UPDATE: Fresh information — and different camera angles — emerged Monday: Deadspin reported the incident took place before the g

ame and the fan was trying to pump up the crowd on the train.

The fan, Jigar Desai, told The Associated Press he's doing OK but might visit a doctor Tuesday.

Oh, and here's new video:


We hope this Eagles fan will be ready for Super Bowl 52 in two weeks. We also hope he gets home by then.

The fellow earned himself a bruise — and a delay — when he failed to account for a pillar that stopped him in his . . . well, his tracks as he raced alongside a Philly train Sunday night.

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Worse, he became the subject of a viral video:

The good news for him is the Birds are going to the big game in Minneapolis against the Patriots. They routed the Vikings 38-7 in the NFC championship game.