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东莞0769桑拿群Indian plan is offerred to the 40 many countries such as China fly to service of be born visa


 Malaysia is right in imprint new rule of visa of tourist executive be born [graph]


Because the student studying abroad of a China in Korea praises Korea on the net, debase Korea and be enforced by ministry of Korea law Wu renvoi, this also is in Han international student first because benefit enemy behavior and be driven out. The expert reminds Chinese student studying abroad, want to notice the legal laws and regulations of object country above all in abroad, when expressing all sorts of politics point of views at the same time, want discreet, did not think abroad can want to say what says what.

According to Korea " Korea daily " 7 days of reports, ministry of Korea law Wu announces 5 days, it is Song Mou of student studying abroad of the Han nationality, because praise Korea and belittle Korea government and be enforced to drive out on the net,be in by this year August, be prohibited reentrance Korea, this also is because,Korea has an international student first suspicion of benefit enemy activity and be enforced to drive out. The Song Mou of student studying abroad that comes from Chinese Guangdong province comes to Korea at researching name with the language in December 2012, be in some language institute of private university accepts an Er Han Yu is taught.

Emigrate according to ministry of Korea law Wu special ransack the investigation of the team, the move after Song Mou comes to Korea is unusual, often appear in the demonstrate spot of left-wing citizen group. To its room ransack discovery is written hundreds pieces have the Piao Jinhui that is elected illegally the of all kinds propaganda paterial such as the catchphrase card such as OUT of should nonofficeholding, Piao Jinhui. The personage says related ministry of Korea law Wu, in view of the propaganda paterial that hunts down more than pieces of 50 same meeting from inside its room, because this thinks Song Mou is pure very hard,be to attend meeting.

The report says, song Mou joins put on a show of force not only, still used Chinese and Han article to publish more than 300 to praise Korea political power and critical Korea government on the net leave a message. He will be in in him paste on gregarious network on Feburary 25 last year the photograph of Piao Jinhui inaugural spot, leave a message say: The new head that a moment ago saw group of bright dummy of the Southern Dynasties, I did not take lethal weapon and artillery shell, very regretful. Anyway, will help a Korean henceforth civilian eliminate dictatorship to dominate. Last year in November, the picture that Song Mou in

spects in Jin Zhengen of the paste on the net, leave a message: Look of marshal of great leader Jin Zhengen has a mind, your person is touched. " Korea daily " say, song Mou says in the self introduction on his types of facial makeup in operas is ascensive netizen, wait for Jin Richeng and Jin Zheng day the respectable character that labels his. The personage says related ministry of Korea law Wu, see Song Mou's types of facial makeup in operas or rich customer, letting a person produce this is the illusion of Korea media, the content that supports Korea regime view is too much.

This year in August, some university reads Korea of make one's bow of Song Mou preparation, apply for relevant visa to ministry of Korea law Wu. The immediately of ministry of Korea law Wu that ever undertook investigating to its previously undertakes to its judicatory is investigated, song Mou is in investigation exercise silent authority. Ministry of Korea law Wu plans formerly in order to disobey Korea " national security law " accusation turns over his check to just be sued, but final decision according to disobey Korea " discrepancy condition administers a law " nominal renvoi. The personage says related ministry of Korea law Wu, song Mou's benefit enemy suspicion is very apparent, consider he is a foreigner, because this is only its renvoi.

The Chinese expert of familiar Korea law expresses, korea " national security law " specific provision, the behavior of any advocate Korea system is benefit enemy, any revealing, the behavior of advocate Korea ensign, national anthem is belonged to illegal, korea website also is dropped by screen. Before before long during carry meets Renchuanya, because two Chinese hawk Korea ensign to be detained to investigate in the assembly room. According to Han Lian the company reports, selling Korea national flag in view of them is for benefit of gain and rather than enemy,

after because this police is in,forfeit is tasted, avoid grant to punish.

The last few years, each information branch increases Korea apparently network and media canal accuse strength, get on all sorts of compassion to the net Korea and the sound that fight Korea government are increased examine strength, itself of this kind of practice also causes intense controversy in Korea. Because netizen of the closest Korea fears individual privacy is examined by information branch and hacker at any time, lifted network chatting tool to move motion, korea is homebred chatting software is abandoned, chatting software person enrages a Russia that can delete chatting record at any time explode canopy. (round-the-world times is stationed in Zhang Tao of reporter of Korea engage by special arrangement)

Thailand premier flower pull 30 days to express, her government won't seek the person that military help will meet put on a show of force. She also believes police still can control condition at present at the same time, the government need not use an armed strength to cope with the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force.

Flower the person that pull earnestly to ask put on a show of force does not hold governmental orgnaization, do not produce conflict with the police. The person that she still asks put on a show of force does not disturb her son. She says, demonstrate person can abreact to her its are indignant, is not her son, the son that weighs her is innocent, his current to this country political conflict utterly ignorant. One says without the information that confirm, flower the son that help is protested with respect to the pipe of a parent that reads the school by its, but the authenticity that this school denied this information.

Peaceful police says, a few turn over governmental group to try to pass TV or gregarious media, incendiary its proponent and in assembly of stadium of China order state " red unlined upper garment army " proponent happening force conf


Peaceful peace and spokesman of order management center wrap around elegant say, this is a very dangerous signal, if produce violent conflict event, the leader that returns governmental group will not control condition.

The warning when Pi Yatong turns over a government to protest a group each, besieging the behavior such as government organization, enterprise is illegal, concerned personnel penalizes what face law possibly. He says, the nation that the person that police does not allow hold a demonstration absolutely develops to include headquarters of premier government office, Capitol, police, airport to wait inside is important place.

Wrap around elegant say, police won't use a force when the person that processing opposes governmental put on a show of force, if be necessary, its prevent cruel measure to also will use the current practice on international. Police still will invite include commission of national human rights, all circles such as academia and media is represented, the working program of supervisory police, in order to ensure the peace of rally display one's strength and order.

29 days of evening, one is formed after peaceful turns over conformity of governmental group classics each the name is " monarchy leaves commission of people of complete and democratic system " , close to turn over a government at present to protest demonstrate activity with all.

Turn over a government to protest leader element post claims that evening, will become this state on December 1 of people " triumphal day " .

30 days, the remonstrant demonstrate activity that peaceful opposes governmental group still not overblown, demonstrate person paraded to judiciary special case surveys office that day, make leave after symbolistic besiege to two telegraphic companies ever since. This group spokesman still announces, will undertake more parade on December 1, besiege, break down more government organizations.

30 days, "Red unlined upper garment army " assembly also is in continuously, police estimation attends meeting of stadium of China order state " red unlined upper garment army " the proponent is controlled in 14 thousand person about. (Yu Xianlun of reporter of Chinese news network)

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According to Singapore " associated morning paper " 2 days of reports, collect plays Thailand crown prince grand result will pay 20 million euro, with redemptive the Boeing that confiscates by German authorities 737 model individual private plane.

The secretary office that collect plays grand result crown prince makes a statement say, to maintain the good foreign relations between Thailand and Germany, crown prince will move this money from his individual fund, redemptive his plane. This statement still says: "Crown prince respects judicial adjudication, and

have hope to judicatory program of Germany. And have hope to judicatory program of Germany..

German court sends garnishee at the beginning of last month, confiscate in Munich airport the aircraft that collect helps grand result crown prince, reason is the money that the German company brushstroke that Thailand government defaults to already closed down at present makes an appointment with 30 million euro. Subsequently, the court ever ordered give back plane, dan Taifang must pay the bank of 20 million euro earnest money first, because the court still cannot decide,this plane belongs to Thailand crown prince or Thailand government after all. Nevertheless, thailand does not accept the court decision of German court.

As we have learned, this dispute over obligation wants restrospect to 20 old before, at that time German company Diweida (Dywidag) is mixed in Bangkok for Thailand government corridor graceful what grow 26 kilometers is build to collect fees between the International Airport highway. This firm just accepts the stick to one's position since cost item with peaceful later, each other points to breach of contract of the other side.

The course negotiates for years, court and international arbitrate committee asks Thailand government pays about 30 million euro compensation, just refuse by peaceful.

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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujia

n rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, v
ideo, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Thailand one woman plunges crocodilian pool commits suicide by tens of only crocodilian worry deadly


Xinhua net Washington report is newest on July 31 first phase United States " science " the magazine publishs many article with respect to global population problem. Among them an article is forecasted say, world population will be amounted to by this year October 7 billion, and 2050, global population will be amounted to 9.3 billion.

This period " science " does the article special subject that the magazine involves population include " 9 billion population? " , " are more population a trouble certainly? " , " 7 billion population and statistic " wait, the content of square field surface such as the history that covered population growth, future, opportunity.

After breathing out Buddha university economist to wear Wei Bloomer to analyse U.N. data, point out, global population was achieved 1800 1 billion, achieved 1925 2 billion. In the past half century, global population comes by 3 billion increase sharply nearly 7 billion. Predict the 7 billionth person is likely this year the bottom will be born in October. And 2050, global population will be achieved 9.3 billion, among them the growth of 97 % will appear in the developing country.

Bloomer says, medical treatment progress, vaccinal efficiency rises, the life expectancy that antibiotic is used and the improvement of communal and wholesome state increased developing country population. Accordingly, prospective popu

lation growth will appear in the developing country for the most part.

He thinks, want policy only interpose is proper, population grows considerably won't bring economic disaster, and the reasonable cha

nge of population age structure promotes economic development possibly still.

U.N. data shows, to 2050, india will be the country with global most population, and the United States will make 10 population at the appointed time the only developed country in most country.

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