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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the

is taken

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[Summary] local time on November 29, 2013, worker of French Paris sex people assembly at the protest before national parliament building, allege " sexual job also is the job " , requirement authorities cancel goes whoring to walking the street the ban of the industry.

International i

s online message: Local time on November 29, 2013, worker of French Paris sex people assembly at the protest before national parliament building, allege sexual job also is the job, requirement authorities
cancel goes whoring to walking the street the ban of the industry. French government promulgated Europe's most severe law clause to make love in order to hit recently easy industry, this also drew the curiosity of a lot of other countries and attention, because of romance and colourful affection culture is France famed the characteristic at the world.

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Saierweiya sends illicit letter courtship 5000 times to meet with on man net refus only 15 people reply... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜网论坛


Las Vegas " guest of a person of extraordinary powers " skyscraping annulus has aureola of world highest view... [阅读全文] 栏目:西安夜生活网论坛


Berlin of China News Service on July 24 re

port (reporter Huang Shuang is red) police of Sa Erlan district says Germany 24 days, this area 16 years old of high school students invite a friend to attend birthday clique to be opposite on Facebook, draw make trouble of near 2000 people because of clicking a mistake unexpectedly, cause certain loss for around dweller and public facilities.

This high school student publishs birthday invitation letter on Facebook when, did not click when choosing target of post a letter " friend " column, chose all netizen however, draw a large number of netizens to sign up thereby. Because newspaper celebrity number is too much, local police just issues a warning to inviting beforehand, the clique cancelled his invitation consequently to host, and leave home with parental the same night avoid.


invited in great quantities however the netizen still is in 23 day and night punctual head for a clique to be opposite before master door, preparation holds what attend without host " birthday is orgiastic " . Police blocked for this the street entrance of master home, collected 2000 people left and right sides however before block line " guest " , drink not only orgiastic, right still the public transportation station around, barrier and civilian house is carried out destroy behavior. Police reckons the loss amounts to left and right sides of 50 thousand euro.

The crowd after midnight passes is broken up by police eventually, and arrested a few person that atttack constabulary make trouble. At present police is being sued in the consideration only then the person that make tomb figure, let its recoup the loss that this one incident causes.

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Occupy Russia media 27 days to report, say in the information that Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases, gai Lafuluofu is in Xie Er of Russian minister of foreign affairs to make an appointment with

writing · with American Secretary of State in chatting in the gram, emphasize, be necessary to adopt an emergency measures, make stop Wukelan to be aimed at the special operation of participant of demonstrate of native southeast ministry.

According to the report, lafuluofu and Kerry undertake below beautiful square proposal the phone talks. Website of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs says in 26 days of issuance informations: "Gai Lafuluofu thanking Er emphasizes be necessary to adopt an emergency measures, do not let Wu Kelan condition upgrade, the military affairs that is the person that stop to be aimed at demonstrate above all acts, the aggression that bans nationalist of ala of west region ultra-Right acts. The

aggression that bans nationalist of ala of west region ultra-Right acts..

In addition, lafuluofu once more " mention state criminal problem " , appeal Washington uses his influence, release demonstrate of ministry of Wu Kelan southeast to move to be arrested mediumly cacique.

Say in the message, kerry wants Lafuluofu to believe, washington uses effort the opportunity, urge base complementary authorities takes concrete step, reduce the tensity of Wu Kelan the eastpart part.

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Beautiful day both sides steps foreign investigation

The sentence that reports quote information public figure says, manhadu is confederative Balalaxi looks at inquisitor the hacker charge that understands Mt.Gox how to answer the near future.

Report at the same time the word of other information source says cite, the FBI is developing in monitoring a got-up affair.

Magisterial Jian Yiwei says room of Japanese ministerial official, the branch such as Japanese finance hall and constabulary hall has intervened investigation, gathering pertinent information.

The hacker collapses bit money exchange through sending t

housands of fiction to trade. This month 7 days, the whole world exchange of money of at least 3 bit is forced to stop to collect bit money, include Mt.G

Japanese media reports, mt.Gox is made an appointment with in global user 1 million, give priority to with abroad user, include the user that class of many amount of above of 10 thousand dollar trade.

Bit money is a kind of number fictitious money, was born 2009. It does not rely on central bank to supply, and rely on program of computer of people have the aid of to run specific algorithm to obtain, common says " dig mine " .

Boss outcroppingshow one's head is about to solve the crisis

Mt.Gox presiding apparitor blocks Po benefit this 26 days are sent in the website post, say oneself still are in Japan, " special effort " the ground is sought for bourse crisis settle way.

25 days of noon remove Japan local time, mt.Gox website cannot login. Mt.Gox is published in website home page subsequently " solicit client book " , say in view of the near future a few press affect Mt.Gox website operation and bit currency market, to protect an user, the website will suspend all trading. Clients fear the likelihood cannot draw fund.

Benefit blocking Po this write in two paragraphs of statement, had supported with all possible means to solve a problem to obtain, but did not explain who the proponent is, how to solve and trade when to continue.

Associated press report, investor of money of a few bit already from abroad drive toward Tokyo, try to want backcross easy fund from Mt.Gox.

Investor appeal is transparent

To bit money investor, a few months are uneasy in the past. Exchange of money of much home bit encounters the hacker is atttacked, bit currency currency value drops considerably, superintendency branch is applied again and again pressure.

In different bourse, the price of bit money each are not identical. The bit currency value of Mt.Gox bourse already dropped from the 828.9 dollars before Feburary 7 to 135 dollars.

He En says the bit money developer of world of Swiss Su Li: "Mt.Gox problem 100, near one year of apparent past, very bad thing produced over there. Their processing is carried now very slow, be opposite on the whole over there produced what closely guard a secret. Be opposite on the whole over there produced what closely guard a secret..

Circulating on the net a file, so-called the crisis that is Mt.Gox answers program. The file is written, because the hacker is atttacked, money of more than 744 thousand bit is missing. The file still is written, mt.Gox is indebted 174 million dollar, asset 32.75 million dollar. The authenticity of this file has not get affirming. According to Xinhua News Agency

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Fictitious money -- bit money

Bit money can be used cash, can convert the money of most country. The person that use can buy a few fictitious goods with bit money, for instance the dress among network game, cap, equipment, want somebody to accept only, also can use bit money to buy the goods among real life.

Bit money and other and fictitious money are the biggest different, it is its total amount is very limited, have extremely strong rare be short of a gender. This money system ever did not exceed 10.5 million only inside 4 years, the total amount later will is in 21 million by permanent limitation.

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Is bit money the biggest trade is platform Mt.Gox shut what to see? (video)

Value of newest bit currency goes situation Jing spirit steep fall inside several seconds to 102 dollars

Bit money affects not large network to financial system safety fictitious money is not approved (graph)

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Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 20 Japa

nese media coverage, japan
held party plenary meeting 19 days the 81st times from civilian party. This party tack draws up support installs times advocate clearly " active pacifistic " , still express to will edit a respect to avoid to be immersed in in schoolbook " self-abuse history is watched " etc, draft returns follow in former years to state, mention expressly will " successive " organized body of mind of country of pacify of pay homage to. This is eliminate oneself from civilian party ginseng is numerous two courtyards " screwy congress " party plenary meeting is held first since condition, also be the 2nd congress after this party recaptures political power. Passed on congress from civilian party 2014 tack draft, will " modification constitution " as the 2014 year center from civilian party working target was written " from civilian party 2014 tack " . Japanese premier brings times advance 3 make a speech on the meeting, emphasize the main job 2014, it is the economic structure that should form benign loop, finish the modification of constitution. Additional, in " from civilian party 2014 tack " in " not battle oath " had disappeared sadly. (in net of new China Daily)

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to break couplet horse boat to search district plan to reveal a red circle area to was not searched for [graph] origin: ? ?2014-03-11 16:5 of  Qian a surnameEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Malaysia aviation was controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning in 11 days issue eleventh portion statement.

The Ma Hang that break couplet searchs district plan to reveal

BBC report, area of circle of place of casing of the white in road is the range that seeking at present, area of circle of red circle place is the range that the plan seeks. (Netease)

Malaysia aviation was controlled at 11 o'clock in the morning in 11 days issue eleventh portion statement, statement expresses, the group that rescue has e

rged search limits to course beyond, the Malaysia that searchs area v/arc be on the throne to go up at Ma Liujia channel mainly nowadays on the west peninsula. Authorities thinks to be missing the plane may try to return Subang. Besides maritime outside rescueing, authorities also began a search in the land between these area. The team analysis that rescue examined maritime the oil stains that searchs for and fragment, confirming is not to come from MH370.

Ma Hang expresses, the MH370 that be missing just passed the overhaul to maintain in before setting out 12 days, plane state does not have a problem. This plane began to enlist in army 2002, have record of 53465.21 hours. The plane of all Ma Hang deployed plane communication to find location and report system, can transmit data automatically. But Ma Hang did not receive call of be in danger to also be delivered without information.

Group of Chinese government teamwork work is the same as Ma Hang close cooperation. China is stationed in Malaysia diplomatic mission to also a delegate helps processing and the thing related the family member that go to a horse in urgent action center. (People's Daily)

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Latest news of Malaysia airliner accident

Malaysia Chinese kuala lumpur puts day lamp to nod the candle to be blessing of pray of MH370 of the airliner that break couplet

Ceng Youshe of radar of spot of the 2nd press conference returns total bureau of Malaysia civil aviaton record

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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