Cam Newton, fencer. Cam Newton, fashion designer. Cam Newton, herpetologist?

The first two, maybe. The last one? Not so fast. Either way, though, Newton (the NFL MVP version) is getting a chance to help the nation's next generation of youngsters follow their dreams and passions in his own Nickelodeon TV show. The 20-episode series premiers on June 3, at 8:30 p.m. ET., according to the Charlotte Observer.

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and that's great for the sport

The premise of "All In with Cam Newton" is simple: he uses his connections to pair a child with a high-profile mentor who works in that child's dream field. For one young lady in the trailer with hoop dreams, that meant getting to learn the game from three-time WNight net MVP Lisa Leslie.

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It's also a window into other areas of Newton's life. Viewers will get to see if his athletic prowess translates to a sport like fencing (spoiler: looks like it) and learn that the boundaries of his mentorship only go so far (sorry, future herpetologist... he doesn't do snakes). 

The show is a passion project of sorts for the Panthers QB, who, through his Cam Newton Foundation, has always aligned himself closely with helping kids reach their goals both in and out of sports.