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The net austral Fujian dispatch will report on December 20 according to Korea media on December 22, u.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen 18 days of transcribe a paragraph of video, speak American state security bureau (NSA) eavesdrop incident. In video, the global each country that comes round to search Panjiwen knows a personage to taking the gift of all sorts of wiretap, result by him one by one get behind, and their buy need not, leaked alone only a ball-pen of camera. Then, pan Jiwen's every act s

ufferred the eavesdrop of NSA.

See Panjiwen is taking phone depress sound to say only: "I give ready money, deliver the thing quickly. " after NSA eavesdrop group hears this word very excited, nevertheless, after 10 minutes, they discover to the member that sell outside a pizza just comes in inside Panjiwen's apartment, after taking pizza, pan Jiwen paid cash.

Subsequently, dance of start of Pan radical article comes. A staff member bows go collecting the clip on the ground, buttock day day is patted by monitoring camera. NSA eavesdrop group thinks Pan radical article is jumping at the beginning the stirring of low common electric buttock dance, result again feel disappointed and return. (Round-the-world net)

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Company of beautiful much home casts aside Qing Dynasty and country to install bureau relation to represent move " abhorrent "

Network of deploy of the White House " water army " it is Aobama technically " res

cue sb from a siege "

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The defense minister before two American citizens that ever were arrested by the U.S. Army in Iraq should be sued pulls Musifeierde, ask he is himself to be mistreated in the jail responsible. 8 days, the court decis

ion of a court of American supported 2 people appeal to beg, say Lamusifeierde does not have immunity.

That paragraph of experience is " nightmare "

These two contractor call Donald - 10 thousand this with Na Dan - Er of be stranded spy. They say, 2 people are locked up by the U.S. Army in Iraq base of a military affairs is as long as a few months, the environment is very harsh, got mistreat.

10 thousand this the U.S. Army was in Iraq 2006 at arriving 2005 with Er of be stranded spy a security personnel organizes the work, they suspect this organization is engaged in contrabanding the illegal business such as the weapon, inform against to the U.S. Army, the result is arrested however. They are stripped off dress search the person, by dactylogram, be by the lock even in a basket.

Two people still show, during be locked up, they are lacked food and water, prison cell is very cold, return cold without drive clothings, suffer the soldiers and police from time to time beat up.

When be released, the U.S. Army did not make any explanations, two people never also had been sued. They call that paragraph of experience " nightmare " .

10 thousand this think with Er of be stranded spy, they fall in the control of own government, sufferred the body and spirit destroy, the defense minister allows to pull Musifeierde when aiming spearhead so.

The court prepares to deliver subpoena

One party of heart of Er of the Si Fei that pull Mu ever was opposite with the judge U.S. Army policy is excuse to try to prevent adjudgement without right to speak, but a confederative Court of Cassation supported 8 days of Chicago that accept this proposal 10 thousand this the litigant request with Er of be stranded spy.

The judge says, lamusifeierde does not have immunity, preparing Xiang Jifa to give subpoena.

The judge says: "The defense minister before accuser has enough evidence to show helps the relevant policy that Musifeierde establishs personally, make their constitution right during take into custody got enroach on. Make their constitution right during take i

nto custody got enroach on..

This is recently the 2nd the accusation that is aimed at Lamusifeierde. Media says, start the defense minister of Yi war period as small Bush, support of heart of Er of the Si Fei that pull Mu is built in Iraq lock up the jail of terrorist, and ignore the practice of use cruel torture of U.S. Army amid.

Lamusifeierde's lawyer expresses disappointment to the judge's practice, he says this weakens legionary achievement likely, the safety of soldier of minatory U.S. Army. (Zhang Le)

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Login register Scotland of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is independence fair cast an end to poll and begin does civilian attune show plan ticket to send: of the origin that take actor alone instead? ?2014-09-19 08:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] plan ticket job begins, fair cast a result to predict to will be in the left and right sides was announced at 7 o'clock 19 days in the morning local time.

Edinburgh of China News Service on September 18 report local time 18 days night at 10 o'clock, scotland independence is fair cast an end to poll, all polling booth close an entrance door, immediately of plan ticket job begins.

Plan ticket job will undertake all night. After all vote count of 32 electorates ends, of election commission presiding the royal upland center that Pi Tekai of plan ticket Guan Mali considers benefit to will be in Edinburgh suburb announces final fair project a result. Fair cast a result to predict to will be in the left and right sides was announced at 7 o'clock 19 days in the morning local time.


Catchphrase of sex of menace of gush of spot of Scotland polling booth

Scotland independence is fair cast various places voting result latest news

England, scotland independence is fair cast hold, constituency polls to polling booth.

Scotland is fair cast begin civilian attune shows plan ticket to be sent alone instead take actor

YouGov of orgnaization of British public opinion poll releases hereon in voting day second fair the last time that drop civilian attune, show the person of 54% opposes independence, the person of 46% supports independence. The president the other party of YouGov gets Kaierna to express to British SKY TV station, the assurance that he has 99% thinks Scotland is fair the result that project is won't independent.

Chief minister Samengde is in Scotland government say after his home town is voting, this day is a lifetime only opportunity, believe everybody can remember this one day forever. Aberdonian destiny masters in Aberdonian in civilian hand.

After Da Lin of better campaign chief is

polling, express what oppose independence together, he has hope more and more, turn over substantive a group of people of same interest to will win victory tonight.

According to the vital statistics of Scotland government, the person that has voting qualification has 4.41 million person about, share more than 4.28 million person to register attend this fair cast. That is to say, be in qualified among

voting person, the person of 97% has been registered for constituency. This is the constituency in election of Scotland all previous the rate that register is top. The voting rate that election commission predicts to register voter will be achieved 80% , may become Scotland voting rate is top on the history. (Be over)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Install times clear benefit head exposes to the sun how times suffer from on insomnious disease every night enters Mian with brandy... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞最新高端喝茶微信


In report will occupy new network on September 14 coverage of Russian new network, russia department of defense says at releasing an information 14 days local time, army of military transport of Russian air force transfers 200 tons of goods and materials and 1200 officers and soldiers area of practice of military region of the eastpart part.

The message says, russian army dispatched 20 are installed - Er of 124 Lu Silan, Yi - 76, how - 26 and

how - 12 planes, general arms and martial equipment transfer martial airport. Yi Er - 76 and how - 124 Lu Silan transport undertook 30 much sortie fly in all, carried 200 tons of goods and materials and 1200 officers and soldiers.

Before this, beijing of Russia pres

ident general enjoins at 11 days Russia department of defense, to this country circumstance of combat readiness of military region of the eastpart part undertakes assault is checked.

Russia prevents ministerial Shaoyigu to say, began 10 o'clock sharp 11 days morning from Muscovite time, each army basises indicate area command of Russian the eastpart part enter comprehensive combat readiness.

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In report will occupy new network on October 17 Hong Kong " astral island daily " report, the Himalayas of world highest peak, invade by blizzard cause big avalanche, even more mountaineers 200 times guest, guide and heaver, by bury alive of a meter of deep accumulated snow, include the 14 mountain-climbing settle or live in a strange place of couple of a pair of Hongkong's people, be rescued above all after one night by day of glacial front cover, they send toward Nepalese Jiademan because of frostbite army hospital cure. The avalanche causes 29 people death up to now, still have even more 10 people are missing, large quantities of soldiers and police still are in in rescueing.

Nepalese Pan Shanwang season will produce big avalanche in October, cause 29 dead 10 people are missing, even more 100 people are injured. The person that hurt includes couple of a pair of Hongkong's people, marital last name is yellow, its wife surname old, because frostbite is in place to take medical service; Hong Kong enters a country place say, receive to appeal at present, can be stationed in local consul t

o understand situation of Hongkong's person couple through China.

Nepalese atmosphere personnel expresses, this avalanche chief culprit is heart of conspicuous of heart of Indian cyclone conspicuous, bizzard blows a Nepalese north, stand by county of bu

rsa of the Mu Sitang county of Chinese Tibet, Ma, and Mu Sitang the seedling ground county south.

It is reported, teams of 12 days of a mountain-climbing, include each country tourist, guide and heaver, pass height above sea level mountain pass of many meters 5400 Tuo Long Ya, when arriving at Mu Sitang, air temperature pelter, all over the sky produces an avalanche below wind snow, guest of this batches of mountain-climbing boils fall firn bury alive, somebody is blown by fresh gale, among them 240 much people take a risk to rest the place is waited for save.

Nepalese police receives a reply, expedite helicopter is rescued into hill with large quantities of soldiers and police, because firn has one rice is deep, add bizzard block way, the rescuer spends several hours of ability to enter disaster area search, rescue 14 person that hurt above all, include couple of a pair of harbor and 12 Israelis, say according to witnessing a tourist, this pairs of couples are sent the closest cafes, via rescue come to, the person that hurt entirely is frostbite, send toward Jiademan army hospital takes medical service, dangerous without life.

According to local medium report, save personnel to discover 29 deads early or late, come from Nepalese, Canada, India, Poland and Israel mountain-climbing guest respectively, at present still 10 much people are missing, have even more more than 100 people are rescued. Zhong Jianmin represents the expert climbing mountain of the Mount Everest on Ceng Deng, if be in snow mountain frostbite, can do bright clothings to bind the point that tighten an injury, do not use cut of overheat object thaw, avoid to stimulate aggravate the condition of an injury, should reach safe place, can use cut of lukewarm leach bubble, increase haemal circulation, conduce cut heal.

Much calamity of Nepalese mountain-climbing travel is much more difficult, mount Everest ever will produce an avalanche this year in April, 16 people die, activity of mountain-climbing of spring Mount Everest for a time halt.

(Original title: Nepalese big avalanche sends couple of Hong Kong of 29 people death to be rescued frostbite)

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Liberation army deputy chief of the general staff grows a speech to make give tit for tat respond to with respect to beautiful national defence... [阅读全文] 栏目:东莞喝茶交流群


The Russia all alone that the plane of Turkey civil aviaton that a man hijacks 7 days to carry 110 passengers goes to to holding Olympic Winter Games engraves, but final in Turkey Istanbul of the biggest city is subdued () seeing a picture. This incident did not cause personal casualty.

Hijacker doubt is like drunk wine. Turkey authorities says, show level to show without evidence he is terrorist.

Battle of wits fights brave

Boeing of aviation of a Turkey flying horse 737 model the plane breaths out city of Er division husband 7 days to take off from Wu Kelan, carry 110 passengers, xiang Nafei goes, in the sky pass the Black Sea, book in Sa of Turkey Istanbul city to overcome musical instrument airport to descend than breathing out · case.

In flight route, a man claims suddenly oneself carry explosive, requirement plane changes course, fly to all alone agree eastwards. He tries to enter cockpit. The photograph that Turkey NTV TV station broadcasts shows, a man that takes in engine r

oom forehead stands up, a steward is in look at him aside.

Plane driver issues skyjacking warning to the ground, at the same time with hijacker deal with, pretend to had changed course, flying to all alone agree.

Local time about 18 when, the plane compares airport of haing · Ge Keqin to descend in Sa. "The member that plane driver and aircrew are multiplied dealt with successfully this incident, the plane descends in Istanbul and not be all alone agree. " Housaiyin Afuni Mute of Istanbul province governor Lu says in the airport, "He (hijacker) think the airlines is flying to all alone agree. Before long, he realizes the plane has been in Istanbul. He realizes the plane has been in Istanbul..

Subdue successfully

After receiving skyjacking to call the police, f of air force of a Turkey, 16 model opportunity for combat is urgent take off, companion flies be robbed plane, till descend. Mu Te Lu reachs the airport, chair crisis processing; Personnel of assault team member, relieve a sick or injured person, firemen is in the airport on call.

After the plane descends, authorities sends person and hijacker negotiation, persuade him to release woman and children above all, then releases the others passenger.

Assault team member launchs sneak attack subsequently, subdue a hijacker. Mu Te Lu says: "During the passenger withdraws a plane, secure unit staff slips into a plane from many port, at once subdues a hijacker. At once subdues a hijacker..

In the action, assault team member did not use a weapon. The hijacker tries to revolt, flesh wound gets in fight. TV appearance shows, skyjacking suspect wears athletic jacket, there is gauze on the


Descend to the hijacker to be subdued from the plane, incident lasts about 4 hours. Get hurt without the passenger.

Doubt is like drunk wine

Mu Te Lu did not publish the hijacker's full name, say him 45 years old only. He did not carry weapon or explosive, carrying a bag only, installing electronic things.

Article of Wu Kelan international passes Wu Kelan of telecommunications company quote the Izvestia path of safe branch, the hijacker overcomes Lan Ji for black, was born 1969, " drunk at that time fierce, try to rush into cockpit, blusterous ' we go alling alone agree ' . He assumes the scampish action that is his responsibility " .

Mu Te Lu says, the hijacker is done not have drunk, use some kind of material possibly nevertheless to hold exalted position.

Hijacker motive is unidentified. Mu Te Lu says, the hijacker puts forward " a few about him himself national requirement " , also ask to deliver " the information about activity of sports of all alone agree " . However, showing level to show him without evidence is horrible organization member. He is locked up to be in Istanbul constabulary headquarters.

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In report will occupy new network on March 19 outside intermediary report, 19 days, management center of circumstance of crisis of country of Russia emergency department expresses, before humani

tarian motorcade already set out, emergency department goes to a Ba Si area, still include the car of the Red Cross among them.

The message says, muscovite time before dawn 4 when, motorcade holds husband city Du Sike in the palm to come to help from Ross the center sets out, advancing to border land line at present.

The report says, relief car team includes more than 170 car, carry more than tons of 1900 humanitarian rescuing goods and materials. Have among them sow material, food, medicines and chemical reagents, necessaries of life, rehabilitate to be destroyed what establishment needs book of building materials, education and the campaign that for Lugansike city college and middle and primary school plan city and Duniecike.

Car of branch of Moscow of Russia Red Cross joins emergency department motorcade first, for Dubaside the area carries commissariat and medical treatment things. Before reaching border land line, motorcade is cent two groups: One group heads for Lu pleasant Si Kezhou, one group heads for a N

ie Ci Kezhou.

From August 2014 the middle ten days of a month rises, the humanitarian rescuing goods and materials that Ci Kezhou's dweller offers Si Kezhou of pleasant of Xiang Lu of Russia emergency department and Du Nie already exceeded 25000 tons.

(Original title: Ba Si area pauses toward Wu Kelan before Russia sends humane rescuing motorcade once more)

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