A photo of Delonte West walking around in Maryland went viral Monday after Twitter user @JJ_RipCuba uploaded the pic and posted it to his Twitter account.

The tweet has since been deleted, but it read, “Let’s Pray For Delonte West Y’all He Bipolar And On St.Barnabas Road Bumming Smh He Ain’t Taking His Medicine.” The photo shows West with a cardboard sign, and many speculated the former NBA player was homeless and asking for money.

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In an alleged statement to Media Takeout, West claims he was helping a homeless man, and not actually homeless himself.

"I was helping a homeless man in my neighborhood that’s paralyzed from neck down. I parked my car and got out to help because it was 90 degree weather and I was feeling blessed at the moment for just having legs."

This isn't the first time a picture of West has gone viral this year. In February, he was seen walking around Houston with no shoes. TMZ later reported West was hallucinating as a result of being on the wrong medications. The report also said West left

a treatment facility after his hallucinations.

West has openly discussed his diagnosed bipolar disorder, so any time a photo pops up of him in the streets, there's immediate concern.