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更新时间:2022年01月18日 03:22


According to BBC report, as a result of 19 years old of youths pass water in area of store water of local tap water, the decision of management department of water natural resources of city eliminates Portland of city of American Russia Le Gang all store water. Let a lot of places that lack water consider as mysterious.

Report, local time 16 days of early morning, be in Portland city's southeastern reservoir, closed-circuit television monitor films share 3 people to taking saute slide, among them a boy of 19 years old, lying between cast-iron baluster clearance to pass water, uric fluid flows to reservoir.

Official of management department of water natural resources says. The tap water that as a result of the user the hope uses " won't be polluted intentionally " , because this decides to discharge gross to amount to all store water of 140 million liter, estimation has on 10 thousand tons. Discharge empty water, enough flood the swimming-pool of norms of 60 Olympic Gameses.

Although examine to did not discover store water is polluted, but concerned branch or with " reduce public health risk " for, after the store water that discharge light again from the pilot a ship into a harbour of brook going straight towards an ox around, fill full reservoir.

The spokesman Huo Er of branch of water natural resources denies this is " reaction is excessive " , he says " the source of water that any moment want to factitious ground pollutes our drinking water only, to prevent for the purpose of, pilot a ship into a harbour is additionally empty store water of our metropolis platoon, compensatory " . Huo Er still says, because fountainhead is abundant, because this discharges empty store water,do not have pair of Portland municipal government or tap water user causes any losses.

As to pass water the boy that causes disturbance and his friend, now by area of of

-limits store water around. The spokesman Huo Er of ministry of water natural resources says, police is checking the kinescope that films at that time, whether should sue them in order to decide with criminal accusation. (Laoren)


 Chinese hacker is pointed to to inbreak filch of computer of board of inquiry of Ma Hang MH370 breaks adjustment to examine data

 Han intermediary: Jin Jingji of Zhang Chengze wife already may commit suicide or die [graph]

Login is the person that donate sperm fallen in love with after registering woman of Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to become pregnant artificially does Chang Xie's daughter meet with its origin: ? Travel hill?2014-11-05 09:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] because female baby has beautiful golden hair and blue eye, find a person on the net then because of curiosity, search successfully obtain the person that donate sperm.

In report will occupy new network on November 5 outside intermediary report, australia because a woman of 42 years old contains may deadly hereditary disease, its two children die young early or late. The spermatozoon that this woman accepts volunteer present subsequently becomes pregnant successfully, after meeting with the person that donate sperm unexpectedly, two people fall in love.

According to the report, the Ha De that this woman is Australian Melbourne 42 years old. Ha De is contained but gene of deadly genetic muscle disease, the opportunity that is pregnant to all have 1/4 every time makes the child genetic this gene. Two male friendly place is strange sons before she and former husband are reached, die young because of sicken early or late.

After Ha De is taking a daughter to see dedicator Anderson, 2 people chime in easily, subsequently more indulge in loves a river. Ha De says, she often takes daughter and Anderson to meet now, think current life is very happy and happy.

However, she longs to have the child of own one's own very much, because this decision accepts artificial conception. Ha De accepted the volunteer's present, 2012 absurd a health daughter baby that weighs 3.9 kilograms, this makes her excited unceasingly.

Because female baby has beautiful golden hair and blue eye, make she and mother right the identity of the person that donate sperm and appearance are very curious, find a person on the net then, search successfully obtain the person that donate sperm to install De Sen.

After breathing out heart and contact of the other side to go up, last year in August daughter a year old big when take love daughter and the other side to meet first. Unexpectedly 2 people chime in easily, subsequently more indulge in loves a river. Ha De says, she often takes daughter and Anderson to meet now, think current life is very happy and happy.

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s young star married 2012 (graph) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Xuzhou Nat
ional People's Congress to represent Li Baojun since setting data

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Inmarsat said to record data of signal of the plane that break couplet to already gave Ma Hang

 3 female high school give birth to Korea the homicide after forcing other to walk the street uses benzine burn down facial


 Accident of train barge against already was sent near Russia Moscow 6 dead 24 injuries

Original title: American the State Council says on Diaoyu Island problem footing did not change

Marie Hafu of spokesman of American the State Council expresses 4 days in Washington, the United States just does not have a change in the footing on Diaoyu Island problem.

" wall street daily " published editorial to say a few days ago, american government should admit Diaoyu Island dominion belongs to Japan clearly, say China declares dominion to Diaoyu Island not only aggrandizement beautiful day is affined, make at the same time beautiful day aggrandizement the relation that is the same as southeast Asia each country.

Be aimed at this report, ha Fu is in affirm again on press conference of the State Council that day, the United States just does not have a change in the footing on Diaoyu Island problem.

The United States just expresses for many times before this, attributive problem does not maintain final to Diaoyu Island supremacy footing, no matter making public furtive still circumstance, of beautiful square expression is this one footing.

Be aimed at " wall street daily " this report, abroad hands in department spokesman Hong Lei 4 days to point out in, the United States is not Diaoyu Island controversy when the thing square, ying Ke is defended indifferent, do not choose boundary stand in line. Just notice American government reiterates not to hold position on question of Diaoyu Island sovereignty for many times in. The h

ope grasps about media hold objective, just position, it is more alleviate condition, solve controversy to produce constructi
ve effect, is not contrary. (Zhang Wei of reporter of China News Service like that)

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 Abode of the mayor before the person that peaceful opposes governmental put on a show of force meets with bomb makes a surprise attack many cases is raided

Thailand condition is troubled by fiercer more the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force meets with bomb makes a surprise attack 17 days many cases, about 40 people are injured dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 18 Thailand media coverage, bangkok turns over governmental procession 17 days to suffer unidentified capacity afternoon. . .

2014-01-18 18:16 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Law president " the first cummer " Walaili is broken silent deny be abandoned

Law president " the first cummer " deny be abandoned the mobile spot that Aolangde participated a president 2012, with his handclasp is " the first cummer " report of the intermediary outside covering with tiles dispatch occupied the net austral Lai Li Min on January 18, french president Aolangde. . .

2014-01-18 18:15 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Empty force of sea of Chinese the East China Sea is powerful conflicting at Japan is only " attack a vital point " blow

China of contrast of empty power of sea of the East China Sea says by force at Japanese expert, if both sides produces conflict, can be miniature only " attack a vital point " destroyer of blow 052C missile, it is naval of the Chinese People's Liberation Army chaser of a kind of air defence. Head naval vessel. . .

2014-01-18 18:12 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Because do not know the child to play mobile phone game,malic company pays 3 ten million to parent compensate

Beautiful children plays mobile phone game to cost compensate of apple of a huge sum of money dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian of 32 million dollar on January 17 American media coverage, in the court mediation falls, malic company agrees 14 days to did not know when to the child plays smartphone game, be cost to those. . .

2014-01-17 12:07 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Mexican man wine is driven encounter exemple check home to raise parrot to cry greatly " he became drunk "

This only garrulous parrot cries greatly " he became drunk " ! Sold the network austral master Fujian dispatch was occupied on January 17 outside intermediary reports 15 days, mexico a man sufferred a few days ago pet parrot " betray " , he encounters constabulary routine examination when driving after wine, unexpectedly parrot. . .

2014-01-17 12:02 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Cold wind of day of Norwegian isle winter is brisk cruise school is frozen by glacial layer [graph]

Ice " move " piscine Norway isle still is maintained by aspic school near the coast of Luo Wende of attitude Norway isle of move about, one swarm is being stayed in by aspic in You Yi's school south Fujian dispatch occupied the net on January 17 outside intermediary report, an isle coast adds Norway. . .

2014-01-17 11:58 origin: ? Qu Xian?
American man crashs not to forget to play to pat offing of small plane crash to bring exclaim oneself

"Pat the Supreme Being oneself " when American man crashs not to forget to play to pat Puentesi to give breakdown dropping of great capacity in the plane oneself, undertake place multiplies offing of small plane crash patting Puentesi oneself (video cut pursues) the net austral Fujian, the United States one. . .

2014-01-17 11:45 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Philippine plan to buy two frigate charge to come from American aid to the United States

To enhance maritime and defensive ability phenanthrene general buys the network austral two warships Fujian from the United States dispatch is Philippine on January 17 the army is curule 15 days disclose, phenanthrene near future will buy two frigate from the United States in order to enhance maritime and defensive ability. Phenanthrene? . . .

2014-01-17 11:36 origin: ? Qu Xian?
San Francisco always receives proposal of house set on fire 2 times Feng Yanfeng of front courtyard careful deserves to Chinese is translated

San Francisco always gets suspect of case of house set on fire 2 times to appear in court one character did not send whole journey report of the intermediary outside photograph of Feng Yanfeng sketch says, beijing time 16 days of before dawn, san Francisco always got Yan Feng of Feng of suspect of case of house set on fire to accept front courtyard careful the 2nd times, of short duration is not had obtain. . .

2014-01-17 11:32 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Brutaller truth firemen reminds video presentation of Han Ya aviation accident in front somebody

Last year on July 6, plane of empty company of a Han Yahang crashs in American san Francisco, 3 China schoolgirl dies, among them circle of dream of leaf of girl of 16 years old of beautiful season is be cast to give engine room after aircraft accident, two fire control that come to help come before sufferring again after. . .

2014-01-17 11:25 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Thailand premier flower pull be suspected of dereliction of duty be being checked police will be arrested " element is stuck "

Flower pull be suspected of dereliction of duty be being arrested to return leader of governmental put on a show of force by preparation of Cha Tai police element sticks Thailand country anti-corruption to defeat committee to say, yingla Xinawa of guard government prime minister is suspected of dereliction of duty

, committee already was opened with respect to this one incident at 16 days. . .

2014-01-17 11:22 origin: ? Qu Xian?
The United States is installed bureau be exposed to the sun to set 2 army of China of network spy project to be in awesomely a list of names posted up

The United States is installed bureau beautiful intermediary of army of China of monitoring be exposinged to the sun says monitoring project already targetted two branch groups of Chinese, the United States just rejects to respond to; abstruse Ba Ma to will announce limitative monitoring measure to occupy the United States today " new York Times " reported on January 14, the United States. . .

2014-01-17 11:15 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China wishs to safeguard historical justice jointly with country of Asian fall victim

China wishs to be in together with country of Asian fall victim comfort the network austral historical justice Fujian is maintained on the problem that install Fu dispatch comforted to the Japanese army on January 17 the problem that install Fu, hong Lei of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 16 days, just wish in with what include Korea inside. . .

2014-01-17 10:38 origin: ? Qu Xian?
The United States turns around accept " comfort install Fu " the topic for discussion urges day of government to apologize and carry duty

The United States is met act head is carried " comfort install Fu " requirement beautiful Secretary of State urges day of government to apologize and carry duty the net austral Fujian Boule of United States Congress carried message 15 days on January 17 act of 2014 financial year allocating funds, first " comfort install Fu. . .

2014-01-17 10:34 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Acid Aolangde wears Sakeqi of the president before France helmet dates " very clumsy "

Sakeqi of the president before France (left) show presidential Aolangde spicily (the data pursues) France a newspaper explodes 14 days makings, sakeqi of the president before the law to showing presidential Aolangde red of carry on a clandestine love affair is heard take pleasure in other's misfortune, acid Aolangde wears helmet to date " very clumsy " . ? . . .

2014-01-17 10:30 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Korea is sent to Han Fang " major proposal " offer to suspend martial hostility action

Front Han sends " major proposal " offer both sides stops to stimulate each other and slander, cease all martial hostility behavior, adopt measure to prevent nuclear disaster; to begin Flash from Januar

y 30: Front Han is sent " major proposal " the company in seizing day 16. . .

2014-01-17 09:49 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Philippine again with " illegal Wu is versed in " catch buckle in phenanthrene 28 China citizen

Local time 15 days 14 when the left and right sides, personnel of phenanthrene immigration office and phenanthrene state police dash forward Mo Lalan market of city of a place of strategic importance that check handkerchief, buckled 28 China citizen and Chinese with stop illegally and be being caught for illegal Wu labour, take them to the immigration office to check their resident status.

2014-01-17 09:26 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Norwegian coast shows " school is frozen stiff " if layer of ice of wonderful view offing puts ark on the ice

Norwegian isle Luo Wende (near Lovund) coast, one swarm is being stayed in by aspic in You Yi's school. The intermediary outside occupying reports, does an isle coast add Norway to appeared one time a few days ago nearly wonderful view -- one swarm is in You Yi's school is in to stand by by congeal actually? . . .

2014-01-16 15:47 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Japan ascends Mi Xitai firstborn daughter of islander Yi Ze to prove Diaoyu Island should remand China

1971 " galaxy " publish Yi Ze Mi Xitai (2 right 4, 2 daughters are by) group photo waiting for a person, photograph estimation is photographed 1905 around well (Yi) lustre photocopy of part of original of true ability attestation on January 14, city of Japanese stone wall is held " (of pointed cabinet a chain of islands. . .

2014-01-16 15:35 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Yan Feng of Feng of beautiful arson suspect appears in court front courtyard careful did not allude 2 times mental problem

Data chart: Local time on January 7, 1 day of evening are stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to spread benzine to burn to China this month the Feng Yanfeng of front door building is in the United States regional court of California of federal court north appears in court. The graph is Vicki Ellen B of judicial painter Bai Lingge. . .

2014-01-16 15:31 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?


The sound that occupies Russia will report on October 23, china is close to moon resource ste

p by step, it is the technology that equipment of space navigation of research and development returns the ground from the moon next. Will be in for this China the detector of the first experiment that oneself launch before on the weekend originally, it should undertake the month flies circling, return the earth.

Russia is in on 70 time had had the century similar visit month test. What China goes is the route that forefathers has taken, but not such it cannot be joined be in for oneself moon position and the competition to moon resource, alexander of academician of academy of sciences of Russia space navigation is enthusiastic Ciniyakefu thinks.

He says, those have fun at the country that gets aerospace resource in future, should consider this issue now. Build immediately for this must the technology is impossible. Want successive toward the advancement of this direction, 50 after arriving 100 years, when the necessity of occurrence moon resource, should get ready to take them to the earth. Be about to master these to be able to be close to to achieve these goal more of cours

e by the country of the technology of research and development those now.

China had learned to bypass month of flight, make oneself moon car is landed in moon face. It prepares to go further now, bring back moon soil for the earth, enthusiastic Ciniyakefu points out.

He says, on pair of month experiments by October the flight has crucial sense. China arrives from the moon in research the earth, enter moon orbit and the ballistics that break away from orbit and return the earth. China should master the skill that enters outer space with the 2nd cosmic. This perhaps is the central part of all experiments.

If succeed to fly to the moon and return the earth inside booked 8 day and night, so the complete technology chain that China will own the mankind to enter a month. Russia " aviation is panoramic " edit Xieergaifeilibenkefu to point out.

He says, the Chinese experiment duplicate Russia, meet with the United States 1969 - the experience 1972 finishs Chinese astronaut enter a month. This meeting gives China the possibility of self-approval. Europe and United States are developing minor planet and spark, and China will build permanent base in the moon. Can head for spark next, china has this plan, but this already was in 21 centuries end.

The report of the moon detail that the humanness place that is about to make master newly to lunar flight and Russia about China knows appears at the same time. The expert of bureau of Russian Federation spaceflight and academy of sciences thinks, russia researcher should resemble undertaking euqally in infrastructure of the extend on the bridge tower that builds first to the control of the moon. Mix in tellurian test site in moon base build depend on aviation illume, with earthly news report and the rich condition in the moon. And the best position that builds test site is antarctic.


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