Ex- All-Star Lenny Dykstra denies theft allegations from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex-girlfriend

Baseball Lenny Dykstra, a former Met and three-time All-Star with the Phillies, denied allegations that he stole high-end jewelry from porn star Brett Rossi.Rossi, an ex-girlfriend of actor Charlie Sheen, told TMZ that Dykstra stole jewelry that she gave him to sell. When she heard of Dykstra’s denial she told the New York Daily News that he was “a f—ing liar.” MORE: Each team's most infamous moment | Sheen offers stupid advice to Josh HamiltonAccording to Rossi, Dykstra took her jewelry and ignored text messages from her regarding the sale of her items. She said he eventually returned a set of platinum and diamond earrings to her, but the items were fake. "He's a f—ing lia

r. I never trash anybody, but when you f— with me, that's bulls—. I have all the text messages to prove it,” Rossi said, adding she thinks Dykstra sold her items and kept the money.Rossi said she plans to take Dykstra to court, which isn’t an unfamiliar place to the former center fielder. Dykstra, 52, has filed for bankruptcy twice since retiring and served more than six months in prison on grand theft auto and identity theft charges.  Rossi claims she “never had a romantic link,” to which Dykstra added “dating porn stars is not my style." "It sounds like a desperate porn star trying to get attention," Dykstra said. "Once a porn star, always a porn star. It's so ridiculous it's not worth a comment. (Rossi) should have tried to get someone with money."

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