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In new network report will sign up for network coverage according to American live abroad on March 9, tens of renown China pregnant woman and mom are in 6 days of many Chinese lawyer accompany come down to the United States federal court of river bank city is accepted first subpoena, partial pregnant woman on the court resumptive passport, but United States be been in by the requirement keeps a month at least, etc appear in court the ability after attest can return China. Partial pregnant woman is mixed 11 days to return a court with witness identity at 9 days by the requirement.

6 days afternoon, 25 China pregnant woman, mom, family member and lunar elder brother's wife are in of many Chinese lawyer accompany come down federal court of river bank city. Inquisitor expresses, if pregnant woman people be willing to appear in court attest, check square guarantee against sues them, otherwise check just sues the accusation with disobeying immigration laws to their criminal.

Inquisitor asks they look for a person that has American capacity to assure, keep gold 5000 yuan (dollar, similarly hereinafter) ; Cannot find the person that keep a person to need him pay 50 thousand yuan of bail. In addition, check just asks they offer financial document to the court, state asset, expense and debt to wait, make a pledge all data are belonged to solid, if give false information will be sued by criminal.

Judge Bulisituo (David T. Bristow) afternoon at 4 o'clock half formal open a court session, 25 pregnant woman, mom, family member and month have 11 people to be willing to become a witness in elder brother's wife, among them 10 people obtain public school attorney, 1 person serves as counsel for the defence by Liu Longzhu. Other 13 people are asked to deal with formalities at returning a court again partly at 10 o'clock 9 days morning.

Chinese lawyer Liu Longzhu expresses on the court, if pregnant woman does not have the assistance of confinement center, traffic, board and lodging is a problem, add language, environment not ripe, may affect their production. The judge stands in humane footing, allow confinement center to continue to provide a service for pregnant woman, but cannot discuss details of a case eac

h other, press processing of act in collusion to make each other's confessions identical otherwise.

Lawyer of Na Jiahua's person comes day after day busy crossed a day, include fine of peak of lofty of Zheng Boren, Liu Longzhu, Cheng Zhengxing, king, Xujun inside a lot of lawyers receive the law that comes from pregnant woman and confinement center to request. Bearer divides 4 kinds in all: 1. Already was confiscated the pregnant woman of certificate; 2. Was not buckled the pregnant woman of card; 3. The confinement center course of study that already mopped up person; 4. Was not ransacked confinement center course of study person. Every kinds of stands point of view is different, the law of the request helps also each different.

Cheng Zhengxing expresses, american immigrant and custom execute the law (ICE) had talked about partial pregnant woman about, but just still obtain evidence at

present level. If pregnant woman offerred fake document to the immigration office, will by lifelong off-limits United States; But the process that if they are honest,answers whole visa coming to the beauty, the opportunity that ICE is willing to enter a country again to them.

(Original title: Tens of renown China pregnant woman are talked about about by beautiful immigration office or by federal court summon to court)

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Ambassador of figure of British Olympic Games breaks shop of mobile phone of patron wagon foray into rambunctious element... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉养生放水推荐2020


Month of Colombo Page

11 of sri lanka website 19 days of cite " Namibia person signs up for " the report says, chinese plan builds 18 naval base in the area of the indian ocean that includes sri lanka inside, " Namibia person signs up for " say, chinese class holds sri lanka in the palm tower harbor is one of naval base that China plans to build in north of the indian ocean, additionally its still plan to be mixed in Pakistan Burmese make naval base.

According to England website of weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name reports 19 days, " Namibia person signs up for " say in the report, china is planning in Namibia the bay builds Woerweisi naval supply base. The report calls Namibia commander of spokesman of national defence army, army Kaxiya weighs Mo Ni, she has noticed this issue, high level of two countries of the accept in believing is discussing this issue.

Report cite China media reports, listed the haven of 18 the indian ocean that to 19 China hopes to build base of overseas strategy supply, say these haven are supply, anchor and maintenance base. Chinese media coverage says, china should build these base, it is to stem from with mutual benefit of relevant country mutually beneficial, friendly negotiation end, emphasize these base be different from the martial base of American type.

This report caused sensation in sri lanka parliament. Main opposition assemblyman breaths out sri lanka Xierwa is in Shade the question that sri lanka raised to whether sign this kind of any agreements with China with respect to this report on congress.

Nevertheless, lu Mo of sri lanka

department of defense and director of center of urban progress media, brigadier is being accepted when interviewing, refuting Hanbantuoda is the view of Chinese naval base. He points out, naval base of China is impossible to be built secretly, anybody can see this kind of building whether hold tower harbor in the palm to begin construction in Chinese class.

" Namibia person signs up for " the report says, chinese general is mixed in Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Kenya, Tanzania Mozambique, Seychelles and Madagascar and other places build base, the bay also will become the Woerweisi of Namibia one of 18 naval base that China plans to build.

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Login register old of Maffia of Italy of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian exposing to the sun to do volunteer origin: in Red Cross first-aid station? Salary  ?2014-11-27 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Report will occupy xinhua net Rome on November 26 Italy " late Post " the website reports 25 days, old of area of a Maffia does a volunteer in Red Cross first-aid station unexpectedly.

After be being arrested with experience black accusation by police when Zhusaipeipulixi of 53 years old, colleague of his a first-aid station is afraid unceasingly, several days sleep to be not worn, because sense some fear after the event. One participates in those who arrest the action to turn over black inquisitor to say, pu Lixi looks is a fine civilian, never also had had dangerous activity.

In people look, pu Lixi is one knows dedication, be happy to help person, believing person, the Swiss factory that he is close to going bankrupt in all the time becomes an electric welder, the volunteer is become in Red Cross first-aid station every weekend, remove the heal the wounded and rescue the dying in traffic accident in how, get person respect quite. What people did not think of is, he is Italy one of organizations of 4 big Maffia are met gloriously in Qieermengnate the old of the area.

Area of specially of the Meng Na that cut Er cares about big profit north, often live dweller 9000 more than person, from go up century 70 time are Italian upper Maffia infiltrates one of the most serious areas up to now, the Maffia that happens nearly 3 years blackmails incident to be amounted to many cases 400.

According to the report, pu Lixi ever was in place glorious meeting says on high-level conference, these his act are to help Maffia gain good reputation. Police exposure says, italian Maffia is being washed stage by stage at present white, club of sortie bar, football, tertiary industy, permeate social all trades and professions stage by stage, win people support with this. Pu Lixi ever still went to place the missonary school is condolatory, contributive even the basket team that saves place.

Police says, general benefit hopes to going up early century 90 time because experience is black,mix peddle poison to be sentenced, be included police to turn over black database in.

The Qieermengnate that has 150 volunteers Fasuola says chief of Red Cross first-aid station,

pu Lixi works in the first-aid station good, never had quarrelled or had made a trouble. Gusuoni says another Red Cross chief, pu Lixi already was suspended at present volunteer qualification, but have not remove sb's name from the rolls. He says, we must wait to try a result finally. He is done not have to oppugning the Red Cross in the needle when checking Pu Lixi criminal record seriously, express, the Red Cross ever asked court issue proof of party criminal record, but never see a return.

(Original title: Italian Maffia head is first-aid station volunteer unexpectedly)

Article origin: Xinhua net author: King star bridge

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leton black heart to carry valence volunteer gnash one's teeth to buy next 2015-01-13 whole nations first outstanding list of protocol of volunteer of 5 stars class announces Xiamen Wang Zhongwu installs group of city fire control to organize a volunteer to be on street to begin fire protection south selected 2014-12-05

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Han intermediary: Korea coastguard cutter is crossed " northward borderline " face Han opens fire each other... [阅读全文] 栏目:新上海龙凤魔都新茶论坛


International is online message: Recently, east alliance secretary-general, before Li Liangming of Vietnam deputy minister of foreign affairs says China concerns a view in Nanhai illegimate. Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes strong response 11 days in Beijing, emphasize China be in Nanhai dominion is incontestable, as east alliance secretary-general should be scrupulouslied abide by east alliance the neutral position on Nanhai problem, concerned personnel cannot jobbery.

China has sufficient history and legal principle basis in the dominion of Nanhai and relevant right view, the concerned footing on Nanhai problem is to be mixed clearly consistent. Just support in east alliance community construction, but east alliance is not Nanhai problem

to be become about controversy thing square.

According to the report, when Li Liangming accepted media to interview recently, express, the position of Chinese 9 paragraphs of lines in Nanhai is illegimate, a few matters that say Nanhai is occurrent make Nanhai situation complications further, influence east alliance community construction. This make known his position to object strongly what immediately suffers Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Hong Lei holds in 11 emphasizes on the press conference, mr Li Liangming as east alliance secretary-general, publish the tendentiousnes

s opinion on public affairs that does not accord with a fact not to accord with its identity for many times on Nanhai problem, deviated from badly east alliance and its secretary go up at Nanhai problem behoove importunate is indifferent footing, damaged east the form that alliance organizes as regional international.

Alliance is not a country east east alliance, alliance is to belong to east east of alliance big family. We offer a piece of advice Mr Li Liangming does the business inside limits of good secretary-general one's job, scrupulously abide by east alliance and east the neutral position that alliance secretary gets on at Nanhai problem, do not want use public office for private gain, should support however with constructive manner China and east the development that alliance concerns.

(Original title: Spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a piece of advice east alliance secretary-general " does not want jobbery " )

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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of nea

t provi
de for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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In report will occupy new network on October 13 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, 12 days of reports that issue late say local time, the overweighted wooden vessel that Guinea south maritime space produces 10 days is sunken accident, at present dead number rises to 18 people, still 20 people miss.

This boat holds 61 people, because encounter sea and barge against of ship of a mining.

Guinea is ma

ritime the branch is magisterial hold Lai in the palm (Lansana Toure) says in statement, heavy boat accident causes 18 people death.

Local fishery branch is in charge of Damuba (Ali Damba) says, to be missing personnel undertakes rescueing, heavy nevertheless ship has passed 3 days 2 night, the likelihood had not

found the hope of survival.

(Original title: Accident of Guinea heavy boat already sent 18 people to die to still 20 people miss)

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