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    Intermediary of harbor of progress of Philippine assault incident says to die without the Hongkong's person is mainland guest

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  • 深圳蒲神报告区

    According to latest news of Russia Ministry of Public Health, 20 day happening are near capital Moscow number of death of accident of train barge against rises to 6 people, additionally 24 people get hurt, among them the condition of an injury of more than 10 people is serious.

    Emergency department becomes Russia to release a message to say day afternoon, 20 days 13 when make, muscovite southwest just is in train of a freight and barge against of train of a passenger transport to about 80 kilometers, cause knaggy railroad car to derail. Train of the passenger transport when accident happening leaves for Maerduowa by Moscow capital radical hopes to slow black, about 450 passengers

    carry on train. Quote of Russian tower company is Muscovite the word of official of city sanitation department reports, 5 victims in the accident are Maerduowa citiz
    en, the identity of another victim still remains to check.

    Reporter v/arc be on the throne at Muscovite city Naluofumingsike's trouble spot sees, the spot that produces train barge against is rail a turning, the passenger transport train that produces an accident already was procrastinated to leave the scene, the rescuing train of Russia railroad is moving off the rails freight train from rail. According to introducing, about 500 people undertake rescuing in trouble spot, emergency department also expedites Russia the plane is participated in come to help.

    Emergency ministry official tells Russia reporter of Xinhua News Agency, all the wounded already reached around hospital by the helicopter transport of emergency department. Maerjin of spokesman of Russian federal board of inquiry expresses, accident reason still wants further investigation.

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  • 武汉品茶

    Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: During American B-52 enters the East China Sea, doubt is like by in just dog origin: ? Be not Nao?2013-11-28 11:4

    Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] day intermediary publishs an article to say " the air defence that China announces identifies an area inside, include an U.S. Army to serve as the islands of shooting gallery, be equal to the tail that stepped on a tiger " , saying with its now is meridian battle, still be inferior to sayi
    ng is the battle in the United States has actuality.

    Original title: Day intermediary: China steps on tiger tail to be given out to the U.S. Army fight challenge

    American B-52 enters our country air defence to identify an area

    Japanese public opinion is worth to American expectation at present very tall, pu Yuanzhang of martial correspondent god is in originally " daily newspaper is contemporary " publish an article to say, "The air defence that China announces identifies an area inside, include an U.S. Army to serve as the islands of shooting gallery. If the U.S. Army plane in training is sure to strike back by intercept. Chinese practice is equal to Xiang Meijun to issue the challenge that fight. " he still says, china " be equal to the tail that stepped on a tiger " , saying with its now is meridian battle, still be inferior to saying is the battle in the United States has actuality.

    Korea " head Er economy " report of 27 days says, the United States of return Asia, the dream becomes the China of ocean big country, can future deny status of trend on the verge of breaking out? The at swords' points that goes up in problem of the East China Sea as two countries, sino-US contradiction is likely with each passing day the view of aggravate is diffusing quickly. Korea " national daily " report of 27 days says, as Sino-US enter a military affairs to confront each other, before this Sino-US June affirmatory collaboration concerns " direction may transform " .

    The day intermediary reaction to China make different guess. " read sell news " cite if defensive province concerns a personage, say, american B, after 52 bomber enter air defence of the East China Sea to identify an area, look at the plane that resembling is Chinese scout and them to maintain certain distance to undertake flying, but not was close to. And " produce classics news " say, china is done not have urgent dispatch opportunity for combat or to the United States two planes have propaganda to the enemy at the front line. " produce classics news " say, this matter indicated the clear position of American government:

    The first, the air defence that does not admit Chinese lay off identifies area;

    The 2nd, the beforehand bulletin of flight path also won't ask to do; according to China

    The 3rd, american military affairs fights the move won't produce a change accordingly. The report says, this plants the United States " reveal the clear demonstrate with day of beautiful affined firm adamancy to act " be pair of China is intense and diversionary.

    Recommend read:

    Beautiful B-52 bomber enters department of defense of area of identifying of the East China Sea to respond to capable canal to accuse

    Two B52 of American enter my air defence to identify area compatriots boo

    British BBC: China issues strong signal on Diaoyu Island problem

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    General Beijing appoints Kelimiya to show premier A to overcome the husband that be like Nuo to be this area temporarily commissioner

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    The baby will suffer from New Zealand in August infrequent ill weight soares reach 27 kilograms to accepting treatment (graph)

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  • 2020佛山按摩论坛

    In report will occupy new network on October 12 outside intermediary reports 12 days, the arms of 17600 Russia sergeant that Beijing of Russia president general already gave orders to ask in Russia southwest ministry Ross holds husband area in the palm to approach Wu Kelan border returns permanent base.

    Russia Kremlin local time 11 days of evening express, the Russian sergeant troops that Beijing of Russian president general has commanded to Russia prevents a minister to begin to hold 17600 in the palm husband area to approach Wu Kelan border in Ross withdraws permanent base. The Kremlin says, whole this year summer, these soldiers hold an area in the palm to enter practice in Ross.

    The Kremlin says, 11 days that day, general Beijing and Russia defend to sit a meeting of Yi Gu of ministerial carry

    on. After listening to military affairs of summer of zone of war of department of concerned Russia southwest to train the report of the end, general Beijing gives orders to recall Russian sergeant arms.

    Occupy a story additionally, the E

    uropean Union that general Beijing will hold in Italian Milan at will attending on October 17 local time and Asian leader peak are met (ASEM) . At the appointed time, he may be overcome with black orchid presidential pineapple explain imperial examinations goes serious talk.

    (Original title: General Beijing gives orders to stand by black border area to recall from Russia 17600 Russian soldiers)

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    Bay twice doubt is like rediscover signal five bells 7 minutes

     Old premier announces in bay twice doubt is like rediscover five bells make an appointment with signal 7 minutes; bay just thinks this states each just are in " correct " the position searchs for 9 days, the AP-3C Orion airlines of an Australia air force flies. . .

    2014-04-10 11:14 origin: ? Qu Xian?
    Beautiful aerospace bureau judges a picture of satellite of optimal 2014 world (graph)

    Dispatch will occupy Chinese net on April 9 Spain " the world s

    igns up for " the website will report on Ap
    ril 7, american aerospace bureau (NASA) appraise through comparison of held picture of satellite of optimal 2014 world already gave championship definitely now, the photograph of the Canary Islands of a Spain is ranked the first. . .

    2014-04-09 19:34 origin: ? Discharge  ?

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    Service of provide for t

    he aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged

    is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 04:04 武汉水之梦598与998的区别
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    Login register long night of Japan

    of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 22 days does the late night produce 6.8 class earthquake to send 57 people to get hurt origin: ? ?2014-11-23 10:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    In report will report new net integratedly on November 23, japan grows wild county local time 22 days of late nights produce violent temblor. According to Japanese police statistic, long wild city and and other places of white horse village have 57 people to get hurt in all, among them 2 people are weighed, 55 people flesh wound.

    Japan grows wild county 22 days the late night produces earthquake of 6.8 class Jiang Lei, according to police statistic, long wild city and and other places of white horse village share 57 people to get hurt, among them 2 people are weighed, 55 people flesh wound. (joint company)

    The information that Japanese weather office releases shows, this earthquake happens local time 22 when 08 minutes, seismic dimensions is illative for 6.8 class, the epicenter is located in Tokyo northwestern to grow wild county north, focus deepness is 10 kilometers about. Among them if the area that real shock feels most intense grows wild city and other places, shake is spent achieve 6 degrees to lose (the earthquake that shake spends department Japan to be decided oneself feels actually degree of level level, 6 degrees already counted strong shock infirmly.

    Nevertheless respect of Japanese weather office says, this earthquake did not cause the hazard of seismic sea wave.

    According to the report, between wounded 57 people, there is city of 10 people, big Ding to have 2 people each in long wild city and white Ma Cun at least, ding of meal key link and coulee village, dale village have 1 person to get hurt each. Police expresses, whether there still is someone else to get hurt in investigation.

    Occupy a story additionally, observation spends 5 strong long wild counties to shake district of city of god of white Ma Cun has 5 residences to be destroyed completely, partial dweller suffers for a time tired. But include 1 2 years old cheeper gets tired resident 21 times inside already total number is rescued, current and foregone at least 2 people get hurt.

    After seismic happening, japanese premier brings times advance 3 make an instruction, ask and other places of long wild county organizes rescuing team to hurry off to disaster area instantly.

    Room of Japanese ministerial official is magisterial Jian Yiwei interviews a reporter in premier official mansions at 22 days of late nights. He expresses

    , management center of crisis of premier official mansions already established seismic countermeasure room, called together central mechanism the director holds consultation related each, how times make with respect to this earthquake indicated at 3 o'clock, ask main help somebody in danger or difficulty is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, prevent disaster happening the 2nd times.

    Japan defends province message says, the militia that is stationed around long wild county has made preparation providing disaster relief, believe a city at the same time medical university is accessary the hospital is already urgent also organized ambulance corps to hurry off to disaster area.

    In addition, japanese weather office local time 23 days of before dawn hold urgent news conference, to the formation of this earthquake the reason undertakes an analysis. Arrive 22 days 11 when 30 minutes till, long wild county had produced the aftershock of 1 class above 21 times. Ocean of long long Gu Chuan averages the levy of seismic seismic sea wave that monitor express, henceforth inside the time of a week, long wild county still happens the likelihood the aftershock that 5 class control. Because government of this requirement place does good take precautions against natural calamities,work.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Hiroshima explodes formerly straight person of 66 anniversary villous themeda says again " take off a nucleus "

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  • 上海花千坊419

    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out s

    pecial subject repor
    t, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    British Scotland independence is fair cast spot photograph constituency to begin to poll into polling booth (graph)

    2022年01月18日 04:04 西安全城服务
  • 西安外事50一次上门

    Login register boat of horse of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to break likelihood of couplet airliner MH370 flight line: Kuala lumpur - Yigaoli - Wamupi - Jiwaer - Yigelaisi (graph) origin: ? Integrated 2014-03-16 21:4 of heir Lian?Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Ma Hang MH370 breaks the flight course with couplet possible airliner

    Kuala lumpur - Yigaoli - Wamupi - Jiwaer - Yigelaisi

    The possible course after Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet is kuala lumpur - Yigaoli - Wamupi - Jiwaer - Yigelaisi

    The possible course that after Malaysia aviation MH370 loses connection, Malaysia army radar detects is kuala lumpur - Yi Gaoli - Wamupi - Jiwaer - Yi Gelai, disappear from radar in Yigelaisi next, the fuel on the plane still can fly at that time 4000km.

    Reuter draws the outline of the plane that break couplet final whereaboutldirection

    Reported a series of new detail that break couplet process about MH370 plane in succession as the 14 intermediary outside day, the whereaboutldirection with the final plane that break couplet becomes more clear it seems that. According to Reuter report of 14 days, have familiar investigation evolutional faceless news source says, army lock-on information alludes Malaxiya, likelihood somebody drives in cold blood the line with MH370 airliner original deviate, turn and fly to the direction of An Daman archipelago of the indian ocean. Inquirer thinks, the airliner that break couplet according to civil aviaton regulation, along interpose the course between navigation boat dot flies, this is shown the plane is the person that has gotten aviation training by drives at that time.

    Ma Hang MH370 loses couplet plane likelihood course

    Turn to go to Europe course to fly for the edge

    What is navigation boat dot? Navigation boat dot is a few geographical coordinate, the line with can help air man fine according to set sails. The message personage of Reuter cite says, MH370 disappears from civil aviation radar in 8 days of before dawn, the position that it is diagnosed by civil aviaton radar for the last time and can affirm is to be on the maritime space between Malaysia and Vietnam, stand by a code name to be " Yigaoli " navigation boat dot. Time is before dawn at that time 1:21. According to the report of Reuter, the course concludes to the data of radar of Malaysia for military use, the plane is abrupt after this to on the west sharp, face the name is " Wamupi " navigation boat dot flies, this boat dot is to head for the airliner of middle east area to need the road of classics. Subsequently, the plane is flown to from here again be located in Thailand Pu Jidao to be nodded with the boat south " Jiwaer " , when plane last time is diagnosed by radar of for military use, be in toward Andaman the boat near archipelago is nodded " Yigelaisi " fly, and on the voyage route that Europe goes before this boat dot is located in to span how to amount to graceful archipelago. Before dawn 2:15, the plane flew off the monitoring area per fire detector of radar of Malaysia for military use, from now on whereaboutldirection is unidentified.

    Relevant news: Before Ma Hang MH370 is missing, whole voyage circuitry pursues

    Break the possibly when couplet to nod

    Malaysia premier Najibu says, according to satellitic data, judgement plane and the position when satellitic last time corresponds may be in two " corridor " a medium: From Kazakstan Si Tan and border land of Turkmen Si Tan reach Thailand north area one, one comes from Indonesian Xiang Na roughly south the indian


    Aircraft altitude light or suggestion have fight

    The flight route height after intermediary says Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet outside is great go up to fall greatly

    Malaysia plane is missing latest news: According to " new York Times " report, radar data shows channel of two mutation of MH370 plane height, changes. The plane flies to many meters 13700 (super- be restricted) high hind is abrupt to turn on the west, hind fall not smoothly reach many meters 7000, a

    fter turning to the indian ocean, fly to higher height above sea level. This means air man or the hijacker changes course, or the plane is issueing a flight without driver circumstance. Occupy ABC analysis additionally, aircraft altitude light or allusive cab memory are fighting.

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    Read related: Flower intermediary: Husband calls Benladeng 911 chief instigator and equestrian extreme Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of molecular desire skyjacking

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    The page was not found

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    Germany " bright mirror " 14 days of reports say weekly, germany before a male nurse is old because the job is boring, give a patient intentionally inject excessive medicaments. Court of Alden fort place begins Germany 11 days hear this case. Male nurse is accused to murder blame and blame of double attempted murder threefold, he still is suspected of killing other more than 100 patient.

    The report says, this male nurse this year 37 years old, al

    ias Ni Ersi. He came in December 2002 between June 2005, er is worn in German north Menhuosite of a hospital add protect ward to work. Check accuses an official to be disclosed on front courtyard, after this nurse enters office, the hospital is added protect ward to die every year the number exceeds 100 people, some medicaments uses a frequency to also rise significantly, suspect he may kill in all even more 100 patients. More startling is, accuse square investigation to think, ni Ersi the reason to many patients lay murderous hands on sb is to feel the job is boring actually. For divert oneself from boredom, he gives a patient spirit of arteries and veins of delay of medicaments of inject excessive heart, bring about among them 3 people die.

    2005, ni Ersi is in to a patient be exposed by another nurse when lay murderous hands on sb, the patient is rescued finally. Left his post in June 2005 in Niersi hind, the dead number of this hosp

    ital fall after a rise arrives the level previously, it is 80 people about. This courtyard doctor thinks, a variety of evidence show Niersi is suspected of killing even more 100 patients.

    2008, ni Ersi holds water at be being sentenced to attempt to murder accusation, sentence 7 years half. The case will continue 18 days to try this month. If accusation holds water, this male nurse will face lifelong imprisonment.

    2022年01月18日 04:04 爱上海千花网论坛
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    Login register police of north of London of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be shot in the street kill hundreds person of 29 years old of men to besiege: of police station origin? ?2011-08-08 08:5 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border3 Http://www.mnw.cn/

    On August 6, london, people gathers beside a patron wagon that is burned.

    On August 6, tuotenamu, the building that is ignited in disturbance is burning.

    London erupts rambunctious hundreds person besieges a police station

    Throw brick, bottle and egg to the police station, fair steam of cruiser of police of; of foray business shop and double deck by burn down, nearly 30 people are injured

    6 days of evening evolve into a demonstrate activity that holds in London city north suddenly for violent incident, many 100 youth burns in the dim light of night patron wagon, bus and edge market structure, cut off traffic, road of occupational high speed, foray tens of home store. Large quantities of riot police are driven subsequently go to the spot to assist police of area under administration, to demonstrate person chase intercept, after several hours accuse condition.

    Demonstrate becomes serious to riot

    Hundreds youth begins to hold Tenamu in the palm in London city north 6 days day area put on a show of force, protest a British man dies two days ago by police pop. After the dim light of night arrives, demonstrate activity grows in intensity, evolve finally for violent incident.

    By " defend a newspaper " description, hundreds person that cheat area put on a show of force is near a police station government police is concentrated the article such as cast brick, bottle, egg. Many police cruiser and a double decker bus meet with arson burn down.

    Violent activity is aimed at the Tuotenamu that is located in roadside of a high speed apparently district police station. Number over demonstrate person police of area under administration is in dispatch for a short while, ring of encirclement of the person that try to break through demonstrate, but fail to succeed. A few demonstrate person push wheelbarrow from around market, "Keep apart " the police that tries to capture them.

    " defend a newspaper " say, demonstrate person it is a youth more, give priority to with more than 10 years old of teenagers among them, the likelihood with the least age still is less than 10 years old.

    A few demonstrate person during besieging a police, the person that have many put on a show of force additionally is smashed already the glass case window that business of put up the shutters spreads, climb the foray inside business shop. British place media reports, to 10 a few business the shop is robbed by the person. A few eyewitness report, demonstrate person pushing the barrow that is fully loaded with commodity to run quickly from the spot.

    Abominable incident did not see for years

    District police station does not raise Tuotenamu apparently, request to reinforce to circumjacent police station. Subsequently, large quantities of riot police and ranger are driven go to meet with the police station of besiege, from periphery forcibly scattered demonstrate person. After several hours, probably midnight around, police controls high speed route afresh.

    Large quantities of fire engine are in the scene of a fire and igneous dot to rescue them more subsequently.

    Official of London police station is evaluated, although city of London of nearly a few months has a few evidence to make clear student and labour union remonstrant truly " disposition worse and worse " , but so harsh violent incident reality is old and infrequent.

    Tuotenamu is located in London north outskirt, it is much more phyletic mix house area. The nothing is more... than with the famousest instantly of this one area from here the club of football of Ying Chao league matches of build up holds Tenamu in the palm to heat up splinter group.

    Ling Shuo (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain only)

    ■ reaction

    The person that police arrests 40 more than cause trouble

    26 governments personnel and 3 peoples are injured, 8 polices are injured

    British police discloses 7 days morning, before dawn London comes 7 days in 6 days of evening upper Tuotenamu after area happening is rambunctious, the person that police already arrested many 40 cause trouble. In disturbance, share 26 governments personnel and 3 peoples to get hurt, among them 8 polices are admitted to hospital because of the injury cure.

    Police expresses, end in the morning, outside dividing fragmentary guilty activity, police has controlled condition, ablaze building fire situation already was put out.

    Local people is informing against a few people to wait for illegal behavior in the beating in disturbance to police. The director of shop of a sporting goods of local says: "They took away all things, what remain exclusively is one ground remains. What remain exclusively is one ground remains..

    Up to 7 days in the morning, police still is in area of block disturbance core, police expresses to still not be clear about to whether there is personal casualty ins

    ide clarity building at present.

    Spokesman of British premier government office expresses, this rambunctious incident " accept without decretal person absolutely " , anybody is destroyed so without reason property and violate to police and public. (Integrated)

    ■ origin

    The police is shot kill a man to cause disturbance

    Violent incident evolves by common demonstrate, and demonstrate is shot by the police two days ago kill mark of 29 years old of men. Amount to a root to spark.

    This month 4 days, the father of 4 children amounts to a root to take a taxi to meet with in London street police intercept, both sides produces gunfight subsequently, in the body that amount to a root two play, die in the street.

    Subsequently, independent police complains committee intervening investigation. Preliminary version is, turn over firearms to commit a crime alarm the team suspects Da Genfei law hold firearms, accuse in street cloth ahead of schedule then, intercept amounts to a root. Gunfight fact makes clear, the hold that amount to a root did not register a handgun, when he shoots toward police, a bullet hits the interphone of a police, the police is injured.

    But " defend a newspaper " if cite amounts to a relatives and friends, say, amounting to a root is not the person of an active attack, he collects firearms to stem from a hobby completely.

    The message says, the relatives and friends that demonstrate activity of 6 days is You Dagen organizes an appeal.

    Anyway, after amounting to a message that dies in the street to see Zhu Baoduan, a few peoples are in to police public the way that captures a suspect with violent means is malcontent. Because British police comes bullet be loaded to be on duty normally, pop incident causes the public to be opposite the worry of public safety.

    Independent police complains bud of council assistant director to cut Er. Favour of peaceful of Feng of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument says: "Police shoots deadly very infrequent, your public very do not understand. My individual experiences public of the dead's family and community of the dead's place completely to have how is sadness mixed depressed. " (Ling Shuo)

    ■ setting

    Average of prep above of rambunctious region crime rate

    Emigrant much price is low, student studying abroad of a few China lives

    Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Le) Tuotenamu is located in London north outskirt, it is much more phyletic mix house area, average of London of crime rate prep above, dweller mean life is lower than London average also about 5 years. Live in London Mr Chen introduces old Chinese, here is poorer and backward, africa is a lot of more emigrant, price petty gain, life cost is low, also have a few China the student can be in place to shack with the person that work.

    When Mr Chen just went to London, ever holding Tenamude in the palm the area has lived 4 months, more familiar to place. Introduce according to him, local house price is not high, prices also wants than other area a lot of lower. "Place has the small store that immigrant of a lot of Africa runs, basically face low income crowd, two 3 pound can buy a lot of fried chicken piece, 1 pound can buy one grail fruit. 1 pound can buy one grail fruit..

    Tuotenamu the people of the area basically is African immigrant, be in the majority with Somalia immigrant among them. Mr Chen says: "They can give birth to a lot of children normally, the government can compare good material benefits to them, after leasing a building for some time for instance, the government gives them with respect to the access that can buy this next houses. " after financial crisis, this welfare was done not have almost, this is among immigrant Ceng Yin sends dissatisfaction.

    Mr Chen says, here is dirtier, other place road is white, the road surface here is black, the wall outside the building also pitch-dark, the rubbish in the bus is not little also.

    Place can attract student studying abroad of a few China and immigrant to live, major nevertheless person is short-term live.

    ■ sound

    Too bad, tonight, tuotenamu is full of anger it seems that, let me feel very insecure. -- , Tuotenamu dweller Davy - Ajinsaniya

    The bottle of quite most quantity flies to two to patrol patron wagon, among them one is ignited before police station door, another is pushed among highway hind ignite. Do not have service personnel inside patron wagon very much, get hurt without the person. -- , London police station a spokesman

    Tuotenamu the area is very underdeveloped, unemployment rate is very high very tall, they are very depressed. -- , unemployed personnel of 49 years old Wuzudingma - Wugewei

    We know, we are governmental victim. We were ignored by the government. How can you make 1 million youth unemployed, hope they are sitting quietly again? -- , one does not wish the local dweller of sign one's name

    Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: Malic new machine releases IPhone7" to jump shut-eye of businessman of Tai
    wan of floor price " awakes first children of country of 2017-09-14 of compensate ten million rides by share case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping is led and advance Jiang Junxing army

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    According to the BBC (BBC)7 reports 28 days month, the brief cease fire that adds sand by new round of bomb is broken, the main hospital that adds sand and a park around suffer bomb, report more than 10 people are died by scamper, 40 much people are injured.

    According to the report, pan Jiwen urges secretary-general of the U.N. before this to end the force that increasing sand instantly, he says Palestine territory condition is critical. He says to the reporter with humane name, force must stop.

    Speaking hind is published in Panjiwen before long, the city that add sand produced explosion twice, explosion happens in the pleasure ground of a children, additionally one times explosive happening is adding sand near a main hospital.

    Say according to local police and wholesome official, 28 days of Israel make a surprise attack for nothing for many times medium a when add sand main hospital and the happy place of one height Tong You around, cause death of at least 10 people, having 8 among them is children.

    The report says, the missile bomb that Palestine official says to more than 10 Palestinians are launched by Israel is dead. Nevertheless the spokesman of Israel army says, the account that they launch air attack twice is terrorist from the rocket that add sand, but the rocket did

    not launch a success.

    Before three weeks the rocket that add sand launchs hind of grow in quantity, israel launchs attack to adding sand. Aggression has caused 1030 P

    alestinians death, it is civilian for the most part among them, still 43 are beaten dead in conflict with sergeant arms and two Israel civilian.

    2022年01月18日 04:04 上海贵族宝贝sh1314
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    New Zealand shows completely transparent of great capacity " shrimp " the expert is analytic it is goblet sea scabbard [graph]

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  • 龙凤419贵族宝贝

    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief boar
    d, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 04:04 夜上海论坛
  • 闵行蝴蝶验证归来

    East Africa drought causes refugee tide to rape common occurance of staking epidemic disease

    2022年01月18日 04:04 佛山夜生活论坛飞机网
  • 上海贵族宝贝龙凤

    Airliner of MH370 of the Ma Hang before disappearing has 153 Chinese on fundamental condition plane

    2022年01月18日 04:04 武汉夜网狼盟sz027 佛山qt资源
  • 上海千花网论坛

    When Baidixieer announces resignation, wipe a tear with paper towel. In report will occupy new network on August 16 Hong Kong " civil report " 16 days of reports, german christian is democratic and allied (base civilian alliance) district head Baidixieer by interact with minor girl before exposure is early, [Full text]
    In report will report new net integratedly on August 16, 18 cities connect Iraq 15 days make a surprise attack by attack of suicidal type explosion and car bomb, at present dead number has risen to 74 people, it is Iraq comes one many year one day most bloody. The biggest [full text]
    Admiral of Chen Bingde of committee member of central the Central Military Commission, chief of the general staff visited Israel Vice Prime Minister holds defense minister Barak concurrently 14 days, with Israel lieutenant general of Ci of pleasant of chief of the general staff held national defence army to talk, the formal friend that begins to have by a definite date 3 days to Israel [full text]
    According to foreign media coverage, gu Ge is contributive 12.5 billion dollar buys Motolora to move, every 40 dollars, relatively Motolora is mobile and current price of share price excessive 63% . Shift of Gu Ge and Motolora announces jointly today, was both sides already reached final? [Full text]
    Japanese the emperor of Japan states to 3.1 million gone in the war Japanese lamentation is medium report will occupy new network on August 15 coverage of Japanese news network, japan today (15 days) the day that received be defeated of World War II 66 years. Sponsor by Japanese government publish " [full text]
    Media reported recently " national ocean bureau calls Japanese blessing island the nucleus trash or already entered Chinese sea area " , cause public attention. When ocean environment protection manages relevant personnel accepts reporter of Xinhua News Agency 15 days to interview, national ocean bureau expresses, the country is marine [full text]
    Israel erupts demonstrate, protest prices is rising. According to Hong Kong " civil report " report, before Israel (13 days) erupt again late national put on a show of force, it is successive the 4th week has the people to go into the street remonstrant society is unjust. This demonstrate has more than 70 thousand ginseng [full text]
    The person that buy buys the home mysteriously to occupy England for Russia " daily Post " will report on August 14, a Gu Bao that is located in British Oxford " park square " be bought mysteriously by Russia a day with 140 million pound [full text]
    Yesterday, the United States allows newly to be stationed in China ambassadorial Luo Jiahui (Gary Locke) carries wife take along child the embassy official mansions that appears in Beijing. In the inaugural speech, luo Jiahui is enthusiastic and one's words is careful, be in its China ambassadorial brigade is called " our family is leaving [full text]
    In American dominion debt letter grade experience is reduced hind, the US stock goes of situation queasy history on infrequent. Come 12 days from August 8, in soare steep fall " switchback " prices is guided below, the United States points to big 3 drop all exceed 1% . The analyst thinks, [Full text]
    One is pointed to to participate in rambunctious last week teenager, was driven out to give cheap to rent a house by British government together with family recently. This is British authorities is opposite of the person that riot another unprecedented " liquidate " killer mace. According to England " daily Post " 13 [full text]
     Xinhua net dispatch: Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, mid city library receives Iraq 15 days to produce event of two detonate blast repeatedly especially, cause death of at least 15 person in all, 35 person is injured. [Full text]
    Xinhua net Tokyo on August 15 report (abundant of reporter Wu Gu) August 15 is Japan announces a surrender at discretion this year 66 anniversary day, japanese government was held in house of path of Tokyo Japan fierce that day " ceremony of mourn over a person's death of the person that countrywide battle dies " . Day [full text]
    Perfect " gold eye " . Next month of a court of American will auction on the net perfect the diamond that be too busy, heft 43.5 carat, contest pats base price to be 900 thousand dollar. Whether are you producing a surprise to give cummer and to whether are you producing a surprise to give cummer and suffer from? [Full text]
    Berlin of China News Service on August 15 report (reporter Huang Shuang is red) city of German Shi He base civilian league chairman, issue a governor candidate Feng Bo to orange red cut Er, because fall in love with 16 years old minor and crit

    icize by political parties and other organizations, at 14 be in day and night base Er is forced to announce [full text]
    American army announced 6 days 11 days to be in Afghanistan because helicopter the head portrait of 30 U.S. Army soldiers of by down be killed in battle. Release newest statistic number to show according to army of United States of report of Xinhua News Agency, there are 32 soldiers to commit suicide in July, achieve from 200 [full text]
    In the message will occupy extensive network Beijing on August 14 acoustical report of economy, the newest data that American Ministry of Agriculture publishs shows, the United States is state-owned and adjacent 46 million person relies on to get food certificate to maintain normal life, there are ginseng and a food ticket on average in 7 people [full text]
    New law is late in N China Daily the sea net, dispatch United States holds the post of channel Metropolis Daily newly halt China ambassadorial Luo Jiahui arrives at Beijing 12 days late. 14 days afternoon, wife Mo Na of Luo Jiahui and benefit of child dust rice, enlighten human relations follow him to be interviewed together with Ma Dilin [full text]
    Protection of German hamburger data and information security bureau expressed recently, net of types of facial makeup in operas (of Facebook) facial identifying the data that the technology disobeyed Europe and Germany protects a law, net of types of facial makeup in operas should delete relevant data. This bureau says, of net of t
    ypes of facial makeup in operas facial? [Full text]

    2022年01月18日 04:04 上海花千坊1314
  • 上海龙凤后花园

    Login register Italian of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to drive Vatican bishop seat coach to carry drugs cocaine to be hunted down in France origin: ? Travel hill?2014-09-17 10:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    In new network report will report 17 days according to broadcasting station of French international broadcast on September 17, local time 14 days, in French southeast ministry, two Italians drive one hangs the car that has Vatican diplomacy license plate, when the freeway exports road check, the cocaine that is seized 4 kilograms on board by police.

    The cocaine that is seized on board

    The report says, besides cocaine, there still is 200 to overcome marijuana on the car. Car vehicle advocate it is Argentine cardinal Mei Xiya of 91 years old, he is curator of Vatican library honor, had retired 2003, be ill abed at present.

    The spokesman of the Vatican Vatican has confirmed episcopal seat coach is barred fall in France, hunt down drugs on board, but he emphasizes saying, mei Xiya's bishop gets a severe disease, have nothing to do with this case.


    The report points out, mei Xiya's bishop is sent Roman hospital cure because of the heart attack, with the pope that is Argentine square aid is in each after be elected, ever headed for visit.

    The report says, the secretary of Mei Xiya's

    bishop shows, an Abba gives this car two Italian men, have a yearly check. But these two Italians drive immediately go Spain buys drugs, reckon they think to battling diplomatic license plate, the police won't check them. Nevertheless, this one explanation still does not have those who win judicatory message public figure to confirm.

    The report points out, personage of French judicatory message says, these two Italians do not have Vatican passport, so Vatican did not get direct embroil.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月18日 04:04 广州夜生活娱乐NFD
  • 上海贵族宝贝sh1314

    Somalia capital one cafe sends 11 people to die by car bomb assault 8 people injury

    2022年01月18日 04:04 上海贵族宝贝论坛
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    Associated press reports 28 days, imagine 30 people are squeezed in the picture of a cubby, this is the general situation of Greek jail and constabulary jail. A report points to European parliament say, degree of Greek jail jam is complete European Union worst, and extreme difference of salary of person of be tortur

    ed be tortured, do not have bath bath even, dermatosis is infected each other. Greek the condition that courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household maintains a jail even " miserable to extremely and dangerous to human extreme " , prev
    ious more decide 15 prison breaker are innocent.

    Associated press reports, greek staff of jail budget, dissolve is cut below economic crisis, jailer often meets with fatal attack. A lot of prison house a place of strategic importance received Yuan Kerong offer 2 to 3 times number, there are person and await trial suspect in same prison house, the teenager makes, commerce makes, poison is peddled also close one watch together.

    30 adults are squeezed in the small prison house that nobody clean, common one lavatory; They do not have bath bath, all sorts of pedicular, flea, tinea rash are infected interactively. Because bed is insufficient, want to lie go to bed must queue up by turns. Same person is constabulary jail completely suffer from, convict place is extremely miserable.

    2022年01月18日 04:04 西安狼爵会论坛
  • 夜上海论坛网

    [round-the-world net reports] according to network of Russia satellite news on Feburary 23 message, turkey and Greek Communist Party publish associated statement to say, the requirement stops Syrian civil war, prevent north to make an appointment with the ground to fight the action.

    Turkey and Greek Communist Party combine the say in statement in what release: The United States, north is made an appointment with, the imperialist interference that the country such as European Union and Turkey has to Syria, had caused death of tens of 10 thousand people and refugee tide, millions person is injured, and the barefaced interference that north makes an appointment with and preparation send ground armed forces to letting this kind of interference upgrade. Russia should the martial interpose that Syrian government requests to undertake

    had reversed condition from the strategy, this are apparent with each passing day already, because this north is increasing the influence that he is in this area about, adopt include to be a name in order to control refugee tide to send a naval force to Aegean. Should prevent north to restrict this action, do not let Aegean turn north into the base that make an appointment with.

    In addition, two countries Communist Party was condemned Greek with Turkey government position.

    (original title: Turkey and north of requirement of Gre

    ek Communist Party stop to interfere Syrian civil war about)

    2022年01月18日 04:04 广州夜生活论坛VDS 佛山桑拿夜生活论坛
  • 佛山桑拿飞机网

    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring c

    ity makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video

    , show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 04:04 爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314
  • 东莞各区桑拿信息论坛

    Install news agen

    cy 8 days to report according to Turkey path, the Dang Wu of worker of heart of Turkey library Er that opposes a government installs personnel to was in area of Turkey southeast ministry to kidnap that day Turkey
    4 soldiers.

    Report, armed personnel of party of worker of heart of Er of a group of library is in 8 days late Tudongnabudiyabakeer saves Li Jie a checkpoint was established near the county, examine car and passenger id card forcibly. They force the 4 Turkey soldier on the car to get off after checking a car, kidnapped they. Subsequently, armed personnel of library Er heart burned 3 cars.

    This kidnap incident is in two Kuerde the person is in what after the province attends demonstration to be beaten dead, happen 6 days southeast Turkey in ministry Ha Ka. Current, turkey installs whole group to already took action, rescue the Turkey soldier that kidnaps.

    Party of worker of library Er heart held water 1979, try to be in through the armed strength area of person inhabit a region builds the Kuerde of boundary of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria independency home. After this organization is banned by Turkey government, its arm personnel hides in Iraqi north area mostly, but often slip into Turkey churchyard to carry out assault. (Zhengjin of xinhua net reporter sends Li Ming)

    2022年01月18日 04:04 西安高端微信安排
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    Manhadu builds new York newest photograph reports incident of building big burst [group plan]

    2022年01月18日 04:04 爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314
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    Cacique of A couplet chief of a tribe is in desert at present " big " renown aerospace is visible (graph)

    2022年01月18日 04:04 武汉夜网论坛GR
  • 佛山按摩论坛

    Handkerchief of xinhua net bank is pulled Ministry of Public Health of electric Uganda government will announce 5 days on October 5, this country happens new haemorrhage of round of Ma Erbao heats up epidemic situation, at present one person dies, one person is kept apart, have 80 people additionally accepting medical observation.

    The information of associated press conference that held that day according to black Ministry of Public Health and World Health Organization, the patient is a medical personnel, will die on September 28, uganda virus considers to in be in its blood sample, detect later go into action Er fort virus.

    Ever had worked in two hospitals during his sicken. Because of these two hospitals in all 60 medical personnel are accepting medicine to observe. In attending 20 its funerary family to also be in medicine to observe. Because his brother appears similar symptom, be kept apart to be in hospital of Kanpala at present.

    Uganda produces haemorrhage of equestrian Er fort to heat up last time is 2012. Black Ministry of Public Health emphasizes, the dust rich

    that the haemorrhage of equestrian Er fort that discovers this is heated up and breaking out in West Africa pulls haemorrhage to heat up epidemic situation to have nothing to do.

    Virus belongs to virus of equestrian Er fort and Aibola filiform virus is familial, type of wh some of which can bring about haemorrhage heat, deadly rate is very high. But at present, be aimed at these two kinds of virus, still all do not have vaccine and effective treatment


    Black Ministry of Public Health already extended to afore-mentioned relevant hospitals the individual defends equipment, appeal the people maintains vigilance and aplomb, dial hotline of Ministry of Public Health actively to report doubt seems case.

    World Health Organization is stationed in Uganda to represent Weng Di A Laimu expresses Mageniehu, epidemic situation can get controlling, do not suggest to give out travel ban to Uganda at present.

    2022年01月18日 04:04 东莞喝茶交流群 深圳蒲神改名深时代