Because simply making people care about the dunk contest again wasn't enough, Zach LaVine has gone and gotten everyone's hopes up.

The defending champ, by all accounts, is set to do something ridiculous on Saturday night. There's this ...


I kno what I did do y'all? Lol @karltowns reaction tho 😂😂 #NBAAllstar

A video posted by Zach LaVine (@zachlavine8) on Feb 11, 2016 at 5:36pm PST

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... and these ..


... and, most of all, this.

At least one of his planned dunks involves a bounce. That's about all we know.

The odds that he reference Vince Carter in one way or another approach 100 percent; Carter is a Dunk Contest god, and weird divorce and near-endless career elsewhere aside, remains a Raptor above all else. The game is in Toronto. It's going to happen.

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Since Andrew Wiggins passed and there are no other Canadians or Raptors involved, LaVine is the right guy to pay tribute. The problem is that he already perfected Carter's best-known move; his through-the-legs last year was the form's peak. So, Zach, put your spin on the elbow hang — except use your legs. Get your knees above the rim, and contort your body in a way that leaves your lower half inside the cylinder, then sit up and drop the ball through.

If that doesn't have enough of a "wow" factor, bring out a cardboard cut-out of Frederic Weis with Crying Jordan taped over the face, put it in the lane and jump over it. It would look just like this.

Congratulations, two-time dunk champion Zach LaVine!