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In report will occupy new network on March 19 outside intermediary report, 19 days, management center of circumstance of crisis of country of Russia emergency department expresses, before humani

tarian motorcade already set out, emergency department goes to a Ba Si area, still include the car of the Red Cross among them.

The message says, muscovite time before dawn 4 when, motorcade holds husband city Du Sike in the palm to come to help from Ross the center sets out, advancing to border land line at present.

The report says, relief car team includes more than 170 car, carry more than tons of 1900 humanitarian rescuing goods and materials. Have among them sow material, food, medicines and chemical reagents, necessaries of life, rehabilitate to be destroyed what establishment needs book of building materials, education and the campaign that for Lugansike city college and middle and primary school plan city and Duniecike.

Car of branch of Moscow of Russia Red Cross joins emergency department motorcade first, for Dubaside the area carries commissariat and medical treatment things. Before reaching border land line, motorcade is cent two groups: One group heads for Lu pleasant Si Kezhou, one group heads for a N

ie Ci Kezhou.

From August 2014 the middle ten days of a month rises, the humanitarian rescuing goods and materials that Ci Kezhou's dweller offers Si Kezhou of pleasant of Xiang Lu of Russia emergency department and Du Nie already exceeded 25000 tons.

(Original title: Ba Si area pauses toward Wu Kelan before Russia sends humane rescuing motorcade once more)



"London is a top-ranking city, regrettablly by second-class national institute be a burden on. " Londoner says for fun. As country of Yu Ying of London economy be far ahead other area, more or less does this fun have some of reason. Many scholars and politician are bolder the appeal: Make London independent! This at it or England is other city, it is a kind of disengagement probably.

If do not have London, england must take a pain at first. "The first day compares former end 20 billion pound. " Telafusi says learned man of London plutonomy courtyard. Long-term and theory, other city will cast off England eventually the shadow of London, find oneself development pattern. For instance, birmingham of large industry city is apart from London to be less than 200 kilometers, make new capital of England probably.

Yearn for " solo flight "

London develops must internationalization talent, however policy of visa of suffer from England cannot recruit person of outstanding ability. · makes an appointment with mayor Boris writing abdicate requests a parliament accordingly, give London city hall to sign and issue " phenom " the prerogative of visa, at

tract world top-ranking person with ability to come this does poineering work. Boris returns a request, let London enjoy more taxation and finance to counterpoise independently, collect duty of municipal duty, real estate of stamp duty, commerce and house property value added tax to wait independently.

Current, the income of 3/4 comes from London administration allocates funds, can receive access to estimate finite municipal tax only. Compare to it, the own advantageous position of Tokyo and new York is gotten greatly much, can a variety of duty such as collection house property, sale and income.

Ken Livingston of mayor of old rival of Boris, predecessor is more radical, think London is necessary to become an independent state. "If do not become the urban state that becomes independent completely for, london can miss good opportunity. " he says.

Cloggy development?

People thinks, capital seem power station, can drive countrywide development. However, the economy of London drives action to be confined to less than of M25 of highway of its outer shroud. More of flooey is, as a result of the existence of London, england is other the economic go from bad to worse of the area.

"London is more powerful, the policy that sucks, capital, lien and resource are more. " controller of Birmingham city parliament rests this say. The railroad of HS2 high speed that builds in order to draft is exemple, this railroad mixes join London, Birmingham Mancunian, benefit reachs city of numerous England north. However, always express to object however with the politician with preferential London. They say, as gigantic as its denounce endowment build a such tall i

ron, be inferior to London the airport adds Xisailuo the 3rd runway.

□ number

Came 2007 during 2011, the economic growth of London is adjacent 12.5% , specific gravity is occupied to come from 20.7% litres in British economy 21.9% . The gross domestic product of London is as high as 300 billion pound, comparative with Sweden, exceed Denmark and Belgium, if independent can calls the world system of the 7th old economy.

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show

fontal state fi
lling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

Land of American the first to be appointed to an office installs whole head of a department: Network assault is global menace and challenge

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ot find appropriate text content.


Burmese one of the biggest media groups -- " Eleven media group " the message is published 4 days to say on its news website, according to Burmese police a senior official is announced, stem from safe problem consideration, in Burmese Qin Bangde wood presses down 8 Chinese that be arrested before this, the jail of Ao He cloth that already covered with tiles from unconscious Yo jail move is saved to Mandele. These 8 Chinese are suspected of possessing a weapon illegally.

Criminal of Burmese police total arrange investigates bureau superintendent Cheng Wen to say, on April 25 before dawn 4 when 20 minutes, one comes from Burmese northwest ministry to block an examination guard outside pulling the car that hauls an area to sail Guo Demu is pressed down, safe examination staff ever asked the driver jockeys. Before dawn 4 when 35 minutes, this car is intercepted and capture in the checkpoint outside another town. Subsequently, the ferret on the Chinese body that Burmese and safe personnel is arrested from 8 8 a dagger of 3 the 5 31 bullet of 8 small-sized weapons, 1860 hair, grenade, interphone, Burmese map that tags Chinese 1 times, for military use, mobile phone, military uniforms and 1. Explain to the police according to the driver, they are called mark in Koekant area at that time inferior martial training attends in special village. The report says, suspect of these 8 China killed an officer in training camp, leaving to train the car inside battalion to escape next.

At first, these 8 Chinese are locked up to be in Burmese unconscious Yo made of baked clay jail, extraordinary combination investigated a group to undertake interrogating to them. Cheng Wen still expresses, the prison of Ao He cloth that these people already were visited to Mandele by move now, because consider they are foreigners, move can be them to provide comprehensive and safe safeguard to jail of abstruse conspicuous cloth, ensure the trial works continuity. To interrogate suspect of these 8 China, the extraordinary combination that Burmese police has es

tablished to investigate police officer of police station of ministry, military police, district and local official composition by special information department, criminal surveys a group. Superintendent Cheng Wen expresses, current and Burmese be to these China according to immigration laws book suspect undertakes accusing. In last few days, panel of extraordinary combination investigation is investigating this to have the case that involves a Chinese to attend a military affairs to train all the time.

" round-the-world times " the reporter calls China 5 days to be stationed in Burmese embassy, have an inquiry with respect to this matter. Diplomatic mission impetuouses the gentleman says, they had noticed the Burmese media relevant coverage to this matter, and already communicated with the relevant section such as Burmese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hope checks the cause and effect of the identity o

f these people and whole episode, but at present remote just did not give out to reply clearly.


 Plane of Ma Hang MH17 is in Russia Wu Kelan border land by down sketch map

Vietnam river static province because worker of many 300 China disobeys emigrant byelaw to fine

 Defend oneself of collective of lift a ban of the protest before Japanese citizen collects premier official mansions counterpoises (graph)

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