What is the dish that save a heart what does the dish that save a heart have nutrient dust value

Everybody should have heard of rife in the life, perhaps had eaten rife vegetable, small today make up know the food that save a heart together with everybody, after all what is the dish that save a heart, and what does the dish that save a heart have nutrient dust value? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

What is the dish that save a heart

Save heart dish, basis " botanical " Chinese name expends dish, books and periodicals of modern country Chinese herbal medicine introduces formal name red-spotted stonecrop 37, earth 37, essence also points to the dish that raise a heart. Produce East Asia formerly, various places of Chinese northeast, China north, Hua Dong has distributing, be in especially Xuzhou. Slope forest predestined relationship, valley forest issues unripe Yu Shan, wet place of fill clump, riparian shade. Sexual cold-resistant, be fond of sunshine and dry and ventilated place, avoid water is wet, lax to edaphic property requirement, it is old precious and be close to disappeared plant.

What does the dish that save a heart have nutrient dust value

The dish that raise a heart every 100 grams, edible part contains protein 2.1 grams, adipose 0.7 grams, carbohydrate 8 grams, crude fibre 1.5 grams, carotene milligram of milligram of 2.8 milligram, vitamin B2 0.31, vitamin B1 0.05, nicotinic acid is milligram of C95 of 0.9 milligram, vitamin, calcic 500 milligram, phosphor 29 milligram, iron 3.2 milligram. The greens that save a heart is main leaf of edible tender bine, without peculiar smell. Collect below abluent but direct cold and dressed with sause or element are fried, match bacterium of the flesh, egg, edible to fry, the chaffy dish, dish that stew, steam, heat boiling water, long boil not sodden.

Eat the dish that save a heart to have what profit

1, compensatory nutrition

The dish that save a heart is the green vegetable with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition, people edible it not only can absorb vegetable protein and many carbohydrate, still can absorb rich vitamin and mineral, can draw a few natural and active part more, they can promote human body metabolization, also can enhance human body each organ function, can enhance human fitness, prevent a few common diseases to happen.

2, precautionary heart function drops

The dish that save a heart has very positive effect to human heart, it not only can invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, still can raise a heart to make the same score liver, more can nutrient cardiac muscle, often use can improve function of systole of human cardiac muscle, can prevent alleviate cardiac muscle is short of blood, the heart function that often appears to the mankind drops and the disease such as arrhythmia and heart stalk has obvious precaution effect. Normal person takes a few course that save a heart more, still can improve human heart function, the odds that can allow heart happening pathological change drops apparently.

3, enrich the blood hemostatic

Rich microelement iron and phosphor still are contained in the dish th

at save a heart, these material can enhance human body hematopoiesis to do cellular active, can accelerate cell of the blood red inside human body to synthesize, people often uses the food that save a heart, can improve body hematopoiesis function, can benefit gas blood, precaution alleviates anaemic. The officinal part that contains in the dish that save a heart can shorten time of human body cruor, it has apparently hemostatic effect, still appear when traumatic haemorrhage its dolly, apply is in in the injury after can as soon as possible hemostatic, and people appears cough when the disease such as hematic haematemesis, eat the dish that save a heart to also can make haemorrhage symptom apparent reduce more.

The market value of the dish that save a heart is how

The dish that save a heart is dish of a kind of health care, appeared on the market every year in succession in April, it is courtyard of Chinese farming division uses traditional and rare potherb to expend dish and red-spotted stonecrop 37 cross and become, because can be restrained,wait for disease of more than 10 kinds of heart and vesselses with remedial hypertension, heart disease, make save heart dish so. Its have a way simple, qing Dynasty is fried, chaffy dish of soup of cold and dressed with sause, Bao, rinse goes, because grow cost,do not pass tall, yield is low, the price is very so high also, every jins are in 20-30 yuan between, only a few company is in Hangzhou now cultivate, 2/3 be exit, but it is directional order more, also some of unit has demand, cultivate technically for them.

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