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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special su

bject report, the form such as to
in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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Compensate of beautiful oil magnate pays ex-wife 1 billion dollar still disrelish little demand to deuce belongings... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜生活论坛


Xinhua net Vienna on August 11 report (reporter Liu Gang) PET is current utility very extensive project is plastic, however hard natural degradation. Austrian researcher research and development gives a kind to use fungus degradation the new method that this kind of material makes its are used circularly.

Enzymatic it is a kind of special protein, can have the effect of biology activator. Before this, the researcher that Austrian cas

e pulls the orgnaization such as Ci technology university and Vienna technology university already was in individual plant of bacterium of a few fungus discovered can " tear open solution " of PET enzymatic.

Be based on the research achievement of forefathers, 11 days of reports say center of technology of Austrian industry biology, technology of project of gene of their have the aid of, those who rose to use fungus to reach its to arise is enzymatic PET material efficient the ability that decomposes initiative monomer. Decompose the initiative odd physical ability that give to be used at producing high grade material afresh.

Center of technology of Austrian industry biology is enzymatic with group leader of polymer research group Geaoer Gubici says, skill of this kind of work avoids to produce rubbish, make resource be able to recycle, and harmless to the environment.


rent, this center already established companionate relationship with a few enterprises, in order to develop applied test. Researcher still plans to raise fungus to disclose the rate of PET rubbish further, shorten from about 24 current hours.

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European parliament get to the bottom of " prism door " Sinuodengdi hands in video hearing of witnesses

Assemblyman of book of a Germany will be in European parliament on December 5 make a statement on individual rich guest say, si Nuo ascends the disclose person of incident of eavesdrop of American information branch, hearing that attends European parliament through network video later on this month.

At the appointed time, investigating bureau of American state information the parliament of incident of large-scale to European people monitoring ascends a query on behalf of OK and direct Xiang Sinuo. The earliest likelihood is in hearing next week to will undertake on December 18.

Assemblyman of this Germany book is called raise · Philip Aerbuleixite (Jan Philipp Albrecht) , it is the green party assemblyman that Germany is in left wing, also be the assemblyman that responsible data protects in European parliament civil rights, judicatory and municipal committee.

This states release make clear, the European Union still takes action in the eavesdrop behavior that is aimed at the United States. This Zhou Yi on December 9, the Rui Ding of judicatory committee member that European Union committee is in charge of data protecting (Viviane Reding) is in to the parliament Euramerican on the data that the month manages exchanges an agreement to make a specification.

European parliament interior stands in the beauty flower the British book assemblyman on affined footing, the motion that has entered to Si Nuo of European parliament hearing of witnesses expresses to object. This assemblyman that represents British the Conservative Party carries Masi Kelikehuopu (Timothy Kirkhope) gives civil rights, judicatory and municipal committee each member post a letter object inviting Sinuodeng, point to to its are " suspect, look in a lot of people, also be a traitor " .

European parliament predicts to will press a plan to undertake this hearing of witnesses in Belgian Brussels. The Aerbuleixite that releases information of this hearing of witnesses says: "Edward · Si Nuo ascends the crucial witness that has agreed to regard monitoring as scandal to publish give evidence, this is the major victory of European parliament. This is the major victory of European parliament..

Aerbuleixite says, sinuodeng amassed the document of countless states security bureau, release at beginning before half an year, overthrow its authentici

ty without the person at present, and we investigate relevant political duty even. Some requirements are placed before European parliament, must put forward now.

European parliament civil rights, judicatory and municipal committee vice-chairman, assemblyman Sala Luodefude (Sarah Ludford) says, of Sinuodeng disclosing is to explaining whether information orgnaization has not gotten control, but if he is on video attest, also be necessary to ask him right question, include besides public interest, whether does he have other intention.

Because fear real time video may expose specific place of Sinuodeng, so committee will not undertake real time video is right tell, send Sinuodeng the issue however, after good by his transcribe answer, again to assemblyman

people online broadcast.

Cannot be headed for Russia by a definite date one year at present by the Sinuodeng of political asylum attest of European parliament spot. Last week, total position organizes globalization research center to say at the folk of Canadian Montreal, british information branch is searching Sinuodeng in Russia, reason is him the confidential data that reveal may browbeat the person of British secret service is safe.

This orgnaization says, british authorities plans to search Sinuodeng, if possible sentence takes him even,go to England or the United States. This orgnaization claims, american state security bureau (NSA) and headquarters of British government communication (the trace that GCHQ) is searching Sinuodeng, the member that send information to England to be stationed in Muscovite information person undertakes an analysis.

Recommend read: Prism monitoring project plans to uncover secret: Year cost monitoring of dollar of 2 ten million 10 kinds of information

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According to report of Xinhua News Agency

The remains of 30 U.S. Army soldiers that raids the death in crashing

incident in Afghan helicopter predicts at American the eastpart part time will transfer the United States to help China city especially on August 9 much Buddha air base. American department of defense 8 days " accident " prohibit ceremony of homecoming of remains of media coverage soldier.

Media feels " accident " , it is the government before already relaxing 2009 because of Beilakeaobama's president the reportorial ban to soldier of U.S. Army of be killed in battle, whether can formulary media report remains homecoming depends on only be killed in battle person family member.

But this, the department of defense with " die soldier remains do not identify " for reject all media spots to report, approve only die toward much Buddha air base receives homecoming remains before soldier family member.

A statement says the department of defense, prang, soldier remains identifies hard, so, before still half-baked remains id

entifies, even if is to die the soldier's close kin also must not give media admittance reportorial right. Statement says, this " accord with policy of department of defense " , is not change policy.

This ceremony of homecoming of remains of U.S. Army soldier suffers media to pay close attention to quite, because 30 die,22 navy include in the soldier " seal " commando member, among them 20 people are belonged to " seal " the pickeddest in commando " seal " 6 teams.

30 American soldiers and arms of 7 Afghanistan special type and an interpreter are taken 6 days " Jinuke " when helicopter executes combat mission, arm by Taliban ambush, helicopter crash, 38 people die entirely.

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Enlighten do obeisance to rope of umbrella of parachute of headroom of crown prince kilometre to twine alarmingly dangerous to take off tired [graph]... [阅读全文] 栏目:西安大选的场子

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Hemp province takes out time capsule in cornerstone of parliamentary edifice granite... [阅读全文] 栏目:59136我就要桑拿论坛


Palazuntuo of Italian Maffia head basks in houseboat and dazzle of photograph of luxurious house car on the net rich (graph)... [阅读全文] 栏目:0769桑拿论坛

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