Former Redskins receiver Santana Moss had a lot of successful seasons in Washington, but his career wasn't what it possibly could have been. Moss had to play with a number of different quarterbacks throughout his 10 seasons with the team, and he was recently asked to rank them.

Appearing on CSN Mid-Atlantic this week, he ranked the top five quarterbacks out of the 10 he played with in Washington. He had an additional four seasons with the Jets during which he played with another four quarterbacks, but that's for a different day.

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Right now, we're focused on Redskins quarterbacks, and here's how he ranked them, with a bit of commentary on why they're there (h/t CBS Sports).

1. Mark Brunell:  "Marky Mark came in strong. My 2005 season, he came off the bench in the first half of the first game and never saw the bench ag

ain that year. He should've been a Pro Bowler that year and that's why he's my No. 1 guy."

2. Donovan McNabb:  "In 2010, he came in, we didn't expect a whole lot, but I saw what he did in Philly, he came in strong and led us to a great start."

3. Rex Grossman:  "Showed a lot of promise."

4. Jason Campbell:  "Jason got a chance to [play] in 2006 and take over for Mark Brunell. We got a chance to get on board with each other in 2008, where I had 1,100 yards with him that year."

5. Robert Griffin III:  "Me and Griffin shared the end zone a lot in 2012. I was thrilled to have that season with him."

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The quarterbacks who didn't make the list: John Beck, Patrick Ramsey, Todd Collins, Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins.

There's a lot to take away from this list, and it's hard to understand if Moss is ranking these guys based on the time he played with them or by their respective individual careers. If he's ranking by careers, then having McNabb behind Brunell is a bit disrespectful to the former Eagle.

But if he's ranking based on the time he had, then McNabb shouldn't be in the top five, let alone No. 2. His lone season in Washington was a disaster that ended with him throwing more interceptions (15) than touchdowns (14).

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We're not sure when Grossman "showed a lot of promise" in Washington, but there's no way people would say he had a better career in D.C. than Griffin, who won Rookie of the Year in 2012. Campbell was forgettable, but he played a lot with Moss, so we'll give him a pass.

The final question is, where's Cousins? His play earned him the starting job in Washington over Griffin, and he had an incredible season in 2015. He didn't throw a lot to Moss in their time together, so maybe that's why he was left off, but most would say he's better than Grossman, Campbell and Griffin.