State Farm will break a new ad during NBA coverage on Christmas Day featuring Clippers players Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan competing against Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard on the basketball court but the trio teaming up later to rid their house of skunks.


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The ad opens at a basketball game with Paul whispering to Jordan, “Set the trap.”  The teammates trap Lillard just over half court and Paul steals the ball. At the other end of the court, Paul alley-oops the ball to Jordan for a dunk.

Lillard brushes the two off when they congratulate each other with a fist bump.

The voiceover says, “State Farm knows that for every one of those moments … there’s one of these.”

The ad cuts to Jordan armed with a broom, Lillard armed with a trash can lid and Paul set to battle the rodents.  

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“Set the trap,” Lillard says.

But it’s be too late for whatever trap the trio has planned, as the skunks proceed to douse the home with spray.

Cut to the State Farm office, where the agent assures the players — like Jordan does with Paul on the basketball court — “You know I got you.”

The Clippers play the Lakers on Christmas Day, while the Blazers have the day off.