Black chicken broth very raw meat or fish does black chicken broth how to be done not raw meat or fish

When black chicken broth is being done, if was not handled good, have fishy smell very easily actually, and more sensitive to this person, may mind quite, so if black chicken broth very how should the word of raw meat or fish do?

Black chicken broth very how does raw meat or fish do

If black chicken broth has been stewed hind drink rise very the word of raw meat or fish, the proposal is put in arenaceous boiler to be stewed a little while again, join among them again next a few go the burden of fishy smell, be like: Jiang Pian, cooking wine, perhaps join potato, Xianggu mushroom to wait feed material to counteract its fishy smell, but these methods can alleviate from certain level only commonly, not can cannot complete purify its fishy smell.

How is black chicken broth done not raw meat or fish

1. source goes law of raw meat or fish

Black chicken is a kind of flesh kind feed capable person, it is commonner the nutrition of chicken is more rich, but at the same time its fishy smell also wants to weigh than general chicken, its main fishy smell source is hematic water is mixed splanchnic, when handling black chicken so, must gallinaceous end cutoff, get on black chicken the clot of adhere and splanchnic dig, rinse clean, can go on certain level so the fishy smell in the chicken broth that divide black.

2. scald water goes law of raw meat or fish

Before stewing chicken of the black that boil, the quick-boil in can putting it boiling water first irons moment, after the cuticular be heated of black chicken, its pore is stretched, can help eduction blood-red and adipose oil, thereby may better achieve go the purpose of fishy smell, additional, the chicken meat after be being ironed with boiling water scald is qualitative more close also fact, rich chew interest, it is better that the colour and lustre of black chicken broth and flavor also are met.

Law of raw meat or fish of 3. green Jiang Qu

Many volatile organic other people is contained in green and ginger, flavour compares acrimony stimulation, and odour is grumous, can stimulate appetite not only, still can mask the fishy smell that feeds capable person very well, accordingly, when stewing chicken broth of the black that boil, can join right amount Jiang Pian or green paragraph go raw meat or fish.


4. cooking wine goes law of raw meat or fish

Alcohol is contained in cooking wine, it is a kind of organic dissolvent, OK and deliquescent extraction gives the meat kind the fishy smell material in food, the fishy smell in purify black chicken can be helped on certain level, besides, still can have the certain effect that carry delicacy, when stewing chicken broth of the black that boil so, OK and right amount in Shang Zhongfang a few cooking wine are stewed together boil.

The practice of black chicken broth

Feed capable person: Black chicken, angelica, red jujube, medlar, dangshen, Jiang Pian, cooking wine, salt


1, wash black chicken clean, behead piece, next cold water is put into high-pressured boiler, drop a few cooking wine, after be being boiled, cast aside go float foam;

2, join the angelica that already washed clean, red jujube, dangshen and Jiang Pian, the cap on the lid, conflagration is boiled, stew 40 minutes of or so; next

3, after the gas a powerful person that needs high-pressured boiler goes down, join medlar, salt, do not build boiler lid to be boiled again 8 minutes or so can.

How does black chicken choose

The mouth of black chicken chicken with fresh 1. is dry, be full of burnish, oral cavity is mucous show hoar, clean without peculiar smell;

2. black clavus is full of whole eye socket, corneal luster;

Apophysis of 3. skin pore, the surface is dry and constrictive;

4. chicken is strong, be full of flexibility.

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