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西安品茶联系方式Login register chinese mainland of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does 270 thousand student measure house international to give birth to chief origin: with respect to reading in American college? ?2014-11-18 09:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] data shows, chinese mainland grows about 39 thousand pers

on with respect to read number in beautiful college, amplitude is achieved 16.5% .

The data that electric beautiful the State Council will release Washington of China News Service 17 days on November 17 shows, complete beauty each institution of higher learing 2013 have student of 886 thousand international in all to 2014 school year, among them chinese mainland student is occupied 31% , reach 274439 people. Chinese mainland continues to make the land of international student origin with American the mainest college.

Chinese mainland 270 thousand student is read in American college

Education of beautiful the State Council and bureau of culture general affairs and institute of American international education (the data that IIE)17 day combination releases shows, the international student amount that this complete beauty school year increases newly exceeds 66 thousand person, amplitude is achieved 8.1% . Among them, chinese mainland grows about 39 thousand person with respect to read number in beautiful college, amplitude is achieved 16.5% . Chinese mainland reads a number to compare rank second India in beautiful college many 172 thousand person.

In all international student, the strength of Asian student is apparent area of over world other, occupy become than exceeding 6. Among them, the Taiwan that ranks the 6th this school year reads a number to be 21266 people in beautiful college, relatively before one school year glides somewhat. The Hong Kong that ranks the seventeenth this school year reads a number to be 8104 people in beautiful college, add 78 people than on one school year.

The report shows, before maths and economy and administrative major, project major, computer major discharge what read major in international student 3. The international student of 42% reads undergraduate course in American college, the person of 37% is assiduously studying Master or doctor's degree.

The report says, student of these 886 thousand international will bring the growth of more than 27 billion dollar to

American economy. Current, having 3 international student's most states is California city, new York city and Dekesasi respectively city. (Be over)

(Original title: First what student of 270 thousand chinese mainland measures house international to be born with respect to reading in beautiful college)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



In report will occupy new network on November 8 association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, day of 7 days of nearby will be in husband of sanded division of black of assistant of general affairs of Russia president diplomacy China holds Asia-Pacific classics to join an organization (the plan that APEC) session holds day Russia head to talk expresses, predicting talk will be held in the evening at 10 days.

Additional, the matters concerned visitting day that because suffer Wukelan,defers about Beijing of Russia president general, suggestion of husband of black sande

d division is in likely this matter alludes in this head talk. He says: Have not negotiate specific plan now, but during eliminating to holding head to talk, japanese premier brings times advance 3 allude the possibility of this matter.

The report still points out, shakefu expresses black: Hero of article of cropland of bank of J

apanese foreign minister visits Russia is the important preparation move that general Beijing has state visit to Japan. He expresses again, want the agreement that the basis reachs between two countries, visit Russia by bank cropland foreign minister of Japan first before general Beijing visits Japan.

 Mouth of crocodile of Indonesian and bold frog flees for his life opportunely the life hangs a gleam of how to sit crocodilian bazoo

Beautiful intermediary: Aobama is on the hedge with respect to report of inquisition by torture be immersed in in a dilemma

The United States " new York Times " 11 days of reports, the United States is senatorial this month those who announce is medium affection bureau (report of CIA) inquisition by torture causes a mighty uproar. Cruel torture extorts a confession to whether conduce to obtain information, in affection bureau and senate stick to his argument. The report points out, aobama of president of this United States park awkwardness condition. His statement objects cruel torture, but the effect in cruel torture and the White House do not wish to talk more on whether misguided problem.

The report says, CIA insists to think, the brutal trial technique that uses to terroristic suspect 10 years ago is effective. Senatorial Committee on Information (the conclusion of Senate Intelligence Committee) is these methods disable. On this problem, aobama does not have stand in line.

Aobama reiterated his view, namely these trial skill were formed mistreat, violate American viewpoint of value, but a when he rejects to respond to a report to put forward basic problem: Whether did these methods bring helpful to preventing horror to make a surprise attack information, perhaps say, whether is CIA mixed to the White House in effectiveness respect the public undertook misdirect.

The report points out, the most important is, this controversy lets Aobama must want awkwardly to make choice between ally: It is the adviser with very close associate at the same time, by the assistant before he appoints those who be Director CIA, other one party is the colleague of the Democratic Party that controls senatorial committee, and the freedom that supports an attitude to should reporting discovery is held sends a personage.

We do not plan to participate in this controversy, with Aobama the advanced government official with close relationship says one, this official introduced a case to the reporter, but premise condition is the identity that cannot reveal him in the report.

In the written statement that makes with respect to senatorial report, aobama tries to maintain a kind to span divergent attitude. He was to convey first to devoteding to the CIA employee of the motherland people devoir, say they defend this country in the do all one can after the assault September 11, 2001, we will be very obliged to them. However he expresses then, they are defending the method that uses in national process, fame formed the international to the United States to be damaged badly.

Finally, the thing before Aobama requests a countryman to not be him to assume office a few years again quarrels. I hope, make this newspaper complete attach most importance to the ground that opens an old debate with its, be inferior to letting it help us, the place that takes these skill in them to should be waited for goes.

Report, since enter 6 years ago advocate since the White House, aobama is searching the balance of this problem to nod hard all the time. Include to sign an order in a few act at the beginning of assuming office, prohibit CIA uses cruel torture. But he withstood the pressure of mobile personage, undertaking to the suspect water punishment extorts a confession the duty that anybody did not investigate on be related.

As the president, aobamahui listens to the report of terroristic menace regularly, should be in charge of keep within limits these menace, he has been not former times comparing today to the view of circumstances, cannot condemn political party of the other side again like a candidate in that way in the person that allow. In statement, aobama not only did not censure cloth assorted accredit to use these technique, reveal the tone that sympathize with instead.

In a year after 9 11 happening, face the clear menace of farther assault, predecessor government bear avoids the heavy responsibility that the incident of the people are plunged into an abyss of misery produces once more, about how finding out base organization, and the country that checks more terrorist assault us, they should make painful choice, he says.

A main effect comes from CIA official to make an appointment with writing O Brennan (John O. Brennan) , he from original all the time assist a ruler in governing a country Aobama's president, it is to hold the post of the White House

to fear adviser instead first, it is Director CIA after that.

The allows the tower inside E handkerchief chose Director CIA Leon to stand relatively with the person that criticize footing of Brennan and Aobama, said to get useful information really through the trial, although such doing that still be a fault, and Aobama issues a prohibition is correct.

Brennan still did not change position after commission report is announced.

Our check show, after EIT is being used to personnel of be in custody in the trial, can get obstruct assaults the plan, information that captures terrorist and save lifesaving life conducing to really, he says in statement, the EIT of here is strengthened namely model trial skill. The information that this project gets, to us knowledge base organization is crucial, to us today's fear the move instead still helpful.

Brennan admits, this project is put in defect, CIA made a mistake, because,this basically is, CIA has not prepared the new role after accepting event of him 9 11. But, he refuted CIA ever interrogated the effect to cheat public statement in cold blood.

Daian of senator of the Democratic Party of city of chairman of Committee on Information, California Fansitan (Dianne Feinstein) says, this item is not only violate morality and justice, and still do not have what effect. The report debate of committee says, the information that gathers from inside the trial often is not belonged to solid, and existence repeats, perhaps can be obtained through other way.

She says, the report thinks, mandatory try a step and did not obtain those crucial, the cannot be obtained through other way information that CIA place says.

Aobama just began to appear to be in again evasive this kind simple straight white view. His written statement points out, he prohibits already clearly cruel torture, but did not state the United States ever used cruel torture actually. Be in office in what discuss his predecessor when the thing that produces in the process, aobama used severe means to wait for a view, still mentioned what Bush and CIA prefer to strengthen even model trial skill.

Assistant expresses quickly, aobama did not try evasive question, after several hours, accepting when interviewing, he was used directer state. Aobama says, a few measures that keep in senatorial information report are brutaller, what I say no less than before this, I thought to had formed cruel torture.


ess, although human rights is organized,with citizen freedom the organization asks to undertake prosecution to relevant responsibility person, but the White House did not show any interest to this however. Presidential assistant people also make express clearly, place of the one person in if says, aobama trusts completely Brennan.

When the CIA that makes when place of Committee on Information of the senate that be asked about cheated public judgement, qiaoxiouneisite of spokesman of news of the White House (Josh Earnest) says, to this matter, we do not make any judge.

 Service of p

rovide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show

fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


Original title: Strong condemnation installs Australian Chinese overseas Chinese and student studying abroad organized body of mind of country of pacify of times pay homage to

Japanese premier brings times advance the companies of 3 pacify country spirit that consecrate of pay homage to had war criminal of first class of World War II recently, cause international society to react strongly. Australian Chinese overseas Chinese and outcry of student studying abroad and severe condemnation bring company of spirit of country of pacify of times pay homage to.

Consecrate of pay homage to of 26 days of 3 brazenly has Japanese premier An Beijin the organized body of pacify country mind of war criminal of first class of World War II, cause the intense indignation of Chinese of Australian overseas Chinese and student studying abroad and severe condemnation.

Xu Chinese Beijing is Australian river stone seeks advice from those who control a limited company to carry out trustee. He thinks, install times to win the support of domestic right-wing power pay homage to organized body of pacify country mind, do not have political principle completely. "After when wrong war is started, its experience lesson does not have summary, and organized body of pacify country mind is returned by politician pay homage to, so people is OK derivation comes out, japanese right-wing force will start another war, this war can appear with what excuse again, this ability is the most terrible part that installs times pay homage to. This ability is the most terrible part that installs times pay homage to..

Zhang Yufeng is China of Australian Sydney university chairman learning couplet. He is being accepted when interviewing, express, in bay Chinese student studying abroad is in when be informed this one message, feel exceedingly furious. "Should be informed Japanese premier to bring times advance 3 go the message of pay homage to of organized body of pacify country mind, we feel special to astonish above all, feel very furious namely next. How times be in office full a week year during, go the company of pacify country spirit that consecrate of pay homage to has war criminal of first class of 14 World War II, this is pair of China undoubtedly provoke, to Asian neighbour provoke, and to the whole world provoke. His behavior unbridled, consequence is very serious. Consequence is very serious..

Since appearing on the stage last year, install times Ceng San oblation of consecrate of organized body of mind of country of second Xiang Jing. Install the times opposition that disregards international society and Asian neighbour this, organized body of mind of country of pacify of brazenly pay homage to, it is crude trample China and country of fall victim of other Asia war justice of hist

ory of people love, barefaced challenge and human conscience. Xu Chinese Beijing expresses, install the behavior of times to want to cause the high vigilance of international society. "This kind of behavior can see political trend of Japan, install namely times to realize b
ig country target by hook and crook, this is worth vigilance. This is worth vigilance..

Zhang Yufeng expresses, as the student studying abroad he pays close attention to the news of Chinese development and Asian area country very much. He goes to Japan alertly some closer a variety of year of practices that come make clear, a few people inside Japan are right of the war think over insufficient, right-wing force and militaristic organization are outspread inside Japan. "In recent years since, japanese beautification is invaded China the history with aggressive and circumjacent country, this is pair of aggressive before wars obliterate. And recently, right-wing force considers arms expansion avowedly, reorganize army, modification constitution. A variety of behavior show they think outspread militarism and jingo, this is the trample of countries of pair of Asian war fall victim and fall victim people. This is the trample of countries of pair of Asian war fall victim and fall victim people..

The report with Australia seasonable to installing organized body of mind of country of pacify of times pay homage to to be done media was conveyed be anxious and pay close attention to. Chinese media " Australia signs up for newly " and " Australia new wall bulletin " point out An Beijin of Sino-South Korean outcry organized body of mind of country of pacify of 3 pay homage to, reprimand Japan challenges historical justice avowedly. English media, be like " Australian person signs up for " , install to say of times act wilfully, before also making, be opposite in international general affairs the ally that its express to support is immersed in awkward unfavorable situation, caused northeast inferior of area condition abruptly nervous. (International is online reporter Wang Xiao)

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Qin Gang: How times should go to Nanjing massacre memorial hall

An Beijin 3 inside head organized body of mind of country of pacify of pay homage to is Sino-Japanese posture lasts nervous


 U.N. Educational membership due expires not capture beauty loses voting power

Does abode of the mayor before logging onto the person that register peaceful of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to oppose governmental put on a show of force to meet with bomb makes a surprise attack many cases raid origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-18 18:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Thailand condition is troubled by fiercer more

The person that oppose governmental put on a show of force meets with bomb makes a surprise attack 17 days many cases, about 40 people are injured

Data chart

Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 18 Thailand media coverage, bangkok turns over governmental procession 17 days to suffer bomb of cast of unidentified identity personnel afternoon, explosion brings about 36 people to get hurt. When explosive happening, element sticks opposition leader class of · spy element is in the team, did not get hurt. Explode in the light of this, government and opposition stick to his argument. The government criticises opposition is incendiary and violent, opposition asks premier Yingla Xinawa assumes responsibility.

And around of 17 days of before dawn, bangkok still produces record of 3 detonate blast, bring about 3 person that oppose governmental put on a show of force to get hurt.

Before Bangkok mayor

Abode makes a surprise attack

According to the report, 17 days afternoon,

explosive connects roadside from Bangkok class tower the pitching in the building with a tall third floor. Bangkok loves associate bay to tighten urgent minister center to say before, 28 people are injured because of exploding. That day later on, this one center get hurt the number is added to 36 people, say among them one person the condition of an injury is serious.

Around of 17 days of before dawn produces Bangkok 3 cases bomb explosion incident, send 3 person that oppose governmental put on a show of force. Explode together among them the abode of mayor of the Bangkok before be aimed at. Police says, that day before dawn, the one place of a bomb in Bangkok north city rendezvous explodes, the person that cause two display one's strength gets hurt. Blast of additionally two detonate happens before midnight, the dragon that the place is located in downtown respectively wraps around element of mayor of the Bangkok before the Buddhist nun is mixed near the park inside the abode of the Batela in handkerchief of female Pan · . Su Kunpan is opposition democracy partisans. 14 days of late nights, leader of the Democratic Party A wraps around true private dwelling place makes a surprise attack by explosion, a doubt is like bomb to explode outside the building.

Flower pull reiterate

Won't resign

Initiate by the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force " block Bangkok " the action enters the 5th day 17 days. Opposition continues occupational Bangkok few points is main crossing, begin to surround at the same time additional few points government sector. Element is stuck ever expressed, "Block Bangkok " the action will last to guard government nonofficeholding, postpone general election, comprehensive reform appeal to get contented. Guard government prime minister flower pull 15 days to express, general election will be held a

s scheduled on Feburary 2. Flower pull 17 days to reiterate won't resign.

According to the United States " wall street daily " report, the political crisis of Thailand capital upgrades further. Already about 40 countries give out travel caution to native citizen recently, the demonstrate ground that appeals native citizen does not head for Thailand capital is nodded. (in Xinhua News Agency new)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Source of message of government of 7 days of cite reports news service of combination of Korea of report of Xinhua News Agency, han Meijun just will comprise unit of operation of an ex

traordinary combination to attend this lunar the middle ten days of a month to begin " second raises free bodyguard " associated a sham battle, maneuver general with " what explore and destroy Korea is large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon " for fictitious target.

"Will come 26 days on August 16 ' second raises free bodyguard ' in combining practice, korea and United States carry out unit of operation of combination of have the aid of fictitious with actual combat maneuver. " a governmental official that does not wish to publish a full name says, name of formal already coronal is unit of operation of this one combination " go large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon to combine operation unit " .

"Second raises free bodyguard " the joint military exercise is Han Mei two army routine year maneuver, but the main form of previous practice is computer simulation maneuver, by Hanmei associated headquarters directs both sides platform of computer of have the aid of of each arm of services fights in coordination. Maneuver has clearly this year " actual combat maneuver " .

Press the view of this Korea official, in fictitious maneuver, bilateral army explores combination fixed position " of Korea large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon " , expedite army to destroy these weapon; to be in actual combat maneuver after that, how does associated operation unit locate drilling, destroy, remove, carry large-scale kill and wound the specific content such as sexual weapon.

"Maneuver imitate falls in emergency, associated operation unit suffers life fixed position to affirm Korea production is mass the establishment that kills and wound sexual weapon, divide a pace to destroy these weapons. " the word of this official reports quote of Han couple

t company.

Associated operation unit weaves 350 people, both sides expedites an unit is American army respectively headquarters of the 20th safeguard and Korea nucleus, chemistry and biology defence headquarters.

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