Gallinaceous ungual quantity of heat is high gallinaceous claw is one-time suit how to much eat

A lot of people like to have gallinaceous claw, but claw eating chicken also needs to exercise restraint a bit, what thing takes much the metropolis is bad, so gallinaceous ungual quantity of heat is high, gallinaceous claw is one-time it suit how to much eat is good to suit how to much eat.

Is gallinaceous ungual quantity of heat high?

The quantity of heat of claw of 100 grams chicken is 254 kilocalorie, the quantity of heat that human body should absorb everyday is control in 2200 kilocalorie, if exceeded,this quantity of heat can gain flesh. If like to have gallinaceous claw very much, must have campaign after eating so, lest cause fat.

Gallinaceous claw is one-time suit how to much eat

Gallinaceous claw is one-time edible when had better not exceed 10. Gallinaceous claw contained a lot ofcollagen albumen, this kind of material can preserve the flexibility of skin, had the effect that raises Rong Meiyan, but no matter how food is good, it is cannot of ex

cessive edible, kill too much.

How has been fresh chicken claw saved

When bought fresh chicken claw is overmuch, can put it last inside freezer, can save 1-2 day so. If need to save fresh chicken claw for a long time, can wash gallinaceous claw clean, and yellow rice or millet wine of daub a few, with last film laps, put freezer freezer compartment to save.

How has fresh chicken claw chosen

When chicken of choose and buy is ungual, the skin color that should choose gallinaceous claw shines in vain and rich burnish, crustaceous without yellow and rich flexibility, the surface is not sticky of the hand. If gallinaceous ungual surface is dim,do not have light, the surface is tacky, explain chicken deposits time ungually to grow too, unfavorable buy.

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