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 He believes Thailand ex-premier: Did not want to take up a political career again want to become a professor only

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Aobama announce immigrant reforms plan to meet with is congress republican partisans intense object origin: ? ?2014-11-21 10:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] this immigrant of Ba Ma is new politics will involve parents, children respectively, execute the law, 8 respects such as salary.

The Washington of China News Service is the greatest immigrant since Aobama of president of electric United States will announce in Washington he takes office as a president 20 days late local time on November 20 reforms scheme, nearly 5 million illegal immigrant new policy of benefit from benefit from, live 5 years in the United States among them the illegal immigrant that above, its children is American citizen or permanent and lawful dweller will spare repatriate.

Aobama publishs countrywide televised speech that evening, announce this weighs a pound to reform scheme. Live 5 years in the United States this part that above, its children is American citizen or permanent and lawful dweller emigrates illegally will spare repatriate, if they are registered to the government, setting is examined and be willing through crime and national security pay taxes, can be in the United States lawful and resident 3 years.

Local time on November 20, american president Aobama announces a government to brew long already land settlement policy reforming a plan, should plan or affect what emigrate illegally to American millions to take an issue. As we have learned the personage of this plan discloses, this immigrant of Aobama is new politics will involve parents, children respectively, execute the law, 8 respects such as salary.

Local time on November 20, american president Aobama announces a government to brew long already land settlement policy reforming a plan, should plan or affect what

emigrate illegally to American millions to take an issue. As we have learned the personage of this plan discloses, this immigrant of Aobama is new politics will involve parents, children respectively, execute the law, 8 respects such as salary.

The White House ever announced to suspend repatriate children period 2012 (13 years old before) enter a country the United States, live 5 years at least in the beauty above, age does not exceed illegal immigrant of 30 years old. The White House enlarged this policy to be benefited limits, the children that expresses to if be in,the United States enters a country before January 1, 2010 only, no matter the age is how old now, can apply for 3 years to be in the beauty to be permitted habitat.

Aobama says, new politics do not mean near 5 million illegal immigrant to be able to apply for to join American citizenship to perhaps acquire permanent and resident right, just need not by repatriate.

In illegal to this part emigrant give the wrongdoer a way out while, aobama announces deploy more force enhances border security, take strict precautions against illegal immigrant to continue to swarm into, the children that prevents nobody to accompany especially crosses southwest border land to enter the United States, increase the repatriate strength of illegal to having criminal record immigrant at the same time.

Aobama is him strong thrust reforms plead into immigrant. He says, since half century, have successively held the posts of republic party and president of the Democratic Party to ever took action with respect to emigrant problem, his act accord with law. Whether does the president have so great power to advance the congressman of emigrant reform to those doubt, aobama states he has an answer to pass an act to let a president sign please only.

Senior official says the White House, if republic party pass

es legislative measure to abolish Aobama emigrates,reform policy, aobama exercise veto.

At present the United States has 11.2 million illegal immigrant about, 52% what Mexican descendants holds illegal emigrant sum total, city of California city, Florida city, Illinois, new jersey, new York and Dekesasi ground of main inhabit a region of immigrant of city dispute law. Senate ever passed an immigrant to reform act in June 2013, but act fails in Boule pass a barrier.

Congress republican partisans advances emigrant reform to hold to Aobama intense reject an attitude. New Maikangnaier represents chief of a senatorial most party, new puissant response will be made to land settlement policy of abstruse Ba Ma after a congress assumes office. Accept of numerous prolocutor rich expresses, aobama ever emphasized him is not king or emperor, but his expressional as it happens is contrary now, one-sided of abstruse Ba Ma advances emigrant reform to have the risk of somebody who plays with fire will get burnt.

Although republic party declares where one stands strong, but the financing source that congress cuts off abstruse Bama new policy very hard, charge of collection of the person that because carry out the orgnaization such as the American citizen closely related and emigrant service bureau with policy,basically pass Xiang Shen to ask keeps movement. In addition, republic party need is objecting Aobama policy and do not displease Spain between descendants constituency hard wirewalking, lest disaster is reached,general election chose situation 2016, the outside thinks republic party is new to Aobama generally politics make step instead will more finite. (Be over)

(Original title: Aobama announces the immigrant that weigh a pound reforms scheme nearly 5 million illegal immigrant will be benefited)

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Clinton of the president before the United States overcame library of Lin Du's president to announced the United States a few days ago is in office the data of interior of the White House of period, the president before the material that this 10 thousand page controls is opposite this almost had a background big cases.

10 days of reports say associated press, have in this batch of data quite the personal relationship that although overcome Lin Du and Lewinsky,the peachy scandal of one part content and Clinton concerns is troubled by so that the world all knows already, but this exposure more emphasize the fire fighting public relations that emphasizes overcoming Lin Du's aides and staff to be made after come to the light at that time. American media thinks, wensiji's red hears Clinton and Lai to be in unluckily this moment old tune is played again, it is to help Clinton's madam likely very, civilian hope extremely tall Hillary attracts eyeball, participated a president to make bedding 2016 for its.

According to England " daily Post " 11 days of reports, newest data shows, after should overcoming Lin Du and personal relationship exposure of Lewinsky 1996, latter is regarded as adverse factor very quickly by official of high level of the White House. Because be being overspread by the president, the Lewinsky that at that time is a common trainee only gained the opportunity of office of Xi Yi of the White House of freer than colleague more discrepancy, she still was given accordingly the person that a monicker is tailed. To eradicate this encumbrance as soon as possible, official of administration of the White House gets demonstrative, arrange Lewinsky other government sector to work as soon as possible, be far from presidential office. The data shows, 1996 months on April 9, the Pajishangmasen that director of administration of the White House holds the post of when is written in a mail, should help Lewinsky be sought in American department of defense a position. Say in mail: Should ensure she gets a job we are in with clasp of respect of department of defense. Although the thing is not final knock calm, but do appropriate already basically. England " daily telecommunications signs up for " say, the old man of behind the curtain that makes this decision did not mention expressly in the data, but OK a

nd affirmative is, this is the meaning above. " daily Post " say, send from what this seals mail look on time, be Lewinsky and president appear the unusual times of ambiguous relation. Eyewitness ever said in testimony, at the beginning of 1996, lewinsky is in elliptical office in-house or the linger time around is long doubtful.

Unexpected is, the transfer that the White House arranges meticulously for Lewinsky not only did not stop caustic, let malicious person get a change to step in instead, make overco

me Lin Du to be immersed in impeach crisis for a time. The data shows, transfer the Lewinsky of the White House and the beautiful jade of employee of department of defense at that time to amount to? Telipu interacts close, she ever was opposite very trustfully the personal relationship that latter and honest He Kelin pauses, easy even shared many experience sex content. Telipu however on the sly talks these content recording, gave independent inquisitor Kennisisidaer data pass on, bring about this picket peachy scandal is final by media exposure. " daily telecommunications signs up for " say, after becoming news event with Lewinsky's carry on a clandestine love affair, overcame Lin Du government to bear enormous pressure, of the criticism that faces public opinion and media surround, the White House fluctuates for a time popular feeling in a state of anxiety. At that time, the trusted follower of many Clinton is accepted to investigate by frequent requirement or appear in court attest. As a result of malcontent inquisitor ask means of Starr, staff member of a the White House explodes directly in the family letter wide mouth says: Kennisisidaer this fellow is a wretch really!

England " defend a newspaper " think, because Hillary is the United States 2016 the most popular person selected of presidential general election, these materials that Clinton's president library publishs will naturally be caused media, academia and participate the mad pass round for perusal that holds different to see a public figure to Hillary. 11 days of analysises weigh net of American fast couplet, clinton and Lewinsky's scandal are regarded as a stumbling block that Hillary participates all the time, presidential library chooses to make public these secrets in this opportunity, it is to let the public know scandal detail more undoubtedly, the correlation of farther desalt Hillary and this incident, it is to be its to tear open the act that play ahead of schedule.

American netizen comment says, opposite case regular meeting of Clinton rises to foil to Hillary action. Network of news of American cable television ever cited before this the word of the heart in chief of senatorial most party says: Without doubt, hillary is capable to become more outstanding than the husband United States president.


Malaysia plane is missing latest news: CNN report says, the plane of a Vietnam that rescue has been in Mal

aysia and d
iscovery of maritime space of Vietnam have a common boundary are smeary with the fragment.

According to associated press report, plane of Vietnam air force discovers two lard mark is taken, the airliner of Malaysia aviation MH370 that authorities suspects to this and 8 days of before dawn lose connection is concerned. The statement that reports cite Vietnam government says, belt of these two oil stains is discovered in Vietnam south, two oil stains take length to be between 10-15 kilometer. Vietnam government still says, the float oil of discovery and the sort of MH370 airliner fuel that break couplet are consistent.

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