Arthur Blank didn't make any promises when it came to changing the coaching staff amid the Falcons' 1-7 season, but he said there will be a lot of discussion behind closed doors on the direction of the franchise.

The Falcons owner said after Atlanta's 27-20 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday that "we have no plans of making any change right now," but that was after he said the team would look long and hard at its current situation.

"I would say, much like the coaches said, I'm extraordinarily disappointed in the season,'' Blank said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "So we'll take the next couple of weeks during this bye period of time and evaluate where we are. Whatever decision we have to make will be made for the right reasons for the long term."

The Falcons were considered by many at the beginning of the season to be a playoff-caliber team that would be fighting with the Saints for the top of the NFC South. But week after week, the Falcons either haven't done enough or rallied enough in garbage time to get within a score of their opponents, only to still lose.

When asked if coach Dan Quinn would be fired, Blank was vague, but said senior management would be thinking "really hard" about the team's direction.

"We are going to do something: We're going to continue to think really hard and evaluate everything that we can do, as an owner and as a senior management team, and figure out if there's anything we can do to make some decisions any earlier or any later that would help the process," he said. "But we have no plans of making any change right now.''

Blank has a soft spot for Quinn, who is known to be one of the most likable coaches in the game. But being likable doesn't equal winning games, and the Falcons' season already is in tatters. Blank determine if firing Quinn and adding an interim coach would be worth it to the players, who have openly advocated for Quinn.

“I understand I have a responsibility to the fans,” Blank said.

The Falcons will have less than two weeks to figure out their next move before facing the Saints, 7-1 after Sunday, on Nov. 10 in New Orleans.