Tom Brady may have pulled off one of the most viral pranks of all time. Of course, it was all part of a Super Bowl ad campaign.

The longtime Patriots quarterback, whose 2019 season ended in the AFC divisional round (and whose future career with the Patriots has been the subject of intense scrutiny), tweeted a photo Thursday that suggested he'd made a potentially massive decision regarding his future.

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d work

That, of course, led people to wonder what, exactly, Brady had decided. Well, we found out Sunday and ... well, just see for yourself:

Yep — a Hulu ad. Woof. And his delivery makes it all the more believable, considering how well he sells it in the first half.

The kicker? He finishes the commercial with this mic drop: "Me? I'm not going anywhere."

The final sprinkle of salt in the massive wound Brady has just dealt to America — and masterfully done, too. The commercial quickly started trending on Twitter, so, mission accomplished, Hulu.