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    [the sea alarm had arrived at doubt 3411 numbers to be like maritime space earlier than predicting 2 hours] last noon, chinese sea alarm expedite a s

    hip urgent the search maritime space that is driven toward the plane that break couplet, at present Chinese sea alarm had arrived at this area 3411 numbers to develop search work, the distance rescues cor
    e position to be less than 40 sea mile, observe Bing hopes the job has begun. (CCTV reporter Liu Chen)

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    Dispatch of legal evening paper airliner of Malaysia aviation MH370 yesterday before dawn 1 when make with empty canal the branch loses communication contact, affected the heart of countless compatriots. Why does the plane break couplet for long? Plane whether is crash in maritime? Of the passenger live does odds have how old? " legal evening paper " the reporter interviewed the relevant expert such as civil aviaton, flight at this point.

    The expert expresses, the maritime and best opportunity that rescue is a hour after breaking couplet, after a hour, difficulty will be increased. (Ma Hang breaks co

    uplet plane aviation accident to drop after the sea how maritime live seek to live on increase survival probability)

    Lose couplet account
    Is mechanical failure brought about?

    Today before dawn, ma Hang expresses when the query that presiding apparitor loses family member of couplet plane passenger in the answer, the plane is in 8 days before dawn and control tower lose connection, radar system begins to lose connection, can not affirm breakdown.

    Civil aviaton personage expresses, the airliner is met by way of division of a lot of control, the respondent machine in the plane before arriving at every control division can show the radar in control division go up, both sides gets in touch. Once lose connection, radar sees the respondent opportunity that is less than a plane, control division is searched with respect to meeting open, ceaseless call this plane, inform air route meanwhile on the way the plane notices on the way circumstance.

    Senior expert Chen Cheng expresses sina aviation, when civil aviaton plane is executing flight mission, the respondent opportunity transmit on the plane reports his flight position, height, rate to ground control personnel at any time. Before every airliner takes off, besides the airliner order that executes oneself, still can assign code of a respondent aircraft, represent this to wear a plane. After entering the space, the signal that 2 radar of the ground can transmit through respondent machine searchs this to wear a plane.

    Airliner of Ma Hang MH370 is in when losing connection with the ground, 2 times radar cannot intercept and capture the ground respondent machine signal, disappear from radar screen thereby.

    Chen Cheng thinks, respondent machine does not have signal on the plane, or is air man shuts respondent engine independently, respondent engine trouble perhaps flies to or report of act on one's own judgment in an emergency. In addition, even if respondent mechanism is shut, the primary radar of the ground still can search a plane. Consequently, the largest possibility is respondent engine trouble or the airlines is other breakdown causes respondent engine trouble and cannot send signal.

    Weather reason be caused by?

    Media coverage says, the plane that break couplet encountered dangerous weather probably. When mechanical expert Professor Fang Zhenping accepts our newspaper reporter to interview, flight of Beijing aerospace university says, encounter the soup such as thunderstorm, rainstorm can bring about a plane to break couplet, and this plane accident does not have soup or thunderstorm at that time, it is the communication system on the plane appeared likely very breakdown.

    A senior pilot expresses civil aviaton, look from data, the plane that break couplet had risen many meters 10 thousand, arrived troposphere, the weather that explains its are in is smoother, the likelihood is not put in extreme soup.

    Does air man operate error?

    Can air man become a plane to lose the account of couplet? Pilot of the boat that occupy a country introduces, the plane falls in cruise flight condition, have own navigation function, the operation movement of air man is very few.

    Ma Hang says, the pilot of MH370 airliner strides De Sha for Malaysian Ai Ha of 53 years old, he joined Malaysia airline 1981, drive plane flight total record to be 18365 hours. Deputy aircraft commander breaths out Meade for Malaysian of 27 years old, flight total record 2763 hours, joined Malaysia airline 2007.

    The pilot of MH370 is a seasoned air man, from technical level character, if normal play should do not have big question, unlikely it is to drive operation error causes a plane to fall.

    Additional, senior expert Chen Cheng expresses sina aviation, the plane is in flight process, if encounter respondent engine trouble or radar cannot be explored, connect regular meeting to get in touch through radio and ground control. But MH370 airliner air man is in after losing radar to cont

    act, also did not use radio connection. But if the plane encounters special emergency, can be too busy to inform the ground of personnel likely.

    Why before dawn discovers yesterday, just announced at 7 o'clock in the morning?

    Ma Hang expresses when the query that presiding apparitor loses family member of couplet plane passenger in the answer, at present all actions that rescue have governmental organization to undertake, did not get the government knows news really, cannot affirm, the time that can lose connection certainly only at present takes off two hours after in the plane probably.

    He expresses, connection is lost in the plane in, tracking a plane to lose the place of connection with each square government authorities. "Our first job is to follow all authorities branch to affirm information hind, ability is released. Ability is released..

    Standing vice-chairman Zhang Qihuai expresses seminar of law of aviation of Beijing law society, according to international Civil Aviation Organization relevant provision, once the airliner loses connection to exceed 30 seconds, airline needs to start relevant beforehand case, include to need to release information as soon as possible and be updated in time. Break couplet plane before dawn this to already broke couplet more at 2 o'clock, ma Hang however when just announce news in the morning, be defer apparently.

    Special subject report: Special subject of news of plane of equestrian boat wreck

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form

    such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat prov
    ide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Now international news

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    Wengehua adds Canada coastal waters region produces 6.7 class earthquake to have no casualties to report temporarily

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    Safe conference of the 13rd Asia (call sweet case lira the dialog again) end 1 day in fireworks. Originally the cooperative conference that each other of safety of a stimulative area believes, became the United States to be the first however a when place for China " grand door banquet " : Beautiful national defence grows to be buckled to China avowedly on " the accusation that destroys Nanhai stability " , japanese premier installs ground of times attack by innuendo to cens

    ure China " might " . Fight back of in stern words of Chinese delegacy be forced to do.

    Public opinion of a few wests is open-eyed at " 3 old economy system of world are performed in recent years the most intense one's words engage in a battle " , also have media concern, "The argue of the lance of the aegis of indestructible and all-conquering " the Asia that will give ground fringe politics and structure of economy of ground predestined relationship amlposition and even world are brought why to plant concussion.

    Another piece when Japan has media 2 days to still divulge beautiful day join forces braids " to China bag purse net " : Meeting admiral publishs the G7 summit that will hold on June 4 call-over the head that criticizes China is enunciative, enunciative requirement China gives to the action that takes in the East China Sea and Nanhai self-restrained.


    h of Can of Chinese scholar gold thinks, sino-US in multilateral circumstance mutual " strong make known one's position " the likelihood is a kind of normal, but bilateral metropolis is very careful, won't cross a bottom line.

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    American los angeles produces the train and accident of car barge against to send 21 people to get hurt

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    Ma Fang opens a press conference with respect to Ma Hang MH17: The plane is pressed book course flight

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    Overall situation is in Wukelanan base complementary fish exceeds 1 million illegal and current bullet

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    Man abdomen shows examination of unidentified and gules trace to discover the spider is gotten into the skin (graph)

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    Login register woman of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to see in vista of Gu Ge map she shows cleavage photograph claim for compensation: of 2250 dollars origin? Heir Lian?2014-10-31 14:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Dispatch will occupy people net on October 31 England " daily Post " report, cereal song vista is the one part of map of song of the cereal below cereal song banner, in benefit society while also draw many lawsuit.

    The woman sees in vista of cereal song map she reveals source of cleavage photograph picture: " daily Post "

    A wom

    an of Canadian Montreal tells Gu Ge the court recently, the reason is the picture that she discovered to she sits in door mouth in cereal song vista, the key is at that time oneself are wearing low bosom outfit, the cleavage is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine. Although this piece of picture was filming constant processing is done after falling,blurred the woman's face, but still can very clear identify this is her.

    She asks Gu Ge pays 45000 dollars (add up to a RMB about 274927) as mental loss, basically come from depressed and of the colleague derisive.

    The report says, pieces of will whole picture blurs and Gu Ge still agrees finally is not pure facial ministry, but the compensation that rejects her, the reason is her be in communal circumstance, do not involve mental loss.

    Nevertheless Montreal judge rejected the appeal of cereal song company, paraclete says: Anybody should not lose his privacy power, the place that if

    people can look,gets only.

    Company of final cereal song is instructed to pay 2250 dollars (add up to a RMB about 13746) with 159 dollars (add up to a RMB about 971) legal cost.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    IS admits in sand spy arch-criminal case sends bomb of 100 people casualties to hide inside the dress

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is Vietnam happening hit in be bungled endowment does industry event Foreign Minister jump over minister of foreign affairs together urgent communicate origin: ? ?2014-05-16 08:5 of ┗  northEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Foreign

    Minister Wang Yi holds Fan Pingming of minister of foreign affairs concurrently with Vietnam Vice Prime Minister urgent electrify word, condemn strongly.

    According to report of Xinhua News Agency recently, violent incident is burned to send in Vietnam beating 1 dead 100 injuries, include Taiwan and Hong Kong area inside the concussion that the state-owend enterprise course of study such as enterprise of a few China and personnel and Singapore, Korea suffers different level, cause life and belongings loss. According to preliminary check, already had death of citizen of a China, about a hundred person is injured.

    To this, last night, foreign Minister Wang Yi holds Fan Pingming of minister of foreign affairs concurrently with Vietnam Vice Prime Minister urgent electrify word, on behalf of Chinese government Xiang Yue just expresses to be condemned strongly, raise solemn and just protest.

    Wang Yi expresses, in just making a surprise attack to illegal element force more, square enterprise and personnel are had cannot the responsibility of shirk. Fang Zheng asks to just take determined and significant step instantly more again in, check all rough stuff, ensure all life in course of study of the state-owend enterprise in jumping over and personnel and belongings are safe; Instantly appropriate finds a place for those who be assaulted is medium square enterprise and personnel are main deliverance the wo

    unded; Investigate to spreading out about violent incident instantly, punish severely all criminals lawfully, recoup all losses of Chinese enterprise and individual.

    Fan Pingming says, just take current situation height seriously more, already captured many 1000 suspect, will punish severely a criminal lawfully. Just will take all step more, protect the life in the member that jump over a Chinese and orgnaization and belongings security. At present a got-up affair already tended stable.

    That day afternoon, liu Zhenmin of undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts under orders Vietnam of urgent call in is stationed in China ambassadorial Ruan Wenshi, put forward solemn and just bargaining, the requirement just takes cogent and strong step instantly more, check stoutly and punish severely illegal criminality, ensure in what jump over Chinese citizen safety is mixed the right.

    With day, chinese government is urgent expedite what with assistant of minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liu Jianchao leads to cross sectional working group to drive go to Vietnam to begin the work.

    Vietnam premier Ruan Jinyong asked branch of Vietnam public security ensures yesterday all companies, especially staff of foreign capital company and belongings safety, ensure its to produce mobile on the rails. Ruan Jinyong issues an announcement, branch of requirement public security adopts active, tough measure to prevent sabotage, determined processing is incendiary with the person that be engaged in violating an activity. He asks the people assures safety and solidarity, do not want implicit and illegal activity.

    Relevant allow newly to be stationed in jump over an ambassador to assume office

    Capital times (small gain) dispatch (correspondent business on the west) as we have learned, inside this paragraph of time that insecurity concerns more in, be worth China to be stationed in Vietnam ambassador easy person, new ambassador Hong Xiaoyong already went to take up office a few days ago. Be stationed in message of Vietnam embassy website according to China, china allows newly to be stationed in Vietnam ambassador Hong Xiaoyong to will be arrived at on May 11 walk on inside the river new, become China the 17th is stationed in Vietnam ambassador, every leave one's post on bless of Xuan of its predecessor aperture, take up the post of director of department of Asia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 14 days, hong Xiaoyong's ambassador delivers credential copy to Gao Zhengshan of director of bureau of guest of ceremony of country of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this means Hong Xiaoyong to be able to fulfil each obligation as the ambassador normally.

    Personal details shows, the Hong Xiaoyong that is 53 years old works in department of Asia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs old, ever held the position of counsellor of general office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Vietnam swims occurrence give up league membership is current

    Capital times dispatch goes to before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives out discretion after reminding, the reporter learns from travel agent yesterday, at present already the tourist raises requirement of withdraw from a young league in succession, partial travel agent expresses to will deal with formalities of withdraw from a young league for the tourist, and sum refund. [Vietnam turns over China riot: Hong Kong Taiwan releases travel caution]

    The reporter understands from travel agent of capital much home, vietnam is not our country tourist leaves the country swimming mainstream circuitry. But the personage that goes to Vietnam travel of purpose to those near futures, this in the Vietnam that more maritime attrition brings about is turned over more China processional incident still is a very big impact.

    Partial travel agent expresses, already many tourists raised the withdraw from a young league, requirement that changes airline ticket.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Whether is this p

    age list page or home page? Did not find appro
    priate text content.

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    " morning sun news " because the president signs up for nuclear accident to report new president of abdication of take the blame by accident already decided at the higher level but not officially announced

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    Login install to register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian times visit imprint " break money " is meaning of large sheet of autograph army carry out in contend China [graph] origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-26 11:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    How times visit imprint " break money " large sheet of autograph army carry out

    To imprint the intermediary outside offerring; of loan of low interest of 210 billion yen says, meaning in pull imprint check China


    ata chart

    Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 26 outside intermediary reports 25 days, japanese premier brings times advance 3 launch diplomatic offensive again, 25 days have pair of visits that India spreads out by a definite date 3 days, with imprint premier Xin Ge meets, with " advocate guest " the identity attends Indian republic day celebration.

    The report says, install times visit to will sign Japan 40 years to come to first abroad agreement of army carry out, offer 210 billion yen to India at the same time (add up to 12.4 billion yuan of RMBs about) low interest borrows money, assistance imprints square construction railroad and promote energy-saving plan. Intermediary is analysed in succession outside point out, how times play again " break money " old game, meaning contend in hook in India China.

    Give a technology to money

    Day still will act with Yin Jun

    According to the report, japan plans to imprint sell amphibious plane, but do not provide a weapon, se

    rve as only civil, do not disobey Japanese weapon to export a ban so. According to the report, japanese government wants to serve as exchange with this, requirement India supports Japan in Sino-Japanese and territorial dispute. And media of Indian much home points out, india is needed careful to installing times instead China allied conspire, india was not necessary and China is become " the enemy " .

    Besides sell a plane, day look forward to still will be noted endowment the railway system of extend India Xin Deli. In the loan of 210 billion yen, 60 billion yen will use hand day look forward to develops in India, imprint with what be in charge of project of second birth energy look forward to together, build solar energy and wind- driven power station.

    Occupy flower intermediary story additionally, official of Indian department of defense discloses, day imprints air force will hold more joint military exercises this year. Aosilin shows learned man of American enterprise institute, japan is dedicated to seeking a partner with nonlocal area in Asian northeast, strengthen day to imprint bilateral relationship, very old rate is to answer China to rise abruptly.

    Day of beautiful curule hurried

    Improvement and Sino-South Korean concern

    According to Japanese media coverage, to the United States that visits Japan Bern of standing deputy Secretary of State this Japan of 24 days of appeals seeks the constructive means that answers the sensitive question such as historical understanding, do one's best the relation of improvement and neighbour. That day, bern this when 5 allusion talk, as small as Japanese defensive chancellery wild temple expresses, because Japanese premier brings times advance,the United States just is opposite organized body of mind of country of pacify of 3 pay homage to and Han relation feels exasperate meridian, day anxious, japanese improvement and neighbour concern are very main. Bern this Korea and China just were visited before this.

    Additional, abroad hands in ministerial Wang Yi 24 days in relation be related responds to the Ying De that with respect to An Beijin analogy of 3 Sino-Japanese relations is war of one prewar and final trend, he points out, this one view is spatio-temporal and unbalanced, indescribable. (in law evening new)

    Recommend read: The premier before Japan installs times questioningly: Why should small Japan surround China?

    Read related: Is Indian media heat discussed install times revisit to imprint imprint is day alliance brewing in? How times will drive authority of defend oneself of collective of lift a ban to profess: May atttack day of intermediary actively: Sino-Japanese install to greet cold war new period times place rough " Beijing " Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Introduction: Is nobel prize announced time 2014 when? Nobel prize included physiological or medical award, physics award, chemical award, peace prize, economics award to wait 2014, announce time to be respectively 6 days, 7 days, 8 days, 10 days, 13 days wait, literary award announces time to inform separately;

    Nuo award announced time 2014

    Physiological or medical gener

    al (list) Beijing time 6 days 17 when 30 minutes

    Physics award (list) Beijing ti

    me 7 days 17 when 45 minutes

    Chemical award (list) Beijing time 8 days 17 when 45 minutes

    Peaceful prize (list) Beijing time 10 days 17 when

    Economics award (list) Beijing time 13 days 19 when

    According to traditional Sweden royal academy of sciences sets, literary award announces time, inform separately.

    Integrated " daily of the Yangtse River " , coverage of Chinese Taiwan network, nobel prize will be announced in succession since today 2014, ever forecasted the Shang Sen road of nobel prize winner successfully 35 times to appear, the father Deng high official position that values Zhang Shoucheng of 4 Chinese scientist, Yang Peidong, OLED, Qianzena seizes award. (Hai Xichen signs up for)

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    The Italian drives Vatican bishop seat coach to carry drugs cocaine to be hunted down in France

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    The report that congressman of a Korea publishs 13 days says, the domestic force that because mistreat the husband,shared 278 Korea woman last year is arrested by police.

    Korea is in office bail of Han of gold of assemblyman of party of party big country (transliteration) the report of bureau of investigation of cite Korea parliament s

    ays, the circumstance photograph that mistreats the husband with the wife is compared, the bad that the husband mistreats a wife is in all right Korea society is more general. Because beat up the behavior that perhaps mistreats a wife to be arrested by police,shared 5876 Korea men last year.

    This one word and the 4481 people photograph 2011 rise apparently than appearing. Of Korea society " old man creed " the

    ethos creates domestic force for a time very general, because mistreat a wife to be arrested by police,were about eleven thousand five hundred Korea men 2004. After this, this one word drops ceaselessly, appear again till last year rise.

    After female president Piao Jinhui appears on the stage, Korea devotes oneself to to attack domestic force all the time. She calls domestic force, gender force, campus force and unqualified provision Korea to be faced with at present 4 big " the society is ill " .

    Recommend read:

    Ning Deyi's woman has court of husband of domestic cruel tendency to cry beg a divorce

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    Middleaged man is about to rape India the girl uses deprive a theory of the knife that slaughter a cattle by the people (graph)

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    Now international news

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    Sinuodeng shows body TV medium first degrees to appeal terminative government monitoring

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    Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does text flower pull job of premier of Thailand be removinged is many ministerial member dismissed together nonofficeholding origin: ? ?2014-05-07 16:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    The intermediary outside occupying reports, thailand constitution court adjudicates on 7 days, many member in Thailand caretaker cabinet needs with guard government premier flower is pulled together nonofficeholding. Buddhist nun of minister of Thailand business affairs covers with tiles explore grand becomes new prime minister.

    On May 6, in Thailand capital Bangkok, yingla Xinawa of Thailand guard premier reachs Thailand constitution court. That day, flower before pulling, go to Thailand constitution court, be suspected of unconstitutional accusation defending for oneself. The adjudicative result of this one case will be immediate decision flower helps a government whether continue to hold the position of guard government.

    That day, thailand constitution court adjudicates, guard government prime minister flower pull accusation of misuse of authority to hold water, post of premier be removinged. Constitution court adjudicates at the same time, participate in at that time make transfer jussive flower help a government many ministerial minister also must resign.

    According to Thailand media message, court decision of Thailand constitution court says, guard government is other and ministerial the member can continue exercise powers and authorities of office, till new ministerial take one's place.

    Flower the country before pulling be charged with to was opposite 2011 is installed appoint secretary-general of his short of Wenshui River bring into play be suspected of misuse of authority, unconstitutional. To this, thailand constitution court says, flower those who pull this is brought into play have " conceal a destination " , it is unconstitutional behavior.

    Flower the proponent that pull says before this, the court uses legal method unfairly, will achieve make flower play nonofficeholding end. The analyst says, the court is right flower pull make adverse court decision will irritate her main proponent " red unlined upper garment army " , and may aggravate the political difference of this country.

    Thailand guard Ministry of Labour grows difference forest to express, if flower pull nonofficeholding, guard government will let guard Vice Prime Minister acting position of of short duration, hold water till new cabinet.

    Flower pull and 4 witnesses such as his short of Wenshui River are attended 6 days to constitution court about flower the hearing that pulls unconstitutional accusation. Flower pull reach a court that day morning, she was denied on the court " misuse of authority " accusation. Flower pull express, she is done not have unconstitutional, also did not acquire any interests from which. Since 6 months, seek through street protest and jurisprudence are overthrown flower the opposition that draw is having charge to her all the time.

    Go up 2 days month, constitution court agrees consistently to accept what refer by 28 senators flower press unconstitutional case. These assemblyman think, flower pull him on September 30, 2011 short of Wenshui River transfers this one behavior to be suspected of misuse of authority, for oneself profit, violated constitution relevant provi

    sion. Thailand supreme court already disabled at will adjudicating the human affairs at that time to bring into play on March 7 this year, ask guard government resumes former post for his short of Wenshui River as soon as possible.

    Relevant news:

    Thailand constitution court rules premier flower tugs unconstitutional beard nonofficeholding or exasperate red unlined upper garment army

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    city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Somalia famine spreads further, in the past 3 months, the name is 5 years old of countrywide nearly 30 thousand the following children die. In the capital Majiadisha, a father very reluctantly bury 5 his starved to death children, and two the youngest son that he puts only also because of hidebound, on the verge of death or destruction.

    Mohammed of 52 years old is burying 5 his gone children with one's own hands outside Majiadisha's shelter. Many days 20 ago, he guides 9, lift the home to come from southern flee from a calamity Majiadisha, the hope can come down alive from inside this famine. Unexpectedly, among them 5 children fail to had escaped to rob, final because of hidebound and

    during transit gone

    Mohammed stretchs both hands, pray what do not live to the day. The person that family dies nowadays passes half, think of reach with funeral 5 child, the tragic of withered of hematic arteries and veins, he cannot help lament.

    Now, he and his wife, the son that still two are put only lives in temporarily in refugee camp. Because food is insufficient, the wife must cadge everyday. However, 3 years old of their the youngest son with 7 years old are hungry still bony, wander in brim of life and death.

    Somalia south area suffers the severe drought that does not encounter 60 years, the family of thousands of suffers famine torment. In the past two months, have be a refuge of 220 thousand person about to Majiadisha, or cross border land to enter Kenya and Ethiopia. Many people fail to arrive at, during transit starved to death or die in one's bed.

    According to U.N. statistic, in the past a few months, somalia know exactly about sth with 10 thousand people because of hidebound death, have 640 thousand children at the same time serious hidebound, and there is 11 million person to need commissariat help in East Africa.

    (phoenix is defended inspect comprehensive report)

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

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    An Daxi of Premier Han candidate is exposed to the sun to have asset of a huge sum to obtain a huge sum of money when the lawyer

    2022年01月18日 03:01 东莞桑拿论坛2020
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    The near future, have say without the information that confirm, abubeikeerbagedadi confronts the leader that organizes Mohammedan country extremely air attack gets hurt. Although Bagdad enlighten develop in Mohammedan country there is main effect in expanding, but the expert thinks, actually, interior of this one organization owns tight guidance system, even if Bagdad enlighten die suddenly, also won't at this point collapse.

    The United States retires major general mark says Zhanmusi, if Bagdad enlighten die, mohammedan congress produces change, appear next new leader. He says, saddam of the president before a lot of heads of this one organization come from Iraq Housaiyin's army, had accepted very normal training, special profession.

    Researcher of American war institute Lawrence boast Er this think, the likelihood has Mohammedan country ministry to replace order clearly. Bagdad enlighten the high level may consider oneself or Mohammedan state ahead of schedule adversary can take behead action, accordingly, had decided replace person selected.

    According to terroristic research and the research that analyse alliance, bagdad enlighten although Mohammedan country is on name head, but he is not alone leader. He has ministerial adviser not only, still have two important assistant Abumusilintuerkemani and Abualianbali.

    These two assistant are in charge of the Mohammedan state action in Iraq and Syria respectively. Their at hand has 12 directors each, be in charge of the general affairs such as finance, military affairs, law, media and information. Look from constituent framework, mohammedan country is similar a large bureaucratic orgnaization.

    Those gets researcher of American kingly college Nuoyiman says, bagdad enlighten enlist in army in the army that two assistant ever amounted to Mu in Sa, although act is ferocious, but also acceded legionary rigid discipline and fight skill, can help Mohammedan country enlarge domain.

    Analytic personage is forecasted, if Bagdad enlighten die, graph Er overcomes Ma Ni to go up more likely.

    In addition, mohammedan country is presiding Abumohanmodeadenani replaces spokesman, Syrian likely also Bagdad enlighten. This year September, adenani ever appealed the proponent initiates Mohammedan cou

    ntry alone wolf type makes a surprise attack.

    Top authority returns arrange the meeting

    The expert thinks, although Bagdad enlighten it is Mohammedan country chieftain, but in fact, the top authority of this one organization is not in his hand, be attributed to however an orgnaization to arrange the meeting. This one orgnaization basically is in charge of ensuring all members and orgnaization abide by Mohammedan country the religious law of establish.

    Terroristic research and Ao Po of Gu Siming of analytic alliance researcher graceful say: If Bagdad enlighten the religio

    us standard that fails to abide by Mohammedan country, negotiate the conference to authority asks he is nonofficeholding.

    Although this kind of circumstance won't happen probably, but in fact, this may allude the prominent place that arranges the meeting, she says.

    Ao Po graceful think, mohammedan state armed staff the behead before this killed many Hesperian pledges, this should be in negotiate the conference to supervise under undertake. (Zhang Wei)

    2022年01月18日 03:01 广佛街 论坛 2020东莞桑拿体验论坛
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    of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and seni
    le living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 03:01 成都品茶自带工作室
  • 贵族宝贝花千坊

    Login register Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian exposing to the sun to live in seclusion to give orders to firing to sending handbill team to see Korea interior react origin: ? Be not?2014-10-13 09:5 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Korea government media condemns Korea strongly to send out of the handbill that oppose government provoke action, or high level of influence north and south talks.

    When just when t

    he outside pays close attention to Korea continuously,the Korea labor party October 10 establishs absent of top leader Jin Zhengen 69 years to celebrate an activity, the newsreel that bright TV station of 12 days of hold office at court broadcasts aunt Jin Jingji of Jin Zhengen appears in the picture, cause more to guess. And face Han fights 10 days in 38 lines hind, korea government media condemns Korea strongly to send out of the handbill that oppose government provoke action, let Korea public opinion fear talk of high level of north and south is likely bubble soup.

    Jin Zhengen exposing to the sun lives in seclusion to give orders to firing to sending handbill team to see Korea interior react

    The United States " wall street daily " the report of company of cite Han couplet says, korea government desalt handles party of Jin Zhengen absent to celebrate event. Korea unites department spokesman Lin Bingzhe 10 days to express, han Fang thinks Jin Zhengen still is administering national politics normally. The Zheng Yi of Korea parliament speaker that ends visit of Latin America area expresses with 12 days, condition stabilizes Korea now, the healthy problem of top leader Jin Zhengen is not serious also, the Xiang Chaofang end his plan next month offers to hold Han Chaoguo to be able to talk, the hope undertakes through congressional channel north and south is contacted. If cite is familiar with Korea problem expert, Han intermediary still says, korea to send out the Korea folk group of the handbill that oppose government firings, it is the command of Jin Zhen

    gen make known to lower levels, indication Korea system does not have any change. Korea the personage thinks related institute of a national policy, jin Zhengen lives in seclusion rise, it is to see the response of Korea interior.

    When proper environment guesses Korea inside information, the newsreel that after Jin Zhengen's aunt separates 5 months when Jin Jingji, broadcasts in Korea TV station again appears in the picture. Occupy Korea NEWSY TV station 12 days to report, korea CCTV broadcasts the newsreel about Jin Zhengen 12 days morning " whole country lifts sports upsurge " , jin Jingji's picture is in at least Jin Zhengen beside appear 2 times. Korea CCTV ever also will broadcast the newsreel that inspects directive sports job about Jin Zhengen on April 29 this year, there is not Jin Jingji's picture at that time. The analysis thinks, after Zhang Chengze executed last year, the political destiny that about its wife gold respects female singer and healthy and exasperate talk are constant, jin Jingji appears this make clear, her political life still may be in continuously.

    The company in face, " labor news " and " democratic Korea " wait for media two days this to still condemn Korea folk group strongly to send out one after another the handbill that oppose government. Does the company in face publish a problem 11 days to for who be is the behind the curtain indulgent send out the handbill? comment article says, send out the handbill of bespatter Korea dignity and system is to Korea the politics that cannot tolerate is provoked, be meaning it is good that in Korea of block the way group of director of people army total politics looks round Renchuanya to carry the relation austral the north that facilitates not easily improves atmosphere. Korea already issued stern warning to Korea authorities, if concessional or indulge terrestrial scum of a community send out handbill behavior, the conversational situation of hard-earned will be destroyed, the relation austral north slips again to beyond recall degree.

    Korea public opinion fears gate of dialog of Han day high level is shut at this point. Korea dispatch company analyses Niuxisitong 12 days, to taking off north person the action should try to restrain. Zheng Cheng of researcher of institute of world an administrative unit in Xizang grows Korea say, if produce local battle, han will worsen toward the relation the degree that cannot redeem. Korea government and congress should send out with respect to cross the border problem of the handbill that oppose government makes regulations system, prevent this problem to become the major obstacle that Han day high level speaks.

    The Korea dweller that lives around 38 lines is indignant also the practice of the person that condemn takes off north. Occupy Korea SBS TV station 11 days to report, golden aunt of 50 years old expresses: To sending out the handbill is to do one's utmost previously enduring, can no more bear now. Be right does face send out is the handbill important or is local countryman safety important? Local dweller has decided to form picket group, examine at any time whether alien tries to send out to face to our region the handbill that oppose government, once discovery will check stoutly.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月18日 03:01 上海贵族宝贝sh1314
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    Scene of Australia tradition hamburger no longer biscuit pasty is fastfood welcome [graph]

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    Philippine police: Be kidnapped undergraduate of 19 years old of foreign citizen of Chinese origin escapes successfully already

    2022年01月18日 03:01 夜上海最新论坛