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武汉夜生活论坛Thailand army announces the curfew take-overs each are big the TV station announces to take urgent position


 Saiwasituoboer fleet of the Black Sea of Russia of city geographical general situation is rental for naval base (graph)


According to " Na Hua morning paper " will report on

August 20, the computer of senior official of board of inquiry of equestrian boat MH370 inbreaks by the hacker and confirm information by pilfer. Be pointed to to convey by pilfer information to Chinese computer. Network security office is in Malaxiya transmit the ability after already was being finished to undertake block and closing to invade computer machine.

Expert group announced safety of equestrian nation network to inbreak uses trojan virus software, this software disguise breaks couplet plane Boeing into a Ma Hang the 777 news that be found, will pass to mailbox of equestrian boat official on March 9. After will breaking couplet for equestrian boat plane on March 9 the following day. The accessory of email is made the executive file of similar PDF documentation (suffixal for Exe. File) , can spark automatically after click trojan software. Singapore " channel daily " the report says security bureau of equestrian civil aviation bureau, state and Ma Hang all are in hacker assault target. Controller of office of equestrian network security Wahabu (Amirudin Abdul Wahab) says to receive these report branches to send a large number of mail to cause network server to jam outwards.

This chief says: These contain confidential information from inside the mail that sends in official computer, be like conference time and confidential file. Concern with the investigation of MH370 partly among them.

30 right-and-left computer are affected by virus, and the IP address that information hair goes to is pointed to to come from China.

Wahabu says: The code of virus is very careful, and the software that reduce toxin cannot be explored, this is special careful invade. . . . . . People criticises we do not provide crucial information at that time, but the content of all private investigation was announced.

Offer of bank of network safety expert compares Ceylon (the plan that Dhillon Kannabhiran) shows to mail fishing atttacks need to help somebody attain his aim, such inbreaking, the hacker with a series of excellent technologies has the possibility, they may pretend mail come from send a person reliably. He expresses at the same time, to prevent a hacker, confidential document needs certainly statified add close.

Analysis of Russian tower company says, since Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet, appeared a series of plot are talked, claim Ma Hang breaks couplet is be organized to hijack by some political power or the crime that are training of some course height.

On March 8, malaysia airline carries 227 passengers and 12 unit staff couplet is broken after Cong Jilong slope flies to the airliner of Beijing to be made an appointment with at taking off one hour, the dispatch signal of any concerned plane breakdown or other issue was not sent before this. Plane and ground are located in bank of the East China Sea that spur a horse when last contact 220 kilometers place.

Premier Ma will express on March 24, the data that analytic satellite provides makes clear, MH370 name flight number drops into the indian ocean, speculation weighs unmanned survival.

India will reject China to enter territorial sea to install Da Manhai to search for the request of the plane that break couplet in March, think to should request to may make the excuse of martial pry.

The expert states the cost that seeks MH370 already may amount to several dollars, make the most exalted rescueing move

on the history.

(Original title: Chinese hacker is pointed to to inbreak MH370 of filch horse boat breaks adjustment to examine data)

Now international news


Original title: 27 cafeteria receive in glory France 2014 dining-room of Mi Jilin SamSung

Come a few years, by France Mi Jilin company publishs " Mi Jilin guideline " it is memory of global cate lover is medium all the time " cate Bible " . 24 days of new 2014 edition that just publish in guideline of cate of Mi Jilin France, 27 France cafeteria makes dining room of Mi Jilin SamSung.

Mijilinmei feeds a guideline most of attention getting a person is the dining hall of Mi Jilin SamSung that chooses every year undoubtedly. The guideline divides collected dining room for Mijilin one star, 2 stars are mixed SamSung, among them SamSung is highest grade. To a dining-room, can selected SamSung dining-room is very high honor. Mi Jilin guideline is SamSung dining-room evaluation " outstanding cate, before deserving a trip, go to sample " .

Should make SamSung dining room nevertheless also very not easy, a list of names posted up goes up in the directory of 2014 edition Mi Jilin that publishs in 24 days also have 27 dining room only. Be located in France near urban Rance " champagne dish " cafeteria ascends first this year the cavalcade of dining-room of SamSung of body Mi Jilin, langouste is the dish of main distinguishing feature of this dining-room. · of A Er Nuo pulls Le Mang this year is this dining-room advocate hutch. Pull Le Mang once master from many renown hutch, joined the domestic restaurant that establishs by father 1997. In father and son the joint efforts of 2 people falls, "Champagne dish " mixed 2001 early or late made meter of its Lin Yixing and 2 stars dining room 2005. Pull Le Mang to use " special happiness " will describe the mood after winning SamSung chef title. The bubbly innovation that all dish that he devotes oneself to to allow dining room all the time and place produce goes wonderful collocation.

We know, mi Jilin is the car tire manufacturer with famous France, its brand is the plump tire Lilliputian of a white. Mi Jilin company issued guideline of Mi Jilin of the first edition 1900, this booklet still is accompanied at that time buy tire to add a sent travel guideline, include the travel that build a car, medical treatment to serve information an

d destination the content such as fundamental condition. Slowly, mi Jilin guideline made the collection that pays close attention to cate only originally, and begin from 1931 make component to cafeteria according to the standard of one star, 2 stars and SamSung. Annual, the standard with metropolis rigid according to chooses cate evaluation expert of Mi Jilin the optimal dining-room of this y

Some closer year, mijilinmei also develops gradually south forefinger expand, besides French dining-room, south the beautiful forefinger that still published country and the area such as Germany, Italy, new York, Tokyo. Because the cover of cate guideline is gules, be called again so " gules guideline " .

Besides " gules guideline " , mi Jilin company still publishs another " green guideline " a series of books. What gules guideline pays close attention to is meal, green guideline basically aims to introduce travel tourist attraction and help line of reader program travel. To today, green travel directory is one of main travel a series of books on the market all the time, travel by world each district of lover love. (International is online reporter Zhang Xiyan)

 Service of provide for the aged of attentio

n spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, p

romotion provide for the aged is taken


 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form su

ch as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the age
d is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

Login register IMF: of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian? Does dimensions of economy of? of manganese of  of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of the She nationality of Qian of billows of moisture in the soil of discharge  be buried alive with the dead amount to: of origin of 17.6 trillion dollar?  Zhun is not Ting?2014-10-09 09:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] say from bigger range, china seems rising market to yield to produce the one part of growth relative to the developed country now

According to England " financial times " report: We know, world economy structure is occurrent change. We also know, change is occurring at full speed. Nevertheless, do we know speed has many really fast?

This year spring, it is those who compare different country to yield, international plans quite (International Comparison Program) was calculated new exchange rate. At that time, this purpose studies the result is alluded, because the purchasing power of Chinese money is great big prep above anticipates before this, china already became the world system of the oldest economy. Want to get this one deduction, must be opposite this one fiducial year did a few extrapolate 2011.

Nowadays, official conclusion has given heat. If plan institute is shown, according to international Monetary Fund (IMF) estimation, 2014 American economy dimensions is 17.4 trillion dollar, and economic dimensions of China is 17.6 trillion dollar.

The rate that this one change produces shows in issueing a list. In not long ago 2005, chinese economy dimensions still is less than American half. And predict according to IMF, to 2019, chinese economy dimensions will exceed the United States 20% .

IMF: ? Dimensions of economy of? of manganese of  of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of the She nationality of Qian of billows of moisture in the soil of discharge  be buried alive with the dead amounts to 17.6 trillion dollar

Say from bigger range, china seems rising market to yield to produce the one part of growth relative to the developed country now. 2007, the yielding of rising market exceeded the in part of global total production value, and return co

ntinueing to grow. Nowadays, although IMF is opposite,the growth since 2011 feels rising market disappointed, the proportion that rising market holds global production value has been achieved 57% .

Since 2007, financial crisis did to developing the growth foreground of economic system cause how old harm? Want to understand this problem, be about to ask to arrived 2007 between 2014 how many times the growth rate of burgeoning economy system is a developed country. Be double? Fivefold still? Right answer is ninefold. This is a quite breathtaking result.

Outspread read:

Purchasing power par (Purchasing Power Parity, abbreviation PPP) go up in economics, it is the equivalence coefficient between the money that a kind of price level computation that differs according to each country comes out, undertake with the gross domestic product to each country reasonable quite. But, this kind of theoretical exchange rate and effective exchange rate may have very big difference.

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Layer of Qi of morali

zation ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Maritime space of Nigaragua northwest ministry produces 6.4 class earthquake

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