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 Login register police of north of London of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be shot in the street kill hundreds person of 29 years old of men to besiege: of police station origin? ?2011-08-08 08:5 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border3 Http://www.mnw.cn/

On August 6, london, people gathers beside a patron wagon that is burned.

On August 6, tuotenamu, the building that is ignited in disturbance is burning.

London erupts rambunctious hundreds person besieges a police station

Throw brick, bottle and egg to the police station, fair steam of cruiser of police of; of foray business shop and double deck by burn down, nearly 30 people are injured

6 days of evening evolve into a demonstrate activity that holds in London city north suddenly for violent incident, many 100 youth burns in the dim light of night patron wagon, bus and edge market structure, cut off traffic, road of occupational high speed, foray tens of home store. Large quantities of riot police are driven subsequently go to the spot to assist police of area under administration, to demonstrate person chase intercept, after several hours accuse condition.

Demonstrate becomes serious to riot

Hundreds youth begins to hold Tenamu in the palm in London city north 6 days day area put on a show of force, protest a British man dies two days ago by police pop. After the dim light of night arrives, demonstrate activity grows in intensity, evolve finally for violent incident.

By " defend a newspaper " description, hundreds person that cheat area put on a show of force is near a police station government police is concentrated the article such as cast brick, bottle, egg. Many police cruiser and a double decker bus meet with arson burn down.

Violent activity is aimed at the Tuotenamu that is located in roadside of a high speed apparently district police station. Number over demonstrate person police of area under administration is in dispatch for a short while, ring of encirclement of the person that try to break through demonstrate, but fail to succeed. A few demonstrate person push wheelbarrow from around market, "Keep apart " the police that tries to capture them.

" defend a newspaper " say, demonstrate person it is a youth more, give priority to with more than 10 years old of teenagers among them, the likelihood with the least age still is less than 10 years old.

A few demonstrate person during besieging a police, the person that have many put on a show of force additionally is smashed already the glass case window that business of put up the shutters spreads, climb the foray inside business shop. British place media reports, to 10 a few business the shop is robbed by the person. A few eyewitness report, demonstrate person pushing the barrow that is fully loaded with commodity to run quickly from the spot.

Abominable incident did not see for years

District police station does not raise Tuotenamu apparently, request to reinforce to circumjacent police station. Subsequently, large quantities of riot police and ranger are driven go to meet with the police station of besiege, from periphery forcibly scattered demonstrate person. After several hours, probably midnight around, police controls high speed route afresh.

Large quantities of fire engine are in the scene of a fire and igneous dot to rescue them more subsequently.

Official of London police station is evaluated, although city of London of nearly a few months has a few evidence to make clear student and labour union remonstrant truly " disposition worse and worse " , but so harsh violent incident reality is old and infrequent.

Tuotenamu is located in London north outskirt, it is much more phyletic mix house area. The nothing is more... than with the famousest instantly of this one area from here the club of football of Ying Chao league matches of build up holds Tenamu in the palm to heat up splinter group.

Ling Shuo (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain only)

■ reaction

The person that police arrests 40 more than cause trouble

26 governments personnel and 3 peoples are injured, 8 polices are injured

British police discloses 7 days morning, before dawn London comes 7 days in 6 days of evening upper Tuotenamu after area happening is rambunctious, the person that police already arrested many 40 cause trouble. In disturbance, share 26 governments personnel and 3 peoples to get hurt, among them 8 polices are admitted to hospital because of the injury cure.

Police expresses, end in the morning, outside dividing fragmentary guilty activity, police has controlled condition, ablaze building fire situation already was put out.

Local people is informing against a few people to wait for illegal behavior in the beating in disturbance to police. The director of shop of a sporting goods of local says: "They took away all things, what remain exclusively is one ground remains. What remain exclusively is one ground remains..

Up to 7 days in the morning, police still is in area of block disturbance core, police expresses to still not be clear about to whether there is personal casualty ins

ide clarity building at present.

Spokesman of British premier government office expresses, this rambunctious incident " accept without decretal person absolutely " , anybody is destroyed so without reason property and violate to police and public. (Integrated)

■ origin

The police is shot kill a man to cause disturbance

Violent incident evolves by common demonstrate, and demonstrate is shot by the police two days ago kill mark of 29 years old of men. Amount to a root to spark.

This month 4 days, the father of 4 children amounts to a root to take a taxi to meet with in London street police intercept, both sides produces gunfight subsequently, in the body that amount to a root two play, die in the street.

Subsequently, independent police complains committee intervening investigation. Preliminary version is, turn over firearms to commit a crime alarm the team suspects Da Genfei law hold firearms, accuse in street cloth ahead of schedule then, intercept amounts to a root. Gunfight fact makes clear, the hold that amount to a root did not register a handgun, when he shoots toward police, a bullet hits the interphone of a police, the police is injured.

But " defend a newspaper " if cite amounts to a relatives and friends, say, amounting to a root is not the person of an active attack, he collects firearms to stem from a hobby completely.

The message says, the relatives and friends that demonstrate activity of 6 days is You Dagen organizes an appeal.

Anyway, after amounting to a message that dies in the street to see Zhu Baoduan, a few peoples are in to police public the way that captures a suspect with violent means is malcontent. Because British police comes bullet be loaded to be on duty normally, pop incident causes the public to be opposite the worry of public safety.

Independent police complains bud of council assistant director to cut Er. Favour of peaceful of Feng of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument says: "Police shoots deadly very infrequent, your public very do not understand. My individual experiences public of the dead's family and community of the dead's place completely to have how is sadness mixed depressed. " (Ling Shuo)

■ setting

Average of prep above of rambunctious region crime rate

Emigrant much price is low, student studying abroad of a few China lives

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Le) Tuotenamu is located in London north outskirt, it is much more phyletic mix house area, average of London of crime rate prep above, dweller mean life is lower than London average also about 5 years. Live in London Mr Chen introduces old Chinese, here is poorer and backward, africa is a lot of more emigrant, price petty gain, life cost is low, also have a few China the student can be in place to shack with the person that work.

When Mr Chen just went to London, ever holding Tenamude in the palm the area has lived 4 months, more familiar to place. Introduce according to him, local house price is not high, prices also wants than other area a lot of lower. "Place has the small store that immigrant of a lot of Africa runs, basically face low income crowd, two 3 pound can buy a lot of fried chicken piece, 1 pound can buy one grail fruit. 1 pound can buy one grail fruit..

Tuotenamu the people of the area basically is African immigrant, be in the majority with Somalia immigrant among them. Mr Chen says: "They can give birth to a lot of children normally, the government can compare good material benefits to them, after leasing a building for some time for instance, the government gives them with respect to the access that can buy this next houses. " after financial crisis, this welfare was done not have almost, this is among immigrant Ceng Yin sends dissatisfaction.

Mr Chen says, here is dirtier, other place road is white, the road surface here is black, the wall outside the building also pitch-dark, the rubbish in the bus is not little also.

Place can attract student studying abroad of a few China and immigrant to live, major nevertheless person is short-term live.

■ sound

Too bad, tonight, tuotenamu is full of anger it seems that, let me feel very insecure. -- , Tuotenamu dweller Davy - Ajinsaniya

The bottle of quite most quantity flies to two to patrol patron wagon, among them one is ignited before police station door, another is pushed among highway hind ignite. Do not have service personnel inside patron wagon very much, get hurt without the person. -- , London police station a spokesman

Tuotenamu the area is very underdeveloped, unemployment rate is very high very tall, they are very depressed. -- , unemployed personnel of 49 years old Wuzudingma - Wugewei

We know, we are governmental victim. We were ignored by the government. How can you make 1 million youth unemployed, hope they are sitting quietly again? -- , one does not wish the local dweller of sign one's name

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: Malic new machine releases IPhone7" to jump shut-eye of businessman of Tai
wan of floor price " awakes first children of country of 2017-09-14 of compensate ten million rides by share case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping is led and advance Jiang Junxing army

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Indonesian lightning " down " all of misfortune of on small plane engine 4 people dies

In report will occupy new network on May 6 Singapore " channel times " the website reports 6 days, citizen of a China is in at 6 days according to the letter city of Malaysia Sha Ba is kidn

apped inside field of a pisciculture.

Imperscriptible report points out, this incident happens local time 6 days before dawn 2:45. A flock of at that time holding a gun the man entered the pisciculture field that is located in Sha Ba city inside, kidnapped the manager of roll of a China of this company.

It is reported, at present a few senior police officers of local are acting with respect to sequel in the spot und

ertake attempering, but more detail had be notted announce.

The report says, went to Philippine south area according to believing kidnapper to escape subsequently.

Chinese citizen already was not by staking in Malaysia first. Be in late on April 2, malaysia of Gao Huayun of female tourist of Chinese Shanghai book kidnaps. 7 armed elements made a surprise attack to be located in Sha Baxian of Malaysia holiday resort public house of the room on this that water " Xin Jia is motor (Singamata) " , the Chinese Shanghai female visitor that capture takes 29 years old and a hotel are Philippine membership female staff.


Original title: Beautiful intermediary: American rice straps serve a sentence of prison of hold office at court to do farm work 8 hours everyday


e report, the American citizen Matthew that Korea supreme court sentences 24 years old 14 days holds Demile in the palm (Matthew Todd Miller) works 6 years breeding, reason is he admitted to during hold office at court will travel in April, be engaged in opposing government hostility activity. Miller begins the prison serve a sentence of delicacy of hold office at court subsequently.

Local time 25 days, rice straps what a restaurant accepts associated press in smooth soil to interview, he was allowed to head for place to call family that day. Miller tells associated press the reporter, he works 8 hours everyday in the jail, and bed sheet locks up alone, working content basically is dry farm work.

Associated press says, this is Miller of 24 years old after will admitting to undertake opposing government hostility action on September 14 oneself, appear before American media first. When Miller accepted a visit that day, still say, oneself are not allowed to be contacted with anybody inside the jail, but his healthy in order, not uncomfortable also did not get hurt.

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) report, korea official announced a piece of Miller 24 days to wear the picture that convict takes, the Miller in the photograph is wearing jail date of blue to take, the number on the dress is 107, he by clip the hairstyle of serve a sentence in the jail, binocular hang low, the face does not have expression.

According to Korea bulletin of hair of 20 days of Ceng Kan weighs central news agency, when Miller will enter Korea with tourist identity this year in April, tear to shreds the viatic card that Korea issues about the orgnaization, and loudly blusterous should abscond, take refugee, its action is tough the legal order that violated Korea.

The company in face still says, just investigate according to face, american citizen rice forces a department in cold blood put in prison, try state of square jail human rights contacts pry face to be sentenced 15 years grand of Peijun of American of labor cultural Han Yi.

Announcement expresses, after holding heart university discontinue one's studies in the palm, in Korea capital head Er is out of job. Here, he just is turned over with Han Fang by the United States Chao Xuan passes bewitch, virulent to Korea. He thinks, korea people does not have

freedom and human rights, once defy government can suffer the disaster of bagnio. Then, todd decides jail of personal experience Korea absurdly.

Bulletin says, miller's crime arrives from its purpose, advance preparation executing is to stem from in cold blood the impure politics motive of baleful and calumniatory Korea. Miller inspects Korea to dally with an object, the profanatory He Yu that his crime is pair of Korea is done, it is the crime that behoove punishs. Miller's behavior is to belong to Korea criminal law the 64th (emissary blame) criminality.

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

 Login register world of text of news of international of center of news of the network aus

tral Fujian to go up it is difficult that weight of suicide of the fattest man speaks even breath speaks even breath 400 kilograms (graph) origin: ?  tries know well?2014-08-19 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] weight ever amounted to 400 kilograms, did not take pass by on one's way 7 years, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on August 18, the Jinapudi in Guam man (Ricky Naputi) weight ever amounted to 400 kilograms, come for years all the time with make a stand against of food addiction disease. He ever did not take pass by on one's way 7 years, final because of excessive and fat cannot the operation reduces weight and acedia commit suicide.

Napudi's wife thanks beautiful Er (Cheryl) says, take care of the husband to resemble taking care of an overweight baby, napudi can be waited for only go up in the bed, thank Lier to had done everything for him, include to cook, clean body, help its use the toilet even even. Xie Li Er says, when marrying, she knows, if accept general is carried carelessly weight problem, she loses him probably.

General of accept of the fattest man carries the world to ever was taken care of by Er of wife Xie Li old.

Napudi cannot take care of him even, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

Napudi cannot take care of him even, it is very difficult to join breath, talk.

As a result of asthma, accept general mentions barely conversation, often need the help of aerobic machine. He ever also had thought with Xie Li Er bears children, but Yinnapudi is excessive and fat, their affiance was not finished even. In d

espair, napudi discovers renown woman passes Si Duiyi so that the city rests shrink gastric operation reduces weight successfully 80 kilograms, he hopes to change the life through same way. He should excise the stomach of 80% possibly for this, but premise is to reduce weight 40 kilograms of ability accept an operation.

In a few years subsequently, napudi reduces weight several times several times to fail, cause marital rupture finally. Napudi also suffers from accordingly went up serious depressed illness, take medical take one's own life finally, when dying year only 39 years old. Napudi's story can'ts help making a person pay close attention to the fat trend that sweeps across the whole world more. (Willow)

(Original title: The fattest man takes the world weight of medical commit suicide amounts to 400 kilograms 7 years have not walks (graph) )

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Lioness change goes with female tourist " big hug " the husband takes next close moments

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile


The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the a

ged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 1.2 million father worries about England the child is not one's own 460 thousand female also " cannot decide "

 武汉夜网论坛HBLogin is registering general of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to cross suspect of university pop case the classmate already confessed his crime to police at present origin: ? Salary  ?2014-01-23 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart

American general crosses an university 21 days to produce pop record, suspect of a male is shot in the classroom kill another man student backward the police confesses his crime. The education assistant that these two students are engineering of an electric machinery to teach together. This is this completely beautiful famous college produces campus pop record 17 years first, your teachers and students is

astonished. This also is the case of pop of campus of rise from all directions that a many month of American will come to happen.

The murderer is not random homicide

Case happening crosses an university to be located in ministry of American Chinese and Western in general indiana city helps Fei spy city on the west advocate campus.

School alarm the director writings brush · takes an examination of a gram about this say, time walks into a man that day midday building of electric machinery project an underground classroom, beat dead big 4 students Andrew · rich Er is special, walk out of education building subsequently, in a few minutes to a school alarm confess one's crime.

Boerte is 21 years old, come from Wisconsin Wo Suoxi this heart city. The suspect of do violence is Cody Ka Ceng Si, it is 23 years old, two place register address, be locate

d in indiana city respectively city of fertile all alone and Ohio Senteweier city.

It is when case hair near the spot of an underground classroom big Ke Weilan tells 2 students Buddhist nun " news messenger signs up for " : "I hear gun sound twice, come back to hear scream of a man namely. I hide to the table next, the sound outside comes down infirmly gradually. I am very scared " .

Another big 2 students Ke Xiaokaite stalking or branch says, when hearing report of a gun, he is moving toward the classroom of first floor.

"At the beginning I did not think that is report of a gun, thinking is somebody is knocking wall heavily only... next I am heard school alarm cry ' bend over below ' ... " police subsequently scattered whole education building.

Take an examination of a gram this say, police is investigating the relation between suspect and the injured party, "This is isolated it seems that and voluntary action " , when blocking Ceng Si to walk into a classroom " intended harm someone " .

The meaning below character, the suspect is not random homicide, choose do violence target purposefully however.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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