Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell is hoping to avoid a four-game suspension from the league, according to ESPN.

Per the report, he's been suspended because of a missed drug test, not a failed one. The suspension is in the appeals process, but if the ruling is not overturned then Bell will miss the Steelers' first four games — against the Redskins, Bengals, Eagles and Chiefs. 

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There was a report from a radio host last month that claimed Bell missed a

drug test, but the running back denied the report.

"I haven't missed any drug tests, failed any drug tests," Bell said in June. "I can't keep talking about the drug test. I probably already said too much about it so I really can't keep talking about it. People are going to say what they want to say on the Internet. It is people who really have nothing to do. I don't get upset or let it bother me."

Bell knows suspensions well as the league hit him with a three-game ban last season that eventually was reduced to two games. His suspension was a result of his arrest for marijuana possession and a DUI in 2014.

Losing an All-Pro talent like Bell is obviously never good news, but the Steelers are at least in good position to play without him. Last season, the team brought in veteran DeAngelo Williams, who ran for 907 yards in 10 starts after Bell missed most of the season due to injury.