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The United States turns over convict of 3 dimension a group of things with common features and Slovak China of repatriate of double standard refus... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉新茶网址



trian ship aircraft breaks couplet latest news: Reuter cite rescues the message of the team to say on Nanhai more, about " discovery misses couplet plane signal " the message is " inaccurate " . They did not get signal of the plane that break couplet.

Malaysia airline expresses, have not affirm a plane already crash.

Xinhua News Agency releases dispatch to say before this, vietnam media reports 8 days, vietnam rescues personnel to saved southwest in Ou of Vietnam south gold that day place of 120 sea mile d

iscovers Malaysia airline kuala lumpur misses couplet plane signal to Beijing airliner.

Malaysia airline expresses 8 days, the plane that holds 239 people with loses connection. Occupy a message additionally, this wears an airliner to go up to carry 227 passengers in all, 12 unit member.

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German foreign trade appears 6 years continuously favourable balance of high specified number, wren of committee member of money of European Union committee is in 5 days media criticizes this country publicly this one phenomenon, appeal German government changes trade po

licy as soon as possible.

The specific value of ginseng of foreign trade favourable balance that the European Union provides is one country 6% of gross domestic product, and favourable balance should not exceed pass successive 3 years. But rise from 2007, german foreign trade exports favourable balance to join ratio more than namely. This year first half of the year, 7.2% what the favorable balance of trade that this country creates already amounted to gross domestic product. 2011 reach two years 2012, germany still was created worldwide inside forehead of highest foreign trade favourable balance.

The favourable balance phenomenon that the United States lasts to German foreign trade already has sharp attack. When vice-president of international Monetary Fund visited Germany a few days ago, also ask the government makes this country hard reduce the favorable balance of trade in euro area.

Wren says, the European Union suggests Germany is strengthened all the time expand inside need the market, invest infrastructure construction for example, and the wage that raises sweated domain, but in light of current result, germany was not made hard in this respect. Wren expresses, henceforth a few years, german favorable balance of trade still can maintain in 6% the left and right sides. The European Union will undertake an analysis to circumstance of favorable balance of trade, inspect a result to consider to whether give penalty.

German ec

onomy bound undertakes striking back to afore-mentioned criticism. Chairman of export trade association is opposite this country media says: "Client the goods that because we are German ability,does not buy us, because our commodity is qualitative,measure however tall " . "Settling the way with this one best problem is meridional Zhu Guoshi executes reform, enhance oneself competition ability. After their actual strength increases, nature of favourable balance of German foreign trade will be narrow " .

This controller thinks, requirement Germany expands inside need not actual, because Germany is not,one resembles the United States in that way consumption country. (Huang Shuang of reporter of China News Service is red)

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Whether is this page list page or home page

? Did not find
appropriate text content.... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山南海有95的场所


Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Did 1000 tons of class of Chinese patrol 2015 will the boat amount to: of 50 above origin? Be not Nao?2014-01-24 10:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

[4 kiloton class seas of China exposing to the sun alarm " 3 swordsman " ]

According to Japan " produce classics news " reported on January 22, assume maritime space of Diaoyu Island periphery to patrol the Chinese sea police station of the task from last year the end of the year comes this year the beginning of the year, order new-style ship in succession, promote equipment the standard energetically.

Day intermediary says, arrive when 2015, of above of below Chinese sea flag alarm 1000 tons of class patrol boat amount will achieve 50 above, double be now. The viewpoint thinks, to 2020, the actual strength of Chinese sea police station will be OK compare a shoulder with the most powerful United States Coast Guard on eye preexistence bound.

The article says, as " build marine power " the one annulus of the target, chinese sea police station held water 2013. This one branch is called by media " the 2nd navy " . Although,the ship when holding water at the outset has an amount without announcing, but of above of 1000 tons of class patrol boat estimation is controlled in 20, be equivalent to hall of Japanese maritime security personnel only about half.

The report says, held in Beijing in January " conference of countrywide ocean work " the decision will build 20 seas police station to patrol boat. Company of group of Chinese shipping heavy industry already was signed with Chinese authorities build 10 thousand tons of class to patrol the contract of the boat. The largest discharge capacity that police station of sea of the China before this has patrols the boat is 4000 tons of class, be thought to cannot protect 6500 tons when have with Japanese sea " Qiu Jin island

" date patrols the boat contends.

The report thinks, chinese sea police station throws 10 thousand tons of form patrol boat, should be a hope the dominant position is held in the argue of maritime space of Diaoyu Island periphery and hall of maritime security personnel.

The sea police station in be being built at present patrols the boat predicts mostly at 2014, enlist in army two 2015 years. Have media coverage, develop according to current rate, control to 2020, chinese sea police station will attain the scale that comparatives with United States Coast Guard.

The personage that understands Chinese marine strategy thinks, outside dividing Japan, china still exists in Nanhai and southeast Asia country conflict, if throw navy, will leave warlike impression to the outside, consequently the duty of future of sea police station will increase further.

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Chinese sea alarm form into columns 29 days to continue to get cruise of within the country in Diaoyu Island

National ocean bureau: Chinese sea alarm the boat forms into columns gr

ant cruise of Diaoyu Island territorial sea

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Mining of team of archaeology of England of bunny burrow side gives a The Neo-lithic Age " treasure "... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州夜生活论坛


U.N. comes in great numbers in refugee of food of appraise capital dole [graph]... [阅读全文] 栏目:夜上海论坛


Login register Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do two big governments aid financially a project to be exposed to the sun to be suspected of exploiting: of Chinese labor origin? Travel hill?2014-03-17 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the two constructions company with the biggest Australia also by be involved in in this one scandal.

Data chart

In report will occupy new network on March 17 Australia " Melbourne daily " report, newest report is announced, the Medibank Private headquarters of hospital of new royal children and Docklands is suspected of exploiting in building a course cheap Chinese labor. These two projects obtained government and even more of fund of labour union provide for the aged 1.4 billion yuan note endowment.

In addition, a contractor of these two projects is in went bankrupt 4 times in 5 years in the past, not capture millions yuan taxation.

The Brookfield Multiplex of two constructions company with the biggest Australia and Bovis Lend Lease also be involved in in this one scandal, the contract obligation that and also did not abide by construction site it seems that goes up and agreement of company negotiate a price (EBA) .

Bovis Lend Lease of commission of dimension state government makes a cost 1 billion yuan, the royal children hospital that subsidizes by the government, and 400 million yuan invested on the Medibank headquarters project that Cbus of fund of build provide for the aged also funds in the government.

The data that Fairfax Media obtains shows, company of these 2 constructions used You Weizhou what Expoconti of large plasterer contractor and another company BVM offer is cheap Chinese worker. Brookfield Multiplex it is reported is accepting fair job to build with build arrange (the investigation of Fair Work Building And Construction) , several tall canals accepted a talk.

The personage disclosed the interior of bldg. to involve violate compasses " the job is shared (Job Sharing) " complex inside story, namely exchange of Chinese plasterer worker proves a file, enter the license of building site in order to obtain, earn take as one's model to decide compensation from this 35 yuan half salary. An in-house personage says, this is one kind " the autograph sends one agreement (Two-for-one Deal) " . Other Chinese workers are worked to even more every week by the requirement 60 hours, but can take the standard pay that is equivalent to 36 hours only however.

In addition, much home be subordinate to belongs to the company of BVM a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord to announce to go bankrupt, owed even more 4.8 million yuan debt, and among them majority is imposition, but the contract that BVM still can win a government again and again however, this also caused the anxiety with deep-felt industry. It is reported, after those companies go broke, the new company that a be subordinate to belongs to BVM can buy next insolvency the asset of the company, new service personnel, take-over all half-baked contracts, and after casting bad debts in the head.

Although ATO, CFMEU and company liquidator had issued a warning, but Brookfield Multiplex and Bovis Lend Lease still continue to engage the company related to BVM however. Fairfax Media learns, what liquidator RJM is s

urveying the company below BVM banner is newest close down incident: Last year August, BVM Building Force goes bankrupt, the debt that left 1.3 million yuan to even more.

The trustee Massimo Carnevale of BVM Building Force says in a mail that sends RJM: "Because do not have any income, company business must sell. Besides asking liquidator intervenes, had had no alternative now. " but a new company, the much oilier hydration that took over royal children hospital and Medibank House however by the BVM Construction Group of the operation

of kin Maria Diakokolios of Carnevale is the same as. And had held the position of in the BVM company that him Maria ever went bankrupt in 4 trustee and / or partner. She denies BMV to any companies once went bankrupt, also do not admit BVM group service passes any illegal or the labor that does not have formal document.

The trustee Nick Lee of Expoconti also denied project of hospital of children of Home Xiang Huang to offer illegal worker.

Wholesome office grows the speech person of David Davis, governmental heretofore did not receive those who go to any pointing to to call Lend Lease breach of contract or legal obligation to inform against, point out at the same time, this paper contract is by advanced the Labour Party wholesome hall is held the position of in the government the long, Daniel Andrews that currently holds the post ofparty chieftain of the Labour Party signs.

Brookfield Multiplex rejects the question that answers a series of concerning to concern with it and BVM commerce, just express, if illegal really worker works on its building site, so the issue of administrative program existence that explains they choose contractor. Bovis Lend Lease also denies service the accusation of illegal worker.

The report recently announces Fairfax Media, the guilty gang that has an organization supplies Chinese labor to the contractor of this locality. It is reported this kind of labor is to be being taken more student, spouse or 457 visa enter Australia, and the experience that often does not have plasterer.

The Dave Noonan of secretary of countrywide build general affairs of CFMEU confirms say, the build industry abundantly that he knows dimension state exploits Chinese plasterer. "CFMEU had come up against Chinese plasterer several cases to be hired by the employer that does not have fine, the case that exploits, have lawful worker among them, also have black worker worker. They are exploited or is the problem because of visa condition, the right that or should enjoy to oneself namely, compensation and working requirement place know very little. The right that or should enjoy to oneself namely, compensation and working requirement place know very little..

But the personage inside a lot of course of study points to labour union not inspect brought about exploit of the problem serious with each passing day. An in-house personage of CFMEU says: "Contractor can replace China normally (worker) pay labor cost, and (the worker delegate of CFMEU) does not have a law to point out what person has working right however, what person is done not have. This kind of circumstance had lasted a lot of years. This kind of circumstance had lasted a lot of years..

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out

special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to,
article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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