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Original title: England encounters strong storm assaults Cameron to cancel a visit to answer big calamity

Major area encounters England 12 days strong storm makes a surprise attack, some local wind speed are achieved horary 170 kilometers, british atmosp

here bureau issues gules warning.

Meanwhile, the flood that British south area lasts many days still not abate. For this, british premier blocks Mei Lun to decide to cancel to plan on what visit middle east next week formerly, stay in home to answer the natural disaster that extreme weather causes.

British atmosphere bureau expresses, the flatus wind speed of Cambria north is as high as horary 170 kilometers. In the De Wenjun of England southwest ministry and Kangwoer, by speed per hour the power supply cable that the gale of 150 much kilometers blows and large tree, block many road. Strong storm still brings about partial area bedding face to accumulate power cut.

Past a week, the flood that England south encounters brings about more than 1000 buildings to be wided, british environment bureau issues warning of 14 serious floods to the county in Bai Kejun and Sa.

British government holds ministerial and urgent meeting 12 days, discuss answer big calamity. Cameron emphasizes on

the conference, ground of otherwise plan cost undertakes providing disaster relief acting.

A series of measure of the business that Cameron announced a help to suffer the flood to destroy and house-owner rehabilitate house property, stricken be hit by a natural adversity small company still can win the treatment of business tax derate.

British atmosphere bureau is forecasted, british south disaster area still can appear a few days in future strong rainfall weather, and upper zone encounters heavy snow weather likely.

 Black is wished to abandon freedom by agreement of imprisonment ex-premier appeal and European Union connection

Reef of Su Yan of make one's rounds of Korea early-warning prow with south say to will patrol regularly


Original title: Mother of one foreign citizen of Chinese origin violates custody your belt goes to Beijing FBI your airliner to fold return

According to Hong Kong " civil report " report, mother of a foreign citizen of Chinese origin of American is suspected of disobeying custody to make last week, do sth without authorization takes away 4 years old Sino-US mongrel child board the plane go to Beijing, authorities of result United States gives orders this flight midway is folded return Washington Dulles International Airport. The airliner is returned after reaching the airport, this woman is arrested, male child return father beside, before evening takes off again, suffocate suffocate airliner goes to Beijing together.

According to American media coverage, male child maternal Liu Wenjing (Wenjing Liu, transliteration) it is Chinese citizen, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Buddha of father Lu Yi is American, live in the United States to not auspicious Ni Yazhou Feierfakesi county. Forensic document shows, the couple lived apart last year and begin to deal with divorce formalities, two people have joint custody right to the child, but custody makes prohibit clearly be in did not obtain other one party to agree to fall, leave child area the United States.

The report says, liu Wenjing generates electricity to Luyifoluo last week mail, allege be informed grandmother to be terminally ill temporarily, should take return China instantly with the son. Luyifoluo objects, say to be willing to take care of a son temporarily again, dan Liuwen is static insist to take away a son, and 3 people ascend along with mother to combine aviation local time afternoon 12 when 897 airliners that head for Beijing 20 minutes. Luyifoluo is driven toward the airport, execute the law to the place personnel and FBI (FBI) reports incident, after latter examines concerned custody to make, give orders the airliner is folded return.

After airline receives FBI to command, the announcement turns around instantly in the plane of Canadian territorial air at that time. Liu Wenjing admi

ts to did not obtain Luyifoluo to agree to look after children go abroad, she will attend bail listen dispatch. After authorities is investigated, discover, liu Wenjing antedates go up 27 days month to already ordered 3 pieces of one-way airline ticket, the view that claims to be informed grandmother to be terminally ill temporarily with her nots agree with.

Have disclose by the passenger of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that takes this scheduled flight, after the plane takes off about 3 hours, because parts reason n

eeds to fold,announce suddenly on machine return, many passenger immediately remember airliner of Ma Hang MH370 is missing incident and occurrence panic, be in to authorities after 3 people deplane, experience case informs the truth to just know is a false alarm. He says this block is delayed again make a lot of people drive be in Beijing not as good as a favourable turn, associated aviation arrangement gets influence passenger near the airport the hotel shacks.


Washington of China News Service on August 22 electric banking crisis, economic depression, bring about American unemployment rate to climb tall, poor number soars. Existing and adjacent 46 million person relies on food certificate to live, those who occupy total population 1 into 5, than jumping before financial crisis 2007 7 into 4.

Regard a government as welfare, food certificate of the United States sends the population that accords with local impoverished standard, and victim of inconvenient of a few lives, lawful immigrant, foreign country comes to the beauty the refugee, child and veteran. 4 home can win the food certificate of every months of 668 dollars at most. They can go to a supermarket with these food certificate, get the biscuit,

milk, egg, necessaries of life such as beverage freely.

According to Reuter report, soar as number of certificate of the food that get, this expenditure already amounted to American government 2010 68 billion dollar, be equivalent to American government last year three of income of enterprise income tax. A few republic partisanses are planning to take food certificate operation, as one of ways that cut pay.

Be in a few places, use food certificate already became the normal state of supermarket shopper. To this year May, the city has Yalabama the person of 1/3 uses food certificate, some were last year the victim of tornado calamity. Capital Washington and Mixixibi, new Mexico, Russia straps ridge, Tian Na the city waits on the

west, the population that also has 1/5 uses food certificate.

Analytic personage points out, the food certificate of the United States 20 years ago basically gives the person that did not work, and the person that a lot of food certificate are gotten now is low firewood crowd, the living allowance of the person that this welfare makes pair of low salary. And economy is slow in resuming a course, low firewood job increases more, high pay job still is in prediction of a person's luck in a given year, this means the person of certificate of the food that get to still can continue to increase.

According to the statistical data of American government, in the American of the 72.9 million firewood when earning, the person salary that has 6% under what set federally horary the lowermost standard of 7.25 dollars, scale breaks up than 2002 time.

A few places begin to try to reform food certificate system. Newyork city grows Bulongbaige to put forward recently, taboo food certificate buys the drink containing sugar such as soda water, in order to reduce the fat issue that food certificate brings, but suffer American Ministry of Agriculture overrule.

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