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Compere Lao Chunyan:

Audience friend everybody is good, the welcome watchs news channel to be in of direct seeding " round-the-world line of sight " , I am Lao Chunyan.

Report according to Philippine media, philippine the island is believed in the cost of The Nansha Islands. Philippine call the 2nd structure that Padage builds on the island be about to complete.

According to the report, building a structure is to let the garrison on the island avoid harsh weather. And once complete is new building general and humble are naval, the another establishment that builds to defend Nanhai army is formed complementary.

Media says, do not decrease in Nanhai problem temperature now, philippine this action is profitless oil is irrigated on sea get angry then.

Today, we also invite news analyst of engage by special arrangement Mr Yin Zhuo, still Mr Song Xiaojun pays close attention to this problem at the same place. We have a look

at the island that expend a letter together through the map of a homeland first its situation. Guide please sow us to be put on big screen.

The island that expend a letter it is the north in Na Sha. It is 0.04 square kilometer probably, philippine the Nanhai altogether in us was to take 9 islands, the is

land that expend a letter is the area ranks the 6th, was 1970 when by occupational.

Good, two experts should be consulted here, why Philippine should be thing of the Xiu Jun on the island believed to build in cost?

Commenting on: Phenanthrene believes an island to build martial base in my Nanhai cost

Expert viewpoint: Construction expends the intent that believe an island to have an exclusive economic zone

Yin Zhuo Te briefs news analyst:

Cost believes an island, its excuse is for block wind of course take shelter from rain, the army is stationed in an island for it can block wind take shelter from rain. Of course, the army that be stationed in an island is forcibly occupy our insular reef. But, it is to have a main purpose, it is he should make this island can inhabited, inhabited be in " law of nations " what sense is there? " treaty of U.N. ocean law " specific provision, if an island child cannot of backer live, it is to cannot delimit of the exclusive economic zone, you can delimit only of 12 sea mile overlook the lake, can delimit area of Campagna of 12 sea mile, but you cannot delimit exclusive economic zone.

Alleged delimit of the exclusive economic zone must be the island that forms naturally, and what the mankind can maintain on the island is normal live, in the meantime, it still maintains development conditionally. Developing a condition of course is then it how be evaluated is OK to how be evaluated, I have a fisherman to live to also can make a development here, but above can normal live, this is one of essential conditions. Accordingly, it makes a few fabrics, alleged block wind take shelter from rain, it will say me henceforth this island is inhabited.

If fruit is true " law of nations " sentence it, or itself forcibly occupy, after forcibly occupy, he can delimit exclusive economic zone, otherwise, it cannot form an exclusive economic zone quite.

Lao Chunyan:

So, philippine present strategic intent may do not have it apparently what claim...

Yin Zhuo:

So simple.

Lao Chunyan:

It is to keep out wind and rain to garrison merely so simple.

Yin Zhuo:


Lao Chunyan:

Already two buildings went up in this island now. At the outset, philippine be with a kind what kind of means is occupational of flight island?

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Login register the month on United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of tall origin of innovation of rate of suicide of suicide of 32 army soldiers? Salary  ?2011-08-15 09:37 Http://www.mnw.cn/

American army announced 6 days 11 days to be in Afghanistan because helicopter the head portrait of 30 U.S. Army soldiers of by down be killed in battle.

Release newest statistic number to show according to army of United States of report of Xinhua News Agency, there are 32 soldiers to commit suicide in July, achieve Chan Yuexin is tall since beginning to release statistic 2009 oneself.

" Washington Post " report of number of 13 days of cite, in 32 people, 22 people are active service soldier, additionally 10 people are preliminary battle soldier. These soldier suicide are specific the reason is not clear. Officer of a few army says, investigating.

"Every suicide incident represents Thespian loss, " army deputy chief of staff Peter Jiyaleili says in a written statement, "Number of potential in July suicide is much, make a person de

pressed. The effort that we believe us... can produce positive effect. The effort that we believe us... can produce positive effect..

Jiyaleili introduces, go a few years, the army takes all sorts of step hard all the time, help soldier answers problem of sequela of pressure insecurity, war and individual life to wait, with period lower suicidal rate.

Press " Washington Post " view, these effort appear to change significantly without generation. Before this year 7 months, army about 160 active service comm

it suicide with preliminary battle soldier. This one word and mixed 2009 the corresponding period comparatived 2010.

Army is previous only month is highest suicidal record was June 2010, 31 soldiers commit suicide.

Additional, although American navy did not issue number of only month suicide, but year of suicide rate of its statistic and army comparative.

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: The children since domestic head rides by the 2017-09-15 that shares case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping leads and drive fact of Jiang Junxing military discipline weather forecast of the observatory central: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have go to Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of rainstorm 2017-09-18 news greatly Xiamen

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Be in Philippine " 823 " hostage incident a year of eve, aidewenlaxieerda of Philippine president spokesman makes a statement, express to sympathize with and express sympathy and solicitude for to Hong Kong people and victim family member again.

A series of improvement that what Laxieerda listed phenanthrene government to be adopted in the place after hostage incident in statement measure, assure those who avoid similar incident to happen again. On compensatory problem, government of his promise humble will give incident medium victim " reasonable compensation " .

22 days afternoon, die at one's post the maternal group of Xie Tingjun of viatic round the leader of a sports team is gone to before 7 people phenanthrene judiciary and humble attorney general Lai pulls heart Lima to meet, apology of requirement humble government, find out responsibility and compensation.

Heart Lima says: "We greet this with the mood of deep feeling of grief hard the tragic anniversary the anniversary of the death of a parent of dismiss from one's mind. I believe, body and mind of relative of the person that this tragedy gives survival and die in an accident certainly brings infinite pain, also make Philippine be immersed in awkward condition and draw countless criticism.

She assures to hostage victim relative, philippine government will let similar incident happen again absolutely henceforth. She says, come one year, phenanthrene government adopted a series of arrange inflict to assure the safety of foreign tourist, force of phenanthrene state police also rose to answer the ability of sudden incident.

Before interviewing, heart Lima says to media, she will introduce phenanthrene to undertake to person of hostage incident responsibility administrative judicatory handles the process of the circumstance to hostage incident relative, express to be willing to listen the question that place of hostage incident relative is deeply concerned.

22 days morning, will poor hostage incident relative and survival hold media to meet in Manila Santiago castle meeting. This tragic survival Li Ying selects to say on the meeting: "We come again Philippine, the person that should be die in an accident namely promotes justice, let Philippine government know, we are very furious still. " she says, they furious, because phenanthrene government is not right still,be the responsibility person of this incident undertakes condemnatory. She says, come one year, we never receive phenanthrene government to sho

w any phones of the apology or letter to this incident.

She and mother get flesh wound in hostage incident. She says: "We are this calamity is lucky person. What we endure with die in an accident person what doesn't photograph comparing calculate with other hostage. " but she says again, she and mother come one year often nightmare is

ceaseless, as if hear report of a gun, the remains of the person that see die in an accident for a political incident.

Die at one's post the bitter experience that the elder brother Xie Zhijian of Xie Tingjun of Hong Kong the leader of a sports team described a year to come in ground of the in a tearful voice on the press conference. He says: "The hurt person in hostage incident still is bearing body and mind to suffer, victim relative still is enmeshed in the anguish that loses a dear one. We are fear of come to Manila, because the horrible experience of our family member begins from here. But, the person that we must be my brother and other die in an accident again promotes justice. The person that we must be my brother and other die in an accident again promotes justice..

Xie Zhijian arrives at Manila 21 days late all right, china is stationed in Philippine embassy to send a person to receive machine, china is stationed in phenanthrene ambassador Liu Jianchao to arrive hotel and family member meeting, state embassy will cooperate them as far as possible, hope if they have need, put forward to embassy.

On August 23, 2010, the visitor of 21 Hong Kong that takes bus of a travel and the leader of a sports team hold a gun in Manila downtown by kidnapper is hijacked. After confronting each other through about 11 hours, police rescue operation fails, cause death of tourist of 8 Hong Kong, 7 people are injured.

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Login where do registering Malaysia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to lose couplet plane disappear? Why is the airliner missing? Origin: ? Lv rips net of charming? future integrated 2014-03-08 16:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Ma Hang MH370 breaks morning of couplet airliner Yuling 1 when in Vietnam 20 minutes division of Hu Zhiming control breaks couplet. This machine did not establish contact with branch of our country control all the time or enter our country sky to run information division. The case sees airliner of Malaysia aviation MH370 be missing related the basis area is mixed in Xian Luo Wan the maritime space between Southern China.

Malaysia aviation breaks couplet airliner to may be missing area

Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet airliner Yu Lingchen 1 when in Vietnam 20 minutes division of Hu Zhiming control breaks couplet. This machine did not establish contact with branch of our country control all the time or enter our country sky to run information division. The case sees airliner of Malaysia aviation MH370 be missing related the basis area is mixed in Xian Luo Wan the maritime space between Southern China.

Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet to the airliner did not establish contact with branch of our country control all the time or enter our country sky to provide information reporter of area Xinhua News Agency is in charge of bureau understanding to arrive for nothing from Chinese civil aviation bureau, this machine 01:20 in Hu Zhiming control division loses communication contact with control branch, lose radar signal at the same time.

Why can the plane disappear respondent engine trouble or cut off the power

When civil aviaton plane is executing flight mission, the respondent opportunity transmit on the plane reports his flight position, height, rate to ground control personnel at any time. Before every airliner takes off, besides the airliner order that executes oneself, still can assign code of a respondent aircraft, represent this to wear a plane. After entering the space, the signal that 2 radar of the ground can transmit through respondent machine searchs this to wear a plane. Malaysia is missing the plane is in 2:4When 1 dispenses ground loses connection, 2 times for the ground radar cannot intercept and capture respondent machine signal, disappear from radar screen thereby. And sina aviation seeks advice to Boeing plane pilot be informed, respondent machine does not have signal on the plane, or air man shuts respondent engine independently, respondent engine trouble perhaps flies to or report of act on one's own judgment in an emergency. But he is analysed, possibility of before one kind of circumstance is very little. Air man won't shut respondent engine actively. In addition, respondent mechanism shuts even if, the primary radar of the ground still can search a plane. Consequently, the largest possibility is respondent engine trouble or other breakdown causes the aircraft respondent engine trouble cannot send signal.

Why was air man contacted with the ground all the time

The plane is in flight process, if encounter respondent engine trouble or radar cannot be explored, connect regular meeting to get in touch through radio and ground control. But MH370 airliner air man is in after losing radar to contact, also not radio connection. Sina aviation seeks advice from Boeing plane pilot to express, if the plane encounters special emergency, can be too busy likely personnel of ground of attend to announcement. For instance, 2009 law boat 447 airliners aviation accident, air man fails to inform the ground, drop finally into Atlantic.

Plane whether crash?

What plane and co

mmon vehicle differ is, the airlines flies in the sky, although the plane does not have breakdown to fly normally, because what carry the restriction of fuel,maintain a flight impossibly also all the time. Disappear in the plane after 10 hours, airlines of very large possibility has not flown in sky. And if the plane descends normally, wh whichever airport can report a news, is not to lose connection. And look according to the position that disappears finally, the plane is at that time on Nanhai empty. Consequently, the circumstance with best plane is in the crash on offing, worst possibility is plane dropping sea.

Whether can the plane encounter horrible assault

According to air man introduction, since 911 incident later, the whole world is all the door all installed plane cockpit ballproof equipment, common handgun all cannot be destroyed open cockpit door. If the plane encounters horror is hijac

ked, terrorist is in before entering cockpit, air man has enough time to be reported to the ground, additionally respondent machine maintains open position, the plane also won't disappear from radar screen suddenly. Analyse accordingly, the possibility of plane of horrible assault civil aviaton is very little. (civil / Chen Cheng)

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Ma Hang announces accident plane waybill and citizenship detail: 154 Chinese

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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