Brian Flores' song selection at Tuesday's Dolphins practice was ... interesting. 

Just one day after Miami wide receiver Kenny Stills criticized Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL, Flores played eight consecutive Jay-Z songs to start practice.

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"He could've reached out to Colin. He could've reached out to me," Stills said. "Some of the ways he answered his questions, talking about we're moving away from kneeling, like he ever protested. He's not an NFL player. He's never been on a knee."

Stills, who still kneels during the

national anthem to call attention to racial injustice in the U.S., said the partnership didn't sit right with him. 

Media members in attendance quickly took notice of the playlist:

On Thursday, Flores told reporters the Jay-Z-heavy playlist was a challenge to Stills to perform regardless of what's going on around him. He also spoke with Stills and the entire team about his support for social activism.

"I support Kenny. I support the player protests. I mean, quite honestly, they're bringing attention to my story, so let's talk about that. I'm the son of immigrants. I'm black. I grew up poor. I grew up in New York during the stop-and-frisk era, so I've been stopped because I fit a description before. So everything that these guys protest, I've lived it. I've experienced it."

Stills also spoke with reporters about the incident. His response? It's just music.

Stills first made headlines in August when he criticized Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for hosting a re-election fundraiser for President Donald Trump. He felt the fundraiser was not in line with the 'Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality,' a nonprofit founded to use sports to improve race relations.