Asinine flesh is plain boiled pork how does asinine flesh make nutrient value tall

Everybody should have eaten rife meat in the life kind food, so do you understand asinine flesh? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all is asinine flesh plain boiled pork, and how does asinine flesh make nutrient value tall? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Is asinine flesh plain boiled pork

Red meat is to point to flesh of beef, pork, hotpot, horseflesh, ass to wait. Plain boiled pork is to point to flesh of cruelly oppress, chicken, duck, goose to wait. The characteristic of red meat is muscle fiber thick hard, adipose content is higher, and fiber of muscle of plain boiled pork is exquisite, adipose content is inferior, adipose in content of not saturated fatty acid is higher.

How does asinine flesh make nutrient value tall

1. makes the raw material of bacon be ass, horse, mulish fresh pork, it is beautiful with asinine flesh. The ancon before when cutting the flesh, wanting to distribute the meat by place, hind ancon, antebrachium, hind bone of mound, a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, rib, tendinous child, skin of compartment of lumbar ball, abdomen, the flesh that seams each place down the flesh cuts 1 ~ the flesh of 2 kilogram piece, immerse 12 hours with clear water.

90 ℃ are put after 2. is abluent inside clear water boiler, add condiment (raw meat of every 15 kilogram adds Chinese prickly ash 35 grams, aniseed 35 grams, fennel 35 grams, salt 300 grams) , boil boil 3 ~ 4 hours.

3. gives boiler place presses the flesh after air is cool ordinal put fill the arenaceous pot that has Laoshang, small block is controlled on, stew boil 12 hours (meantime adds boiling water ceaselessly) can give boiler.

How is sauce ass flesh done

1. immerses the asinine pork that buys with water first 3 hours, bubble haemorrhage water, next reoccupy cold water is cleaned a few times.

2. cuts asinine flesh next agglomerate.

3. prepares burden: Cut Jiang Pian, green paragraph, prepare rock candy, cassia bark, sweet leaf, caoguo, Bai Zhi, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, anise again next.

4. ass flesh puts cold water in, scald water, put green ginger, cooking wine next. Burn, cast aside the foam that eliminate float, boil 10 minutes.

5. fish out boils good asinine meat, put in salver, rinse fleshy piece to touch the float foam on with cold water.

Water is added afresh in 6. boiler, had done not have fleshy piece, join rock candy, cassia bark, sweet leaf, caoguo, Bai Zhi, dry chili, anise, green, ginger. Add half spoon to be born again smoke, right amount bad news is oily.

7. builds upper cover next child, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire stews 2 hours. 20 minutes or so turn over fleshy piece, make fleshy piece sufficient thoroughly cook.

8. boils one hour hind, join half spoon a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, increase sauce fragrance of the flesh.

9. adds salt to flavor after the hour partly, receive juice with conflagration, shang Zhishou comes

ropy give boiler.

10. fills flesh giving an ass, put in dish to wait fully cool, of the specific heat with sauce ass cool flesh delicious. Cool good asinine flesh section is installed dish, deserve to go up mashed garlic.

Does asinine flesh belong to hair content

Asinine flesh does not belong to a kind when send thing, the basis that contains in asinine flesh is animal glue and ossein, mix to general nutrient provision restore to having wonderful treatment, and some iron are contained in asinine flesh be not Chang Fengfu, can help filling gas raise blood, especially to the female frail model anaemic, with the massive haemorrhage circumstance after giving birth to the child character, can help cure alleviate restore. The 3rd it is asinine flesh medium amino acid and protein are rich, but adipose with cholesterol content very good, can help remedial hypertension and coronary heart disease wait.

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