Niu Za can eat every day can pregnant woman eat Niu Za

Niu Za is by all sorts of arrogant splanchnic composition, include Niu Xin, tripe to feed capable person etc, commonner having a meal is the move that stew eats, very bright sweet, so eat Niu Za to you can have harm everyday?

Can Niu Za eat every day

Do not suggest to eat every day, value of Niu Za nutrition is very high, all sorts of mineral abound with microelement content, so healthy that normal edible does not have the person problem. But the ox is entirely inside Niu Za splanchnic, pluck means cholesterol content then tall, the person that has cardiovascular disease so does not want edible, and because the ox is miscellaneous cholesterol content is high, even if is normal person also does not suggest to eat more.

Niu Za nutrition is rich, and all sorts of nutriment are more balanced, because this eats Niu Za,have profit quite to our body. What need an attention nevertheless is Niu Za it is pluck, the cholesterol content of pluck is high, often edible has negative effect to our body. And the person that has cardiovascular disease is more unsuited eat Niu Za!

Can pregnant woman eat Niu Za

Pregnant woman can have Niu Za. Niu Za tastes not only delicate, concentrated juice flesh is sweet, it still contains rich microelement, and these microelement are human body must, pregnant woman eats the nurture that can compensatory place needs Niu Za to pledge, also be good part to the development of darling. Nevertheless, the cholesterol in Niu Za also is taller, so pregnant woman cannot eat too much, and had better eat him home to do, of street fastfood compare after all not wholesome, boil so that moment also wants to remember boiling a bit longer, such bacterial ability in Niu Za kill the harmful bacterium in Niu Za thoroughly.

How is Niu Za done delicious

Material: Bowel of bovine lung, tripe, ox, bovine pink bowel, ox is lienal wait for an ox splanchnic, light color soy, brunet soy, refined salt, brown sugar, laojiang, the face rouses sauce (or) of column Hou sauce, very light blue, garlic fine and soft, liquor, anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, cassia bark, licorice, caoguo, lilac, vegetable oil


1, Niu Za abluent, put bowl inside, add clear water, with boil of medium baking temperature, purify blood dirty, take out, reoccupy clear water washs clean;

2, had wrapped anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, cassia bark, licorice, caoguo, clove with a calico plunge into close;

3, heat of flourishing baked wheaten cake fries pan, issue oil, fine and soft of sauce of the beat that put a

face, garlic, Laojiang (beat broken) , very light blue explodes sweet, boil liquor, put clear water 2000 grams, immediately puts Niu Za and spice package, first with converting after flourishing fire boil infusion of medium baking temperature comes sodden, the Niu Za after be being made makes an appointment with 750 grams;

4, cut Niu Za with scissors agglomerate, join the bowl on thick gravy to become; namely

5, heat should be taken the advantage of when eating, lose characteristic otherwise. Can taste of according to individual adds pepper sauce or ketchup spice.

Eat Niu Za to have what profit

Very rich protein is contained inside Niu Za, nutrient value is rich be absorbed very easily by intestines and stomach again, can let healthy circumstance become better, the Buddhist nun still is contained to capture sick at heart inside it, vitamin, iron element, adipose, can rise to enrage action to the beneficial in filling, frail to the body gas blood suits very much for insufficient person, to problem of hidebound sex anaemia, also have very good improvement action, eat appropriately a few Niu Za can achieve dispel wet and the action that benefiting kidney enrages.

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