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魔都新茶论坛Nigeria capital produces event of car bomb explosion 12 people die on the spot


 The U.S. Army says to won't enter war of meridian Diaoyu Island because conflict is very dangerous!

 Conference of parliament of legislation of state of dominant of Thailand military goverment elects parliamentary chairman

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senil

e living

The net austral Fujian rolls

out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state fillin

g career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, prom
otion provide for the aged is taken


The findings that orgnaization of Chile public opinion poll releases 29 days shows, candidate of election

of next month president, before support leads female president Michelle Baqielaite to precede considerably, hopeful is elected again.

Chile holds presidential election on November 17. Civilian attune orgnaization " public r

esearch center " release a report to say, if presidential election is in this weekday, will hold on November 3 namely, the investigation object of 47% will poll Baqielaite, candidate of political party of 14% choices right wing Aiweilin Matai, candidate of 10% choices independence Folangge Palixi. Baqielaite came to took up the post of female president of Chile first place 2010 2006.

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Prime minister of peaceful guard government flower pull 21 days to publish televised speech to say, what what produced after general election on

Feburary 2, 2014 is new a government, will be in charge of establishing politics of a people to reform committee, in order to push each reform of this country.

Flower pull say, the government had listened to the guard of her leader to come out from a few forum, the opinion that asks to this country the many levels such as politics, society, economy undertake reform; But guard government also needs to uphold constitution and law, because this is reformed relevantly,can be advanced only by parliament and administrative mechanism.

Flower pull say, because of this, she appeals all contend leave the political party of election of commons of a congress, need to agree to establish politics of a people to reform committee after choose, in order to support the reform of this country, come down certainly with contracted form.

Flower pull say, this committee also can call Thailand reform committee, be in charge of this matters concerned by a government that produced after general election on Feburary 2, 2014, this committee will complete the program that this country reforms each with two years of time. Flower pull say, the member of this committee will wait for all circles by organization of etc of each professional group, law, political party other delegate composition.

Oppose governmental group requirement flower is pulled resign the position of caretaker cabinet premier, activity that suspends general election process did not end because of this. Peaceful opposes governmental group " monarchy leaves commission of people of complete and democratic system " offer of spokesman Yi Jia says 21 days, this group will initiate this country 22 days the most large-scale on the history turn over a government to protest demonstrate activity, predict to will 2 million enter the remonstrant demonstrate activity that day to 3 million proponent.

Yi armour offer says, 22 days of this groups will win in Bangkok field of Luo An of monumental, Xian, grand wraps around 5 places such as park and crossing of Le Ba Song establish the Buddhist nun assembly advocate assembly room, as additional as Bangkok echo each other at a distance of assembly of 10 main viatic.

Committee of Thailand home human rights published a statement that includes 3 content 21 days, statement turns over the remonstrant demonstrate activity that governmental group will hold to express to be deeply concerned to 22 days, state the ap

peal protests group leader and guard government do his utmost to prevent the happening of violent incident.

This statement appeals " monarchy leaves commission of people of complete and democratic system " group and other turn over governmental organization, its protest demonstrate activity must undertake with peaceful means; Guard government also needs the person that taboo armed strength meets put on a show of force, ensure demonstrate person safe.

Login register Beijing of general of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to appear personally the Russia in facilitating revive - do 35 opportunity for combat trade in does square requirement undertake the technology revises origin: ? Comfort?2014-10-22 09:5 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel

Reference news net will report on October 22, taichun end company cite is newest on October 21 first phase Canada " Chinese comment on with matters pertaining to defense " monthly magazine report says, russia and mainland already basically reached Russian direction mainland to sell revive - the agreement of 35 opportunity for combat.

Report personage of authority of group of industry of quote Russia avia

tion says, revive - the job of mainland of exit of 35 opportunity for combat by two countries top leader personally bother about, decision, the duty of Su Huoyi design department just fulfils the requirement that two countries head raises, negotiate quickly just.

General Beijing appears personally the Russia in facilitating revive - 35 opportunity for combat trade

The martial technology between the Russia in analysing a personage to think communicates, had bought equipment and technology to Russia from past China, to in Russia combines change of research and development.

According to the report, all obstacles one by one is solved, bargaining appears personally by Russian president office

and him president directly harmonious, what undertake at present is concentrated technical issue negotiation only.

The report expresses, beijing of general of Russian square expectation will visit Beijing in November when, revive - 35 problems can have a better breakthrough.

Allegedly, revive - the concentrated negotiation such as 35 trading basic technology issues, price will be knocked already basically later in July calm, the respect expresses to understand to the price, because they understand revive - 35 it is brand-new opportunity for combat.

The report points out, revive - 35 achieve airframe material to use brand-new technology from system of cable of engine, boat, thunder, with revive - 27 fine long hair have nothing to do is. In the negotiation, mainland respect still asks to be opposite revive - 35 undertake the technology is revised, the test with these modification new need, research.

Mainland respect hopes to be in revive - the weapon system that mainland design uses on 35S opportunity for combat and system of partial boat cable, this means Russia to must be adjusted revive - of 35 outside rack. But whole to any fine canzonet of plane pneumatic appearance, need to have many test, trial flight, also need to create archetypal opportunity above all, this needs a large number of time.

Also accordingly, russia ever suggested mainland respect is imported first revive - 35 try to reform again, but entrance of the ability after mainland respect asks to reform, receive.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Login register female soldier of heart of Er of library of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to play beat back when the person " Mohammedan country " is peace dead: of undeserved captive origin? Asinine hub?2014-10-07 17:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

The crucial battleground that according to north of Syria of report of Xinhua News Agency regular professional training of border land town of military importance becomes counteractive extreme to organize Mohammedan country. The fierce of library Er heart that guarding regular professional training has many female soldiers in outfit, the extreme that their dare to die resists military strength and firepower hold a dominant position arms, not hesitate even take oneself to be played when the person, with enemy perish together.

Female soldiers of library Er heart Jieyilanezaerpu (in) with her 6 female comrade-in-armses are in beat back sacrifices in the battle of Mohammedan country.

Peaceful dead undeserved captive

Regular professional training is Syria ground of inhabit a region of person of heart of Er of the 3rd old warehouse, the city zone is apart from Turkey border to have many meters 200 only. Martial analyst says, if Mohammedan country is occupational here, be as long as control the border zone of 200 kilometers, permeate to the Turkey of Eurasia of over or across then.

Mount of Mohammedan country military launchs attack 16 days month. The Sinahexin in heart of local official Yi tells Afp the reporter, the enemy is apart from the city zone to have one kilometer only recently.

Person of library Er heart did not abandon resistance. Syrian authority observes the organization is in charge of Lamingabodulelaheman to say, female soldier of heart of Er of a library is right regular professional training east outskirt manages Mohammedan country position launchs suicidal type assault, to the extreme that gathering armed personnel cast counts a grenade, detonate dynamite subsequently, with enemy perish together.

Place's semiofficial free media alliance is in charge of Musidafabali to tell heart new company the reporter, this young female soldier calls Alinmierjin, it is Kuerde one when people protects army to be in place gets military thing. This is to first the path of female soldier of library Er heart with its person still studies the body of its person.

It is two days ago, female soldier Jieyilanezaerpu of 19 years old and 6 female comrade-in-armses encounter around regular professional training ambush, the comrade-in-arms sacrifices in succession, her ammo is spent, in Mohammedan country armed personnel is surrounded oneself left last bullet when coming up.

Not do one's best of allied forces air attack

Although not be afraid of sacrifice, but the Kuerde of regular professional training arms to break Mohammedan country to arm feebly continuously near 3 weeks surround. Besides musket, they can use the rocket with not much amount to to aid the bombard that chooses shrapnel backstroke enemy only. They mix the tractor a few agricultural and mechanical change their costume or dress panzer, the Russia machine gun with vintage mount. And the extreme arms have from Iraq over there governmental army the beautiful type tank of capture and equipment of other beauty type, military strength exceeds Kuerde to arm greatly.

Of American dominant return Mohammedan country the month on international combination alignment strengthens pair of regular professional training since 24 days the air attack of around area, but fail to prevent extreme armed offensive. Abodulelaheman says, allied forces is opposite 4 days late armed position starts Mohammedan country 7 times air attack, deferred extreme armed to advance.

However, according to the view of laborious of conspicuous of local officer pay, rely on air attack to be able to 't hold back Mohammedan country to attack only. He complains say, air attack and library Er heart arm in the ground fight lack is harmonious.

Dorp falls into adversary mostly all round reg

ular professional training, heretofore already had cross the boundary illegally of dweller of 186 thousand place to escape toward Turkey to avoid chaos caused by war. A few civilian have not enough time flee from a calamity, suffer massacre.

" daily Post " say, if regular professional training a few day hind are fallen, united States flower will face one pile problem, the strategy that people can suspect active blow Mohammedan country whether be successful. Just, that is too late to the dweller of regular professional training.

15 years old of girls are ab

out to go to France appraise attends a war by arrest

According to France of report of Xinhua News Agency the extreme is joined to arm toward Syria before 15 years old of girls want the name, 5 days are detained by French police.

The girl is called Axiya to surpass Yi Di, run away from home before. An understanding investigates evolutional person to tell Afp the reporter, a Xiya's parents is in 4 days late (city of French south haven) Marseilles finds her inside a bar near one place station, she had worked a few days over.

According to check side argument, investigation personnel discovers an account that registers with anonym on gregarious website types of facial makeup in operas, show Axiya plans to leave France clearly, (Head for Syria) join an extreme to arm.

Nevertheless, because the bank of theft parents gets stuck, a Xiya is detained by police.

This one incident causes attention in France. Afp report, show level, have citizen of about 930 France or dweller according to the letter, include at least 60 women among them, the extreme that already joined Iraq and Syria arms a group of people of same interest or planning to head for.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 魔都新茶论坛Canadian Toronto is greeted today 80 airliners already cancelled heavy snow of wintry head field


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