Hawkthorn became angry still can eat how can after hawkthorn dissections, oxidize

There is a lot of to sell on hawkthorn market, when choosing hawkthorn, it is to eat how to much buy commonly, allow easy addle otherwise, so hawkthorn became angry can still eat, how can after hawkthorn dissections, oxidize.

Did hawkthorn become angry can you still eat?

Decide according to the circumstance. If be the hawkthorn of incision and air contact time,pass long, color sends the word that fizzle out or becomes Brown, so this is normal circumstance, can edible, won't cause adverse effect to human body, if feel color unseemly word, OK also after the partial ream that will become angry again edible.

But if be hawkthorn pulp color nigrescent, and have apparent decay or hair is soft if waitin

g for a circumstance, more hawkthorn metamorphism arises, such hawkthorn does not suggest to continue edible, can cause the body probably otherwise unwell.

How can after hawkthorn dissections, oxidize

Hawkthorn incision can oxidize as a result of,the reason that become angry is the much phenol in hawkthorn kind material reacts with aerobic happening and bring about, oxidize to avoid hawkthorn, can put the hawkthorn that has cut in brine to immerse, can isolate not only air, prevent hawkthorn oxidation to become angry, and still can have certain antiseptic effect, taste meeting more be at ease. Besides, be in the tangent plane place of hawkthorn with lemon juice daub, also can prevent hawkthorn oxidation to become angry on certain level.

How does hawkthorn save time to grow

1, shady and cool place is saved

Last what hawkthorn loads clean in the box, next the place with direct shady and cool and ventilated park is saved can, nevertheless, want to notice to avoid moisture, prevent sun point-blank, general this kind saves a method to be able to save 5-7 day left and right sides about.

2, freezer cold storage is saved

The moisture hawkthorn surface is wiped, put next last in bag, fasten bag mouth, park freezer safe is saved can, can deposit 1-2 week to control commonly.

3, treatment is saved

Besides above two kinds save a method outside, still can machine hawkthorn conserve of hawkthorn doing, hawkthorn to wait save, such hawkthorn does not have local color one time not only, still can lengthen its to save time.

Hawkthorn candy pink is tall

Taller. By its mouthfeel does not come to alimental contains candy to measure to differentiate, although hawkthorn tastes very acerbity, but among them candy cent content is not low however, 25% what among them candy divides content to take total matter about, contain sugar than most fruity the volume is a few higher, belong to fruit of a kind of high syrup.

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