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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Aobama: Will be the United States built eradicate: of origin of mode of success of ISIS duplicate Somalia extensively federally? Be not?2014-09-12 10:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Aobama says I do a president to have a core principle: If dare minatory United States, you will not find safety Elysian.

This is a very wonderful hour in lieutenancy of abstruse Ba Ma, the United States " times " the gold time TV that weekly described a president 10 days to be published to all countryman late so yesterday delivers a speech. Be in when in the speech that grows inadequacy 15 minutes, aobama delivered two big news to American general is weakened and destroy ISIS(finally to American brethrens Mohammedan country) , be this to will carry out United States of air attack; in Syrian churchyard is world leader as before, go up than the earth other any countries have more to future accuse force.

Although Aobama emphasizes unprecedented to the country confidence again and again, but be admired no matter or feel disgusted the person that he stirs expression is clear, a new war is awaiting middle east the United States, although Aobamarenman leaves off his post, this war won't stop probably also.

After Aobama delivers a speech, united States Congress shows the solidarity that gives fixed rate, but still put censure, on public opinion field also the speech that somebody criticizes him does not have content, rare like congee. Push as to force of abstruse Ba Ma turn over ISIS whole world affined, in gram of Secretary of State in bay of sand spy hale the country joins league 11 days. An important fact is, distributed news dispatches last night up to our newspaper, ISIS has not make a response to new strategy of Aobama.

On September 11, the 9 11 event that presidential Aobama attends the United States to be held outside the White House grieves over 13 years ceremony.

10 days of evening, broadcasting in Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation " American Da Renxiu " be interrupted suddenly, aobama appeared to express the face with earnest sentiment in TV appearance. The gold time TV that this Aobama does not see more inside lieutenancy delivers a speech, the theme is to want American people to believe, we will combine ally, weaken and destroy Mohammedan state finally.

The American brethrens with me begin, with wishing god blesses our army, wish god bles

ses American ending, the TV show that Aobama is not worth 15 minutes is regarded as his by American media inside lieutenancy most speech of the United States. Aobama is answered first in the speech narrated the history that fears instead, kill pull the honor that ascend, nod success of cleared and horrible head surely in Yemen and Somalia, in order to prove the United States becomes safer. Subsequently he aims spearhead ISIS, the menace that says American instantly is the biggest comes from the extremely Mohammedan creed at middle east and North Africa, ISIS is among them one of. He condemns Mohammedan country both neither is belonged to Mohammedan, also not be a country, however bloody and atrocious organize to unapproachable horror.

I do a president to have a core principle: If dare minatory United States, you will not find safety Elysian, in the speech, aobama said a lot of unlike the good word of his style, affirmatory United States will answer menace with force and determination, and the United States won't go alone, should build however extensive affined. To eradicate ISIS cancer, aobama is affirmatory in Iraq and Syria churchyard spreads out systematization air attack to pull a gram to expedite 475 martial personnel, Xiang Yi again through Xiang Yi governmental army and Kuerde arm offer a military affairs training, information, if cut off ISIS financing source, prevent its ideological conduct propaganda, prevent foreign armed element to swarm into the; such as this area finally, the United States will provide humanitarian support to the innocent civilian that because ISIS is minatory,loses home.


is is our strategy, aobama says in the speech, eradicate ISIS cancer to need time, but American people wants to believe, this war and war of Iraq and Afghanistan are different, american ground armed forces won't set foot on foreign territory, the United States can duplicate the success in Yemen and Somalia.

Rely on a speech to be able to not talk to go up only what strategy, 10 days of evening, accept of rich of prolocutor of Boule of republic party membership is opposite oratorical regard as of Aobama oneself are corrected wrongly. He says, the president changed the negligence that browbeats to ISIS before, he did this country to need the thing that he does at long last: Destroy this horrible menace to need decisive action, and the first class important matter that it must be the United States and free world. But the president still has a lot of problems to did not reply, use for instance why to plant means launchs the operation that he says. Assemblyman of other and republic party is to say the president faces reality eventually mostly, the martial action that returns somebody to emphasize Aobama must receive congress authorization.

[round-the-world times is stationed in Li Bo of reporter of engage by special arrangement of specially appointed of the United States, Germany Yaqingmu is round-the-world Chen Yi of foreign Liu Yupeng of Liu of times reporter Liu Chang]

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 Equestrian official: The plane is in the most likely China and border land of Si Sitan of auspicious Er auspicious


Xinhua net Washington on October 2 report (Zhou Erjie of reporter Yi Aijun) American government announces 2 days, beautiful Founder is adopting arrange inflict part to cancel to already carried out those who be as long as 30 years to kill and wound sexual weapon to sell a ban to Vietnam.

Pusaji of spokesman of American the State Council says on routine press conference, the told to visit that day Vietnam Vice Prime Minister in gram of Secretary of State holds Fan Pingming of minister of foreign affairs concurrently, beautiful the State Council is taking step, will make over the national defence things related to maritime safety in order to allow to Vietnam henceforth.

Pusaji says: Vietnam of support of this one policy is mixed to promote its capability of maritime space early-warning the effort that place of maritime and safe ability takes. Examine minutely in media below, she says the United States is cancelling to sell a ban to the weapon of Vietnam.

Fan Pingming learns to publish in new York Asia a fe

w days ago say when the speech, in view of jump over the United States to already realized relation normalization near 20 years, and two countries concerns at buildin
g comprehensive associate 2013, the weapon sale ban that still maintains pair of Vietnam is abnormal.