LeBron James is a stand-up guy. Whether it's philanthropic work in his native Ohio or his courageous play on the court that lifted the Cavs to their first championship in June, the King holds it down. 

The four-time NBA MVP and the league's highest-paid player also upholds his end of a bet when he's on the losing end. 

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James and longtime friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade, a Chicago native, made a friendly wager during the World Serie

s between the Indians and Cubs: The loser would have to come to the arena dressed in the uniform of the winner's hometown baseball team. 

The Cavs face the Bulls on the road Friday night, and James, Sports Illustrated's 2016 Sportsperson of the Year, was a good sport and paid up. 

That's got to be pretty embarrassing. For his sake, maybe James can get the better of Wade on the court and help his team snap a two-game losing streak.