Kevin Millar shares his nude teammate rankings

Baseball Friday's edition of "The Dan Patrick Show" got very weird really fast as Network host and former ballplayer Kevin Millar was asked a question about his “shower body" rankings of teammates during his 12 years in professional baseball. As expected, former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling was hard on the eyes.  MORE: Ugliest, strangest and most entertaining baseball fights since 1976"Yeah, Schilling, it was not easy on the shower, that we have talked about many times. And Gabe Kapler, he was a very good body in the shower," Millar said. "He is a wonderful man in the shower." The conversatio

n should have stopped there, but if you've watched Millar on Network, you know it never does. "Let me go down team to team," said Millar, rattling off which teammates had the best shower bodies during his time with the Marlins, Red Sox, Orioles and Blue Jays. MORE: Each team's worst postseason memoryAnd no, it didn't end there. "Hey, real quick, Danny," Millar interjected. "How are you, honest to God if we were teammates and I was doing a radio show about Dan Patrick in the shower, are you average, below average or above average?""I’ve been called a five-tool player," Patrick said. The TMI conversation was cringe-worthy. Check it out at your own risk. Hopefully Patrick will have better things to talk about on Monday.

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