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Integrated Korea media reports, head in the center of Er hall of local procuratorial work expresses 3 days, check just was opposite recently Jin Mou of overall length of give advice of predecessor air force (81 years old) waited for air force to launch investigation about the personage, discover they are suspected of be versed in to American army fourth company of horse of estate magnate Losk Heed reveals the martial secret of force of battle of concerned promotion air force, get get one's own back of a huge sum from which. Check just has put forward to sue, this matter causes all circles to astonish in Korea.

Overall length of air force give advice is suspected of before to beautiful business betray con

fidential matters

Check just expresses, jin Mou overcame company of man of rare heart horse to offer battle force to strengthen a plan to the Xiang Luo at the beginning of 2010 from 2004 " specification of associated weapon system " , .

But Jin Mou advocates, because afore-mentioned content already circulated on the net, defensive career hall ever also had published concerned material, do not belong to martial secret. And, he denies himself guilty, insist to say to did not offer any martial secrets to American company.

Jin Mou is school of air force sergeancy 2 period one's previous experience, came to held the post of overall length of air force give advice 1984 1982, after retiring, the skill of Seungjin of company of inland trade representative that established fourth company of Losk Heed horse 1995. Check just says, jin Mou establishs Seungjin skill already 16 years, because already spent litigant effectiveness for a given period of time (7 years) , data destroy by melting or burning and reject the reason such as allegation, cannot investigate him the behavior before 2003.

Betray martial secret to gain profit hundreds 100 million Han yuan

Korea media coverage says, the employee of Seungjin technology besides Jin Mou, still have the Zhang Mou that will be detained to sue because of be suspected of divulging martial secret to wait this year in April (58 years old) wait for 5 people. Square relevant personage shows check, seungjin technology removes female employee outside, before, currently hold the post ofhigh-level cadre all to be suspected of participating in emissary behavior.

Of their filch is to concern the martial secret that enhances military combat effectiveness mostly, be like " book of layout of goal of associated war strategy " , " national defence media plan " etc. Still include among them, the combination that can hit target of Korea interior strategy accurately atttacks an ammo (JASSM) , can carry battleplan, the nightly target that day and night all can be diagnosed and identifies a

target identifies bomb of colonies of equipment, accurate control and guide and navigator of intermediate range GPS to wait introduce amount and time. Check just says: "They currently hold the post ofthe filch such as cadre and employee of defensive career hall through the around generation in army, conversant a large number of wars are secret. "They currently hold the post ofthe filch such as cadre and employee of defensive career hall through the around generation in army, conversant a large number of wars are secret..

Check just expresses, they in one's hand martial secret translates data of Cheng Yingwen conference, be sent with email or use domestic and international conference to give directly fourth company of Losk Heed horse. The allegation when the tall canal of fourth company of horse of 3 Losk Heed and employee are accepting check to just be investigated says, these martial secrets were used in company sale respect.

Check still just expresses, as provide martial classified get one's own back, the person such as Jin Mou is in only 2009 to 2010 from Losk Heed Martin company obtained 2.5 billion Han yuan. Check just estimates, calculated 1995 from what establish Seungjin technology company case, their altogether obtained hundreds 100 million Han yuan.

The army retires problem of official divulge a secret is very serious

According to Korea old court expresses, from 2005 up to now, 6 years try only divulge martial secret case to have 25 cases, 50 much people obtain punishment. They ever were in mostly hall of the headquarters of land sea air force, defensive career and cadre of associated give advice hold the position of mix with military supplies, information fight the position that concern, the prospective strategy that filch Korea army begins after retiring and introduce all sorts of new-style weapons to plan to wait for information. Check just expresses, investigated case is an iceberg nevertheless one horn, actually problem of divulge a secret of Korea military affairs had arrived very serious condition.

But in afore-mentioned 50 much people, neither one person is sentenced capital punishment, or be probation or it is the court decision after delaying, all be able to light deal with an offender. The prime cause that sentences gently is, information revealed the friendly nation such as the United States or Israel, did not cause real harm to national security.

Korea lawyer Li Mou expresses, congress should perfect relevant law, although divulge information to the foreign country that is not hostile country or foreign organization, also answer with emissary blame punish.

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According to coverage of Japanese news network, on Feburary 5, japanese premier brings times advance 3 go up in senatorial budget committee, right " morning sun news " spread out intense and critically, think it installs times political power in order to Ko to be a tenet.

Install times leader to be in office jointly party, depend on the dominant position that holds seat in a legislature of more than half, ceng Zaiguo can be passed forcibly " specific secret protects proposed law " , object strongly what cause each opposition and Japanese knowledge estate and critically. To this, " morning sun news " also insist to oppose position, critically to installing times political power to spread out.

" morning sun news " footing and critically posture are caused install the intense dissatisfaction of times, he expres

ses on budget committee conference of 5 days: "The comment of these a few months reports, be correct after all? The word that if undertake,studies seriously is extremely significant. The word that if undertake,studies seriously is extremely significant..

How times call-over then point out: "Hear " morning sun news " be install times political power in order to Ko to be a tenet, I am to holding such understanding in the arms reading this newspaper. I am to holding such understanding in the arms reading this newspaper..

Japanese premier is critically to undertaking call-overing at mainstream media, it is very unus

ual thing. Analysis of Japanese news network says, because install,this is times get higher support is led, and have " produce classics news " and " read sell news " wait for media to be its convoy, accordingly he is not fear of old brand " morning sun news " the challenge to him.

Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this on August 18, argentine president Christina and the Colombian president Sangtuosi that call in appeal Latin America country strengthens so

lidarity 18 days, answer the severe concussion of global money market jointly.

This is Colombian president has official visit nearly 10 years to Argentina first, the mark wears what two countries concerns to warm up. What how answer global money market is new the key topic for discussion that round of severe concussion becomes two countries leader to discuss.

Sangtuosi points out, pulling what American home is faced with at present is international money market not just is queasy, and be world economy and financial domain " hurricane " , latin America country cannot overlook absolutely.

He says, those who face international money market is new round of concussion, if pull beautiful country to answer a challenge severally, show sheet of be in power force is small, but if unite to be answered jointly, strengthen policy to coordinate, that had the actual strength that comparative, and can pull this crisis translate into the development good luck of Ame

rican home.

Sangtuosi appeals as 20 countries the Argentina of group member, Brazil and Mexico can consolidate position at the same time, in 20 countries the delegate on the conference of the group pulls American home to phonate.

Christina emphasizes in the speech, put delay and money market as the United States and growth of European Union economy severe concussion, latin America country strengthens collaboration to appear very necessary against a rainy day. She says, to encourage the management of Latin America enterprise and production, should build an entrance to replace a mechanism, make the manufactured goods that sells on market of Latin America nation basic produce by the factory of our region. Meanwhile, latin America country should make full use of rich rich, through industry treatment raises the additional cost of the product, abandon exporting raw material or low end the development mode of the product. (cloud of clean of the Song Dynasty of raise of reporter Feng Jun)

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 The European Union will be right Nepalese offer aid of 300 million 60 million euro to aid its to develop agriculture

 Aolangde of president of France exposing to the sun and red hear next month of Jia Xie of · of Li of female star Zhu to marry (graph)


 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to break couplet horse boat to search district plan to reveal a red circle area to was not searched for [graph] origin: ? ?2014-03-11 16:5 of  Qian a surnameEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Malaysia aviation was controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning in 11 days issue eleventh portion statement.

The Ma Hang that break couplet searchs district plan to reveal

BBC report, area of circle of place of casing of the white in road is the range that seeking at present, area of circle of red circle place is the range that the plan seeks. (Netease)

Malaysia aviation was controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning in 11 days issue eleventh portion statement, statement expresses, the group that rescue has e

rged search limits to course beyond, the Malaysia that searchs area v/arc be on the throne to go up at Ma Liujia channel mainly nowadays on the west peninsula. Authorities thinks to be missing the plane may try to return Subang. Besides maritime outside rescueing, authorities also began a search in the land between these area. The team analysis that rescue examined maritime the oil stains that searchs for and fragment, confirming is not to come from MH370.

Ma Hang expresses, the MH370 that be missing just passed the overhaul to maintain in before setting out 12 days, plane state does not have a problem. This plane began to enlist in army 2002, have record of 53465.21 hours. The plane of all Ma Hang deployed plane communication to find location and report system, can transmit data automatically. But Ma Hang did not receive call of be in danger to also be delivered without information.

Group of Chinese government teamwork work is the same as Ma Hang close cooperation. China is stationed in Malaysia diplomatic mission to also a delegate helps processing and the thing related the family member that go to a horse in urgent action center. (People's Daily)

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Ceng Youshe of radar of spot of the 2nd press conference returns total bureau of Malaysia civil aviaton record

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Login register history of grade of credence of dominion of United States of unprecedented of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to go up to meet with first " demote " origin: ? ?2011-08-07 01:3 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border9 Http://www.mnw.cn/

American president Aobama

American money grows Gaitena

Beautiful couplet store chairman Ben Bainake

The sea net, channel Metropolis Daily company of Er of general of standard of United States of orgnaization of dispatch international grade states 5 days late local time, those who stem from pair of American finance deficit and debt dimensions to increase ceaselessly is anxious, reduce grade of credence of American long-term dominion to AA + class from top class AAA class. This is grade of American dominion credence meet with first on the history " demote " .

Immediately of government of abstruse Ba Ma criticizes this international the judgement basis of main grade orgnaization has serious mistake, lack " reliability " .

Mark general demotes to the United States is our responsibility

Company of standard general Er is in charge of the whole world of dominion grade be in charge of David Biersi to say: "We are very serious the responsibility that the ground handles us. If committee passes careful research to think to should reduce the credit grade of some country, so we are responsible carry out this judgement. So we are responsible carry out this judgement..

Mark general decides foreground of credence of long-term national debt looks into an United States at the same time maintain in " negative " . According to the view of statement, if American debt and finance situation did not see,improve, this grade orgnaization may be inside two years fall grade of American extended credit further the class that it is AA.

This is

the world the national debt credence of United States of system of the oldest economy first from top class decline. From United States of orgnaization of another big grade company of Moody investor service rolled out system of dominion credence grade 1917 since, the United States sits firmly all the time 3A throne. 3A grade is kept to the United States likewise after mark general began grade 1941.

American national debt ever was without controversy ground self-reliant " the safest national debt " , AA + grade means level of credence of American long-term national debt to wait for a country under England, Germany, France, Canada national debt.

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Layer of Qi of moraliz

ation ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Zambia capital one Henan enterprise is raided already caused 1 dead 6 injuries [graph]

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