feat for Becton.

    Mekhi Becton's highlights at Louisville

    Look at him just toss defenders around like a rag doll.

    Mekhi Becton failed drug test at NFL Combine

    Mekhi Becton's draft test was flagged

    at the NFL Combine, according to's Ian Rapoport. reported the positive test, which is a routine part of the Combine for every player, should not impact his draft projection much, citing "multiple league sources."