Nick Young is a walking quote-machine.

The man who once compared himself to Prince and Michael Jackson is perhaps one of the most entertaining players in the NBA. Young, AKA "Swaggy P," once said the reason he only has tattoos on his left arm is being the right one was for buckets.

Win or lose, every minute talking to Young is eventful. Last night was no exception. After hitting what would be the go-ahead 30-footer to seal a 112-110 victory over San Antonio, he had a couple of thoughts about it.

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"Once it left my hand, I kind of knew it was cash," Young told ESPN. "I'm like, 'I don't miss.' That's my new name — 'I.D.M.' Call me 'I.D.M.' You feel me?"

For Young, getting the opportunity to win the game with a player like Kobe Bryant on the floor is enough for him.

"No offense to Kobe, but I didn't think I was going to get the ball that much," Young said. "I thought he was going to break that record — at least get 40 or 50 (points). With all the cameras that were around, I didn't think I was going to get the ball that much."

Funny, but true. Many were expecteing Bryant to pass Michael Jordan seeing as though he only needed 31 points. Bryant ended with 22 and a win, which is more than enough for him.

After the way Bryant stormed out of practice Thursday, calling his teammates "soft," no one would predict the Lakers would be in such good spirits. The 19-year veteran compared his teammates to Charmin toilet paper, and Young even had a reply to that.

"When I'm out there, I don't play like Charmin," Young said. "I like Scott Tissue. It's a little rougher."

He's right. Charmin has a reputation for being the softest, and the last thing the Lakers need is to be labeled as soft by their own leader. The way the team played against the Spurs shows they have the potential to be good.

It was just one game to many, but to the Lakers it signified more. They could win on the road against one of the league's best teams. It's up to them to take that and build on it. In the locker room, Young gave shout-outs to his teammates for their parts

in the win.

"Shout-out to Booz (Carlos Boozer) for saying, ‘Hole that!’ For having confidence in me. 

Shout-out to my man Jordan Hill for setting a nice screen. 

Shout-out to my man Wes (Johnson) for believing in me and telling me I could make it. 

Shout-out to J.C. (Jordan Clarkson) for cheering me on. I couldn’t do it without y’all guys, man. Thank y’all."  

Swaggy P definitely has the personality to take over in Los Angeles when Bryant is done.