Mark Cuban's Mavericks appear to have benefited from free agent Kevin Durant's move to the Warriors.

Golden State's salary-cap-driven purge to make space for the free-agent superstar allowed Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut to land in Dallas.

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“Yeah, Golden State South,” Cuban said about the acquisitions while assessing his team (via the Boston Globe). “Harrison will get a chance to expand his game and [Wesley Matthews] will be fully healthy. Deron Williams, Harrison, Dirk, Andrew, that’s not a bad starting five, and we’ve got some of our guys coming back. So we’ll be all right."

Note that Cuban mentions Dirk, as in Dirk Nowitzki, a Maverick for all 18 years of his NBA career but who himself opted out of the final year of his contract and briefly became a free agent.

Some speculated that, yes, the Warriors were interested in him during an offseason marked by Durant's and Dwyane Wade's departures from their long-time teams. 

“Dirk wasn’t going anywhere,” Cuban said. “Dirk and Dallas, Dallas and Dirk, they’re synonymous. I understand and respect why D-Wade did what he did, but there was never any doubt (about Nowitzki remaining a Mav), Dirk gets what Dirk wants.”

And now, newly signed to a two-year, $40 million contract, he's part of a team about which Cuban offers an upbeat preview: “We’ve put together a nice little squad, I’m excited about it."