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上海千花坊1314Greek activity of much ground demonstrate causes disturbance to commemorate the teenager is shot by police kill 6 years


 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls ou

t special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief boar
d, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Algerian aviation produced aviation accident accident 15 years two cases in the past

Log onto the cate origin: that registers professor of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to write a book to elaborate Chinese meal and Chinese city to unscramble the tip of the tongue to go up? ?2014-12-13 16:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] house of completely beautiful Chinese meal exceed

s 40 thousand, it is the pillar industry of city of each district China, but relevant read very little.

Original title: Professor of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin writes the Chinese city that writes the tip of the tongue to go up to unscramble Chinese meal culture

Be in the house of a Chinese meal inside los angeles urban district, large kitchen of Latin descendants large kitchen and foreign citizen of Chinese origin side by side boil fries Chinese dish, this cafeteria is the can cook chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen and lotus egg Chinese meal house with los angeles not much amount to

According to the United States " live abroad signs up for " report, house of completely beautiful Chinese meal exceeds 40 thousand, it is the pillar industry of city of each district China, but very few however somebody is opposite the academia before the relation of Chinese meal and American society has done technical research. Er bay increases fill of professor Chen Yong this learning is blank, published a relation that elaborates Chinese meal and Chinese city.

Chinese meal and Chinese city are mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, can say to do not have Chinese city without Chinese meal, and also do not have Chinese meal without Chinese city. Chen Yong suffers 1 day when visitting, say. His make newly " American chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen: The story of American Chinese meal " (Chop Suey, USA: Monarch of The Story Of Chinese Food In America) gives chapter illuminate the relation of Chinese meal and Chinese city.

Chen Yong thinks, came 1850 1890 is inchoate foreign citizen of Chinese origin first civilian the phase that initiates home in the United States, the Chinese suffers discrimination in those days, the Chinese's meal is look down upon letting a person more. Can be dispersedly in those at that time in the Chinese city of area of each district agriculture, the food of home town is placatory however the considers country suffering of inchoate Chinese, and the Chinese meal house at that time also provided a space for social activity of the Chinese.

One's early years is restricted because of choosing a profession to suffer, the Chinese is much with washing clothes course of study or Chinese meal house are course of study. The Chinese meal house with Chinese medium at that time city is the domestic small company that runs independently mostly, and egg of chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen, lotus, palace keeps gallinaceous man, sick at heart sweet the fascia dish that the dish such as beef is considered as inchoate Chinese meal.

Till 20 centuries first, the immigrant of world each district swarms into the United States, make the principal part of completely beautiful middle class gradually. As a result of economic stability, they like the repast outside going out, and Chinese dish is good in quality and cheap in price, as it happens accords with the demand of this one group. Then, chinese meal walked out of Chinese city stage by stage, also become the main source of income of economy of foreign citizen of Chinese origin at the same time. And right now, on culture level, chinese meal house more the platform that makes foreign citizen of Chinese origin and mainstream society conversation.

Later, for the need of new immigrant, dish of sterling plain dish, Hunan dish, another name for Guangdong Province just is able to be in complete beauty each Chinese city be born in big city gains ground to come.

Today, in each district of those distributinging Yu Quanmei invisible in Chinese city, occupy urban total population to comparative in population of those foreign citizen of Chinese origin namely in the scale, city that there can be distinguishing feature of structure of area of inhabit a region of apparent foreign citizen of Chinese origin again in the city, chinese meal still is one of the most welcome food. Not only such, in city of contemporary after these are by what Chen Yong says China, chinese meal already turned a kind of culture into the symbol, namely those are invisible the trace of the old China wall that the dwellers of Chinese city can see.

In the Chinese wall that makes much big city in complete beauty, the Chinese meal house that cooks the Chinese food that inchoate Chinese makes and so on of egg of chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen, lotus

is less and less already. However, the food that house of additionally a few Chinese meal invents and meal are used to, like lucky biscuit (sell outside Fortune Cookie) , cafeteria, open type kitchen and Christmas Eve to waited to blend in the United States already however to cafeteria repast multivariate in culture. (Qiu Chen)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Thailand or will transfer at holding water before October governmental appeal quits force

 Mozambique is missing plane debris is found did not discover survivor


 Jin Zhengen and Li Xue advocate close picture Li Xue advocate the smile gives water cup (graph)

According to the United States " times " weekly reported on January 23, · Si Nuo ascends Edward of the employee before American state security bureau to expressed a few days ago, if ensure,can be tried by justice, oneself are willing to return the United States, this action broke the situation of because of revealing confidential document last year refuse to budge that avoids American government order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large for a long time.

The report says, sinuodeng expresses in the interview of direct seeding network in 21 days, unless appear stronger " uncover close person protective law " , oneself do not have the opportunity that litigates with respect to be related of divulge a secret and American government completely. And that day some earlier moment accepts Broadcasting Corporation of Microsoft whole nation (in the special interview of Msnbc) , eric Huoerde expresses American attorney general, sinuodeng does not have the likelihood that is absolved.

The report says, in this network talk, the reform of national security bureau that Sinuodeng is given with respect to American churchyard by the situation of large-scale monitoring and Aobamadi planned to express an opinion. Sinuodeng thinks should complete repeal is called by national security bureau " whole is collected " large-scale monitoring plan, collected the phone of people of millions United States to record according to weighing this plan.

The article says, this plan by American him government privacy and citizen freedom supervise committee to call " be without the effect " and " illegal " . Be opposite publicly in this committee " whole is collected " the condemnation of the plan reports before today, reform opinion of Aobama is able to announce. However, these offerring " did not touch ' whole is collected ' the

essence of the plan " .

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 General Beijing accepts CCTV reporter special report: Won't go performing the film


According to Afp report, hold water by the army " defend national safety commission " the sp

okesman released 4 coup 25 days to make, announce urgent dismiss Alan of Thailand police commander in chief. Fill model compose, special case investigates hall hall to grow tower profit. Peng Di, buddhist nun of subaltern of department of defense handkerchief. Tung kind, all posts change to be held the position of by other. In addition still announce to disband the national upper house that has democratic sign, all legislative general affairs will change to be in charge of by army henceforth. Thailand army announces 24 numbers to disband senate, take-over congress senate has work with commons place. Army message still says, the army commander in chief that launchs coup cling to Yo admiral plans to ask Majesty of achieve Thailand king with respect
to Thailand politics state of affairs.

Thailand politics condition is long-term and troubled, support and object the dogfight of two politics force that he believes Thailand ex-premier endlessly, bilateral conflict is increasingly intense. May 20, a got-up affair of army intervening interpose, announce to enforce martial law; 22 start military coup d'etat; 23 detain him to believe ex-premier of afterbirth younger sister flower pull, the Song Cai of younger sister's husband that he believes (Thailand ex-premier) reach its madam; 24, army lightning dismisses the soldiers and police is advanced personnel. A series of movements explain the Thailand politics condition after military coup d'etat is not stabilized as before.

In the light of Thailand recently turn over military coup d'etat to protest an activity, coup leader cling to democratic election resumes after Yo admiral acceptance will carry out large-scale politics to reform to the country.


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