Kawhi Leonard is an NBA champion and an all-star, but is he getting the respect he deserves from officials?

Spurs teammate Tim Duncan doesn’t seem to think so.

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“He’s trying to earn the respect of opponents, officials and everything else,” Duncan told reporters Tuesday, via the San Antonio Express-News.

Leonard, the Spurs' leading scorer this season at 21.1 points per game, averaged 4.6 free-throw attempts this season. Contrast that with the 6.9 attempts per game Kevin Durant gets, and it’s easy to see where Duncan is coming from.

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It’s not just Leonard who struggles to

get to the line for San Antonio, however.

The Spurs averaged just 20.4 free-throw attempts per game, the third-lowest in the league. Their second-round opponent, the Thunder, averaged 25.2 free throws per game during the regular season, seventh-most in the league.

“It’s part of learning the game and part of gaining other people’s respect and the league’s respect,” Duncan said.