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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career

    of neat provide for the aged is bri
    ef board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Original title: Is New Year of check each country consuetudinary: ?

    England: New year's day before today, every family should have alcoholic drink in bottle, there is the flesh in ark. The Englishman thinks, if do not have the more than wine flesh below, the coming year is met poor. Besides, england returns popular New Year " the water that dig a well " custom, people strives for the first to hit water, think the first person that hit water is happy person, the water that hits is lucky water.

    India: Indian new year's day is called " cry bitterly new year's day " , " abstinence new year's day " . They are in New Year the first day, everybody must not get angry to the person, more forbid to get angry. Some places, spend the New Year not only do not celebrate, embrace instead cry greatly. They think, time is like shuttle, life is brief, will express oneself sadness with cry. The people of some areas criterion with abstinence receive a new year one day overnight.

    Mongolia: New come one year, mongolia old person can dress up goatherd, wearing leather jacket, the head wears leather hat, the hand takes lash, keep swinging lash bang bang is noisily, represent beatific desire.

    Brazil: The Brazilian can hold high this day in new year's day firebrand, mountaineer together. Ground of people strive to be the first searchs that indicative and happy Jin Hua fruit. Hav

    e the person of take the bull by the horns only, ability finds this kind of infrequent fruit, they say for " find happiness " . Brazilian country has a distinctive custom to be used to -- ear of mutual hold tight, people sees in new year's day when, must exert all his strength hold tight lives the ear of the other side, express a blessing.

    Spain: Spaish is in new year's day eve, all family member can reunite together, the ding 0 o'clock just was knocked noisy, everybody is being contended for eat a grape. Eat below 12 by ding, every month of indicative New Year is met flexi


    Argentine: New year's day, each each undertake in succession in Jiang He " New Year bath " . Before entering water, first collect the flower that come to be thrown in the river, next, everybody laugh is breathed out in breathing out the ground to jump into water to the top of one's bent bath, knead body comes with leaf in the meantime, in this country, water is regarded as holy thing.

    Colombia: New year's day eve, the metropolis on each street lays very big tool -- " old year " , announce " old year of words of the deceased " , "Words of the deceased " content is comical and humor, blow up dummy when midnight, in smash " old year of dummy " in detonation, people festively singing and dancing, mutual blessing.

    Japan: Japanese is in new year's day early morning, a grown-ups and children goes into the street receive the sun that rises first, go then pay homage to of divine organized body, or say hello to to relatives and friends each other. They call new year's day " day " , be in this day, their breakfast is very big, 3 day criterion abstain from eating meal feed after this in succession, in order to show devotional, big Ji Dali of invocatory the coming year.

    Thailand: The New Year of Thailand tradition cries " Song Gan section " , also cry " Water-splashing Festival " , in the festival, people sprinkles water each other, wish elder health is macrobian, wish good friend Happy New Year. Single young men and women, use the situation that spills water to express to adore. Thai New Year can put a clear water the first day in windowsill, doorway, good weather for the crops of invocatory New Year.

    Germany: German meeting climbs a chair before New Year ding is knocked noisy, ding rings, they jump down a chair, after throwing one heavy thing the back of the chair, swing in order to show go disaster, enter New Year. The custom that German country still is circulating one kind crosses New Year -- " swarm match " , rise in order to show step by step.

    Korea: Korea and our country are same, also have in New Year those who stick paper-cut for window decoration is consuetudinary, bless with invocatory God.

    France: Will celebrate New Year with wine, people begins since new year's day orgiastic carouse, just stop till January 3. French new year's day early morning can go into the street see wind direction: Blow south wind, bodeful good weather for the crops, this one annual meeting is restful and burning hot; Blow west wind, it is one fishs bumper harvest year; Blow east wind, fruit general high yield; Blow north wind, it is lean year.

    Switzerland: Swiss person has new year's day gymnastical habit, their gang goes climbing, the station sings aloud in the summit; Perhaps be in mountain forest along grow long trail ski, as if the way that seeking happiness.

    Greek: When new year's day, domestic home should make a big cake, a silver coin is put inside. Host cuts cake a certain number of piece, deal out family or the close friends that call in. Who eats to contain that cake of silver, who became the person with the luckiest New Year, everybody can be congratulated to him.

    Romania: New year's day is overnight, people has lofty christmas tree in the vertical stroke on square, put up arena, burn a bonfire, festively singing and dancing. (East)

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    Turkey Aegean maritime space steals ferry to sink cause 5 people death

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    110 thousand person objects Belgium activity of emeritus age demonstration causes delay rambunctious (graph)

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    One campus produces American Xi Yatu pop case 2 people die 4 people are injured (graph)

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    Kazakstan Si Tan's president says to should consider to be national rechristen

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    Clinton of the president before the United States overcame library of Lin Du's president to announced the United States a few days ago is in office the data of interior of the White House of period, the president before the material that this 10 thousand page controls is opposite this almost had a background big cases.

    10 days of reports say associated press, have in this batch of data quite the personal relationship that although overcome Lin Du and Lewinsky,the peachy scandal of one part content and Clinton concerns is troubled by so that the world all knows already, but this exposure more emphasize the fire fighting public relations that emphasizes overcoming Lin Du's aides and staff to be made after come to the light at that time. American media thinks, wensiji's red hears Clinton and Lai to be in unluckily this moment old tune is played again, it is to help Clinton's madam likely very, civilian hope extremely tall Hillary attracts eyeball, participated a president to make bedding 2016 for its.

    According to England " daily Post " 11 days of reports, newest data shows, after should overcoming Lin Du and personal relationship exposure of Lewinsky 1996, latter is regarded as adverse factor very quickly by official of high level of the White House. Because be being overspread by the president, the Lewinsky that at that time is a common trainee only gained the opportunity of office of Xi Yi of the White House of freer than colleague more discrepancy, she still was given accordingly the person that a monicker is tailed. To eradicate this encumbrance as soon as possible, official of administration of the White House gets demonstrative, arrange Lewinsky other government sector to work as soon as possible, be far from presidential office. The data shows, 1996 months on April 9, the Pajishangmasen that director of administration of the White House holds the post of when is written in a mail, should help Lewinsky be sought in American department of defense a position. Say in mail: Should ensure she gets a job we are in with clasp of respect of department of defense. Although the thing is not final knock calm, but do appropriate already basically. England " daily telecommunications signs up for " say, the old man of behind the curtain that makes this decision did not mention expressly in the data, but OK a

    nd affirmative is, this is the meaning above. " daily Post " say, send from what this seals mail look on time, be Lewinsky and president appear the unusual times of ambiguous relation. Eyewitness ever said in testimony, at the beginning of 1996, lewinsky is in elliptical office in-house or the linger time around is long doubtful.

    Unexpected is, the transfer that the White House arranges meticulously for Lewinsky not only did not stop caustic, let malicious person get a change to step in instead, make overco

    me Lin Du to be immersed in impeach crisis for a time. The data shows, transfer the Lewinsky of the White House and the beautiful jade of employee of department of defense at that time to amount to? Telipu interacts close, she ever was opposite very trustfully the personal relationship that latter and honest He Kelin pauses, easy even shared many experience sex content. Telipu however on the sly talks these content recording, gave independent inquisitor Kennisisidaer data pass on, bring about this picket peachy scandal is final by media exposure. " daily telecommunications signs up for " say, after becoming news event with Lewinsky's carry on a clandestine love affair, overcame Lin Du government to bear enormous pressure, of the criticism that faces public opinion and media surround, the White House fluctuates for a time popular feeling in a state of anxiety. At that time, the trusted follower of many Clinton is accepted to investigate by frequent requirement or appear in court attest. As a result of malcontent inquisitor ask means of Starr, staff member of a the White House explodes directly in the family letter wide mouth says: Kennisisidaer this fellow is a wretch really!

    England " defend a newspaper " think, because Hillary is the United States 2016 the most popular person selected of presidential general election, these materials that Clinton's president library publishs will naturally be caused media, academia and participate the mad pass round for perusal that holds different to see a public figure to Hillary. 11 days of analysises weigh net of American fast couplet, clinton and Lewinsky's scandal are regarded as a stumbling block that Hillary participates all the time, presidential library chooses to make public these secrets in this opportunity, it is to let the public know scandal detail more undoubtedly, the correlation of farther desalt Hillary and this incident, it is to be its to tear open the act that play ahead of schedule.

    American netizen comment says, opposite case regular meeting of Clinton rises to foil to Hillary action. Network of news of American cable television ever cited before this the word of the heart in chief of senatorial most party says: Without doubt, hillary is capable to become more outstanding than the husband United States president.

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    [Summary] 6 when make 19 minutes, korea is mixed in mountain of flagpole of river primary line direction of maritime space of northeast of one belt face launchs yuan of hill missile of two short distance, missile range exceeds 500 kilometers. Korea army says, korea fires short distance missile one after another is to be aimed at Han Mei likely extremely " crucial make a decision " associated a sham battle, try to create nervous atmosphere.

    Cannon-shot exceeds 500 kilometers, speculation is " fleet-footed " series

    Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on March 4 report of Han couplet company, korea fires missile of two short distance to direction of maritime space of Korea peninsula northeast 3 days morning. The word of personage of message of government of Korea of quote of Han couplet company reports, 6 when make 19 minutes, korea is mixed in mountain of flagpole of river primary line direction of maritime space of northeast of one belt face launchs yuan of hill missile of two short distance, missile range exceeds 500 kilometers. Korea army and government figure this missile is accordingly " fleet-footed " series missile. Korea already was in 5 6 missile fired in the day.

    Official of Korea department of defense says before this, korea will take the flight matter that blasted off to be short distance missile according to the letter toward northeast direction from mountain of flagpole of Jiang Yuan path one after an

    other on Feburary 27, its cannon-shot exceeds 200 kilometers.

    Korea army says, korea fires short distance missile one after another is to be aimed at Han Mei likely extremely " crucial make a decision " associated a sham battle, try to create nervous atmosphere. Han Fang already strengthened square to face surveillance, carry high be on the alert, come from face with be being answered at any time any square potential war actions. (

    Xinhua News Agency)

    Recommend read:

    Korea says Korea shoots 4 short distance missile or because resent beautiful Han the joint military exercise

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    London Apollo theater produces a collapse gesso housetop falls send 80 people to get hurt

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    Subway of Korea head Er chases after end to send 240 people to get hurt mayor Piao Yuanchun to passenger excuse

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    Whether is this

    page list page or home page? Di
    d not find appropriate text content.

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    Sinuodeng shows body TV medium first degrees to appeal terminative government monitoring

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    rvice of provide for the aged of attention spring city
    makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Login register area of the eastpart part of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 13 days to encounter blizzard comes 20 years head show 5 big lakes to be frozen origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-02-15 15:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Area of the eastpart part of dispatch United States will encounter the net austral Fujian 13 days on Feburary 15 blizzard, a travel of the cosmopolitan area resident such as

    capital Washington and new York, Boston and life are affected badly, the even more of more than 10 city 500 thousand dwellers and commercial user cut off the power.

    This can reach by ship only at ordinary times ice acupuncture point in lake of Su Bili Er, can amount to on foot now

    The intermediary outside occupying reports 14 days, as a result of abiding frigid weather, the 5 big lakes that are located in the United States and Canadian border land had been stayed in almost completely by aspic, this is will 20 years appear first this kind of picture. According to be located in the United States to rest closely root city installs the environment of 5 big lakes of A uncle city to study the data of the lab, arrive 13 days, 5 big lakes already had the area of 88% to be frozen.

    The report says, last time, 5 big lakes freeze so serious degree wants restrospect to 1994, in those days, surface of 5 big lakes 94% all formed ice. Additional, as a result of freezing weather, the glacial acupuncture point that Su Bili can reach on Er lake one times by ship only at ordinary times can be amounted to on foot now. About 35 thousand tourist been borrowinging this opportunity to explore the carve of strange Li Bing that nature forms in glacial acupuncture point.

    This blizzard is in southeast the United States after the ministry brings weather of serious ice and snow, area of bank of American the East China Sea is affected on north all the way, give the area northeast to bring the soup such as freezing, snowfall with 14 days in 13 days. The United States issues urgent announcement at 12 days of late nights federally, be not urgent branch 13 days to close one day temporarily. The school of big Washington area is shut 13 days, school of new York part

    that day afternoon 3 when case shut.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Nigeria interlink explosion sends 118 people to die to assault gimmick for typical horror

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    Greek south coastal waters produces 5.6 class earthquake to be apart from 137 kilometers of capital Athens

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out speci

    al subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of
    neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Original title: Mountain pass group also is stared at on install times

    According to Japan " daily newspaper is

    contemporary " the magazine reports 11 days,
    the oldest sinister gang organizes the Japan that opens official website to change image " mountain pass group " , criticism was published to bring the speech of times on its official net recently.

    According to the report, "Mountain pass group " government-owned net " Ren Xia " the article is released to point out in column, "Listened to bring times made speech recently, recombine ' Japan draws close to national creed gradually, right of Japanese countryman equality is browbeaten ' wait for a fact, deep sense is being begun to move toward a fascism by Japan " .

    The report says, "Mountain pass group " the government is being criticized on government-owned net is all-time simply.

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    Iraq installs personage of all door message 10 days to say to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country to was in that day Salaheding saves Yi north executed one is photographed reach its like the reporter 3


    This message personage says, mohammedan country alleges Iraqi place TV station of 37 years old photographs whole like reporter Laadeazawei and its relative Xiang Yian group to tip off information, divulge the track of Mohammedan state armed member. Before a many month, armed element is irruptive Azawei saves metropolis to carry Kelite in Salaheding villatic home is medium near city, kidnapped this reporter reachs his 3 relatives.

    The statistical data of Iraqi reporter association shows, since the United States started Iraqi war in March 2003, the journalist of international media and Iraqi media happens ceaselessly by the massacre of all s

    orts of assault. Up to now, already many 300 reporter is killed in Iraq. And evaluate according to concerning an orgnaization, iraq is one of areas with most dangerous environment of work of the journalist after World War II.

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    Flower intermediary: ? Bar? of cabin of  of Ling of ⒌ of answer bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase causes  Mou an ancient nationality in China new world war

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    In report will occupy new network on July 26 report of Japanese joint company, the beef cattle that contains radioactivity material feed in the light of edible is sold to go to Japan the problem of each district, japanese government announces, will buy already in the market current, radioactivity material cesium exceeds a country the beef of provisional standard.

    Luyedaoyan is in chancellery of Japanese aricultural aquatic product

    today (26 days) the press conference was held to announce afore-mention
    ed newses after ministerial meeting. He expresses, "To give up consumer is opposite of beef be anxious and misgive, detect except radioactivity result under the country besides the beef of provisional standard, the government will buy all edible to pollute straw beef cattle too, give destroy by melting or burning " . Lu Ye announces, japanese government will buy what already flowed into the market through civilian organization, radioactivity material cesium exceeds a country the beef of provisional standard.

    And to detecting result the beef under national level, japanese government expresses to appear on the market compensation the custodial cost that requires before the sale. Include to purchase cost inside, the holding cost that place of arrange of this with one action requires will by load of Tokyo power company, civilian organization will win compensation with the means of claim for compensation.

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

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