If a man's zipper breaks at church, what might he use to cover it up?

According to Cha

rles Barkley — a child. 

The former NBA star blurted out the bizarre answer during an appearance on ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” on Sunday. 

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Barkley tried to clarify: "I meant a baby."

The answer was so surprising, Ernie Johnson Jr. hilariously tried to switch teams.

“Then he [Barkley] tried to fix it!” said host Steve Harvey. "Oh God, this is on YouTube. You know what’s crazy? It’s probably gonna be up there, though. Somebody’s child!”

Harvey was right, when the answer "person" was revealed, Barkley was awarded points. 

“I told you yes, ‘person’ sounds better,” said Harvey. “Child? Baby? Damn, Chuck."