Nutrition of dish of microwave oven evaporate does dish of microwave oven evaporate build top

Dish of microwave oven evaporate is us a lot of people had been done, course of microwave oven evaporate is especially other also convenient, so nutrition of dish of microwave oven evaporate, does dish of microwave oven evaporate build top, look together below.

Nutrition of dish of microwave oven evaporate?

Hold out nutrition. When using food of microwave oven evaporate, microwave oven is in encapsulated situation, the nutrient composition in food is general can somewhat prediction of a person's luck in a given year, nutrition still is put in staying in food, hold out nutrition with dish of microwave oven evaporate so.

Does dish of microwave oven evaporate build top

Suggest to be not built. ?

1, when heating, microwave oven needs roll commonly, be like the word of the cap on operculum, may make cap drops in roll, bring damage to microwave oven. ?

2, if be built when heat,went up cap, may make temperature of inside and outside not all, incidental explosion is dangerous. ?

3, major cap is the cap with plastic qualitative material, and the cap with these plastic qualitative material is commonly cannot the cap that high temperature heats, if heating the cap on alimental moment lid, may make food is polluted, adverse to human body health.

The method of dish of microwave oven evaporate

1, will cleaned in putting recipient with the course that has cut, scatter condiment, add right amount water. ?

2, in putting the food of mix up flavour microwave oven, of mix up microwave oven heat time. ?

3, heat after the end, good evaporate food is taken out from inside microwave oven, can.

The use of microwave oven is no-no

1, avoid uses common and plastic container: The food that is heat can make plastic container is out of shape, 2 it is common and plastic meeting emits toxic substance, pollute food, endanger human body health. ?

2, avoid uses metalware: Because put the containers esp. for use in the house such as the iron inside furnace, aluminous, stainless steel, enamel, microwave oven can produce electric spark to it when heat and reflex microwave, injure body of heater to cannot heat again already food. ?

3, avoid uses close container: Heat wide mouth container should be used when the liquid, because be in,close the food inside container heats the quantity of heat of generation sends out not easily, make force of container internal pressure exorbitant, bring detonate easily to defeat an accident. ?

4, avoid uses bottleneck narrow small bottled food: Even if opened Gai Yiyin pressure and expand, bring cause ex

plosion. ?

5, avoid is put with the half bottled baby food that opened a lid completely or former bottle heat inside furnace, lest bottle burst. ?

6, every articles made of bamboo, lacquer not the container of heat-resisting, have the glasswork of concave and convex shape, all should not be use in microwave oven. ?

7, porcelain makes bowl dish cannot be set have gold, silver lacy. Use special microwave oven containers esp. for use in the house full-dress food is put into microwave oven to heat.

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