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Dispatch will occupy people net on October 31 Reuter report, burkina Faso army will launch coup towards evening on October 30. Burkina Faso objects presidential Bulaici the disturbance that Kongpaaoai writes constitution reachs peak 30 days. Dusk time, the army declares this state: Dissolve government and parliament, execute curfew, before order of national return constitution, government and congressional influence will make by a definite date the transition of 12 months in governmental hand. This is the message that by chief of the general staff of Burkina Faso army Ao Nuolei plays name of abstruse Lei Shu to release especially, announce on the press conference by an officer. According to this proclamation, this country will from 19 Shi Zhiling morning 6 when execute curfew. Army chief of the general staff still announces: Establish transfer government, transfer influence deadline of the government is 12 months.

29 days, burkina Faso capital erupted to object amending the demonstration of constitution, demonstrate person think, the purpose of correction constitution is to let Kongpaaoai's president be able to be reappointed consecutively. Demonstrate person it is what this says constitution coup. Opposition claims, 1 million person joi

ned parade. On Wednesday, capital street continues know exactly about sth 10 thousand people are processional, but the circumstance is relatively quiet. Partial shop opens the door afresh, a bit was not shown have the sign that happens to change greatly. But person of Burkina Faso of opposition leader appeal parades greatly in Zhou Si, receive a black spring.

30 days 9 when make, the safe line that before congress door hundreds person forms is in thousands of demonstrate person the breakthrough below concussion, demonstrate person ignited congress, partial building burns. Subsequently, hundreds person develops national TV station, cut off transmission, after robbing one sky, go away. Violent activity enlarges this country the 2nd big city, this municipal government and hold political party ministry is burned. Midday, burkina Faso government announces to cancel to revise constitution proposal below enor

mous pressure, appeal people keep one's head. Meanwhile, this country presidential Kongpaaoai gives orders the whole nation enters a state of siege. But when be late already, dusk time, army announces to dissolve government and parliament, curfew is executed in the whole nation. Governmental authority and legislative are handed in by temporarily governmental control. The end that becomes so according to saying is to restore constitution order afresh after 12 months.

The France of colonial suzerain before regarding as appeals each keep one's hair on, the United States expresses special to condition concern, the violent situation that the European Union appears to Burkina Faso expresses to be anxious very, each at once ends violent activity related the requirement, begin a dialogue as soon as possible. Blame alliance appeals each just maintain exercise restraint.

According to the report, the force of 30 day happening causes one person death at least, this person is the little little brother that currently holds the post ofpresidential Kongpaaoai, he is in be apart from its friend home hundreds of meters place is beaten dead. It is Kongpaaoai of 63 years old to started military coup d'etat on October 15, 1987, the Thoms in coup's president and its suite kill completely, kongpaaoai obtains this country mastery, hold the position of a president 27 years up to now. He is regarded as to be the mediate person that processing Africa crisis cannot bypass, but do not know how to handle native crisis eventually, announce to disband a government to army all the time, oneself are overthrown nonofficeholding till. (Laoren)



The sound that occupies China " news freely " report, the small-sized plane of city of a Florida arrives in the flight southeast Miami when maritime space, passenger of a male drops into the sea from 2000 feet headroom, police expresses, the ai

r man that they get this to wear a plane at that time uses the urgent ask for help that radio hair comes to, claim " the door with the door left unlocked of engine room is worn, a passenger declines! " next United States Coast Guard and bureau of local fire control are expedited helicopte
r and alarm spread out with the boat rescue, but up to now still empty-handed.

Aviation expert expresses, if do not have parachute, the person declines from headroom the possibility very little that still survives. Because plane port did not close good to bring about passenger accident to decline,be after all in the sea, be still him passenger opened port to jump down a plane? Current, incident still is being investigated further.

 Hill of turtledove of the premier before Japan says Japan is the wrong decision below beautiful pressure to Russian punish

The United States dispatchs the aircraft carrier of the Red Sea and F

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat p

rovide for the aged is brief board,
promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Li Xue advocate sexual scandal doubt is like exposure to ever sent affection lubricious video with Zhang Chengze


 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Philippine again

with " is illegal Wu versed in " catch buckle in phenanthrene: of origin of 28 China citizen? Qu Xian?2014-01-17 09:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] local time 15 days 14 when the left and right sides, personnel of phenanthrene immigration office and phenanthrene state police dash forward Mo Lalan market of city of a place of strategic importance that check handkerchief, buckled 28 China citizen and Chinese with stop illegally and be being caught for illegal Wu labour, take them to the immigration office to check their resident status.

Be versed in with illegal Wu with stopping illegally for

Phenanthrene is caught again buckle in phenanthrene Chinese

Graph: By Philippine catch the Chinese that buckle to await the identity that check / Internet

Dispatch China was stationed in the net austral Fujian on January 17 Philippine embassy confirms 16 days to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, phenanthrene immigration office fills in in handkerchief of big Manila area 15 days afternoon city is caught inside bazaar buckled 28 China citizen and Chinese, among them 12 people already were released at present.

Local time 15 days 14 when the left and right sides, personnel of phenanthrene immigration office and phenanthrene state police dash forward Mo Lalan market of city of a place of strategic importance that check handkerchief, buckled 28 China citizen and Chinese with stop illegally and be being caught for illegal Wu labour, take them to the immigration office to check their resident status.

Via checking, in the 28 people that are arrested to buckle, have 2 Chinese immediately get-off that hold Philippine passport, have procedures of 10 China citizen additionally all ready, already at 16 days in the morning get-off, 16 people are accepting the others investigation. China is stationed in phenanthrene diplomatic mission to ask to poor square civilized justice executes the law, as soon as possible appropriate handles this case.

Last year on December 11, two market that Yu Mani of v/arc be on the throne of phenanthrene immigration office plays city China city with stopping illegally for catch buckled 77 China citizen. (New China)

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ed? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Italian government is rolled out 12 days new round of finance is constrictive plan, the plan reduces expenditure inside two years 45.5 billion euro (add up to) of 64.8 billion dollar about, achieved budgetary balance 2013.

Premier Xierweiao Beilusikeni says, publishing new plan is to answer European central bank " aid " requirement.

Close " chatelaine "

Italian government holds urgent meeting 12 days late, approve new plan. Premier Bei Lusi tells media the reporter after Kenihui, the government was mixed 2012 will reduce expenditure respectively 2013 20 billion euro (28.5 billion dollar) with 25.5 billion euro () of 36.3 billion dollar.

To achieve a goal, authorities will raise revenue to good-paying crowd, reduce administration and local government expenditure substantially. Year income 90 thousand to 150 thousand euro (130 thousand to 210 thousand dollar) the crowd increases tax inside two years 5% , year the crowd that income exceeds 150 thousand euro increases tax 10% .

Beilusikeni says, government sector plan cuts down about 8.5 billion euro inside two years (12.1 billion dollar) expenditure, include cancel a few lesser provinces are municipal class administration orgnaization.

The content of new plan includes: Dodge a tax of keep within limits; Raise private sector female emeritus age, from began to carry out 2020 surely formerly come ahead of schedule 2016; Reduce communal holiday, in order to increase annual workaday amount.

Italian economy and finance minister Zhuliao Teleimengdi say, hope this a series of act can take budget deficit place the scale of gross domestic product from this year 3.8% fall to 2012 1.4% , was 2013 0.

"My heart is dripping blood, " when refer of shellfish Lu Si Keni increases tax, say, that violates a government previous acceptance, namely " the pocket that does not extend the hand to Italian people absolutely " . He emphasizes at the same time, "World circumstances changes... below special situation " , be necessary to take constrictive step.

Change " aid "

This is Italian government inside two months publish finance the 2nd times constrictive plan. This year in July, italian government rolls out a finance constrictive plan, the plan reduces expenditure 48 billion euro () of 68.4 billion dollar.

Beilusikeni says 12 days, to exchange European Central Bank " aid " Italian bond market, the government comes on stage new round of constrictive plan, "The way that case of this one party suggests according to European central bank develops " .

Near future of Italian money market for many times concussion. Last week, because encounter stock and bond panic sex cheapen, leasehold cost is rising, the dominion debt crisis that makes area of euro of investor concern indulge in wilful persecution multilateral can spread to Italy.

"After afterwards is Greek, financial speculation

is stared at on we, " Beilusikeni says, "Below this kind of circumstance, we have no other way, seek European Central Bank to intervene only. Seek European Central Bank to intervene only..

This week is some earlier moment, president of European Central Bank lets - Keluode Terry withers say, this week begins European Central Bank purchase Italy and Spanish state bond, in order to answer leasehold cost rising, alleviate crisis of debt of market pressure, keep within limits spreads. He urges Italy " with very clear pattern " take action, reduce budget deficit, return to as soon as possible " normal " budgetary situation.

Beilusikeni says: "We decide to satisfy the requirement that European Central Bank raises to us, prove oneself to other Europe country, especially Germany, Holand and Finland. Especially Germany, Holand and Finland..

New round of constrictive plan needs to hand over parliamentary approval inside 60 days, next become effective.

When Luyiji Kasailuo of undersecretary of Italian Ministry of finance accepts media to interview, say: "Face emergency, our country knows how to be answered... we will take action quickly as far as possible, the hope is obtained at the beginning of September (parliament) approval.

The hope is obtained at the beginning of September (parliament) approval..

Without " choice "

Nevertheless, with respect to new plan, each reaction is differ.

Buddhist nun of Sa of Er of shellfish of · of easy auspicious of road of Pi Ye of leader of the Democratic Party of Italian main opposition thinks, constrictive measure will harm worker and middle class interest, "This one constrictive plan is insoluble problem " .

Official of partial local government and ordinary people resent to new plan likewise. Ka Sidi of · of admire of Zhu Sai of chairman of Italian province union deserted inside say when orgnaization of administration of refer cancel part: "Everybody alludes when municipality, those who talk about is social service; Refer is provincial when the orgnaization, those who involve is security of the school, school and local road. Those who involve is security of the school, school and local road..

Analyst of a few economy welcomes new move, but the result that produces to the likelihood supports cautious attitude.

The bank orgnaization of Italian Milan " associated credit " analyst base La Kesa says Ya: "New constrictive plan is faulty, but it is current probably... the optimal result that we can expect below the situation. But it is current probably... the optimal result that we can expect below the situation..

Fabiao Fuyisi says analyst of firm of capital of Ba Kelai of British investment travel, new plan " forward right way strides... but because next year economy is added fast put delay, may produce negative effect to consuming the market " . He thinks, italy needs " adopt structural sex to change, in order to raise development latent capacity, ensure ability of Wu of long-term countervail repay a debt " .

Economic growth rate was predicting Italy of Ba Kelai capital 2012 0.7% , far 1.3% what anticipate under Italian government.

About 120% what public debt was equivalent to Italian gross domestic product last year. Since this year, public debt total rises continuously, up to 1.9 trillion euro already was approached by May () of 2.7 trillion dollar.

Ask whether new constrictive plan can damage economic foreground of Italy, finance minister Teleimengdi says: "We have no alternative. " (Li Liangyong)

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 Login register hold office at court of beautiful B-52 of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Xian Xihai bank in the sky does training Korea publish: of remonstrant statement origin? Qu Xian?2014-02-07 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Peninsula of beautiful B-52 Korea in the sky train

Korea sends statement to protest, urge Han Mei to cancel army act

B-52 long-range bomber (data chart)

The net austral Fujian committee of dispatch Korea national defence will make a statement 6 days on Feburary 7, bomber of B-52 of remonstrant United States is in before today Korea peninsula on the west the coast in the sky undertake training. Statement urges Han Mei to cancel to combine war game on what begin at the end of this month, the family member of face Han disperse that states the likelihood reconsiders be being reached formerly reunites agreement.

The family member of Red Cross disperse that face Han delegate holds 5 days in board door inn decides

on working conference, 20 days come 25 days to hold disperse family member to reunite in hill of Korea King Kong this month. 6 days, committee of Korea national defence says, before today during bilateral talk, american B-52 bomber has flown Korea peninsula on the west the coast, criticise that is nuclear blow rehearse. Press the view of beautiful intermediary, in last few years, the presence that face just looks B-52 bomber to add coastal waters region in Korea peninsula is martial menace and nuclear deterrence.

Face just states 6 days after releasing before long, korea department of defense makes a response, reject face to just ask. of Jin Min of spokesman of Korea department of defense tells media the reporter: "We will lift march to act normally, this and disperse family member reunite have nothing to do. " Zhen Pusaji of spokesman of American the State Council says, the United States just did not receive any concerning to cancel the message of a sham battle.

American B-52 bomber is long-range bomber, can finish bomb job alone, most portable 27 tons of dynamite, bomb mission can be executed after the flight exceeds the distance of 6400 kilometers and return base. (Xin Huazhong is new)

Relevant news:

Message personage in the sky confirms bright peninsula of hold office at court of American B-52 bomber to train

According to Han Lian the company reports, to Korea 6 days say " American B-52 bomber is in 5 days maritime sky undertakes imitate bomb trains on the west "

be related, a message personage confirms, american B-52 bomber in the sky will enter Korea peninsula to belong to on Feburary 5 solid.

It is reported, really bomber of B-52 of an U.S. Army in complete Luobei group of hill in the sky undertake training, this is the training that the U.S. Army undertakes by original plan. Specific training content belongs to secret of U.S. Army military affairs.

American B-52 bomber is long-range bomber, can finish bomb job alone, most portable 27 tons of dynamite, bomb mission can be executed after the flight exceeds the distance of 6400 kilometers and return base.

This bomber is 48 meters long, 56.4 meters wide, weigh 221.35 tons, distance of the biggest flight is 16 thousand kilometer, highest flight height amounts to 17 thousand meters, can hang carry bomb of 25 907 kilograms of groovy type and 12 nucleuses cruise missile. This machine can carry the sky of nuclear warhead right missile, cannon-shot is 200 to 3000 kilometers, it is an U.S. Army offer to Korea " nuclear umbrella " one of.

Committee of Korea national defence makes a statement 6 days with the name of policy bureau spokesman, urge Han Meizhong to break the joint military exercise that in Feburary end has. (Chinese news network)

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Day intermediary: During American B-52 enters the East China Sea, doubt is like by in just dog

Beautiful B-52 bomber enters department of defense of area of identifying of the East China Sea to respond to capable canal to accuse

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Comprehensive report, american respect announces 10 days, armed in the helicopter of Afghan down U.S. Army, Taliban that causes 30 people death recently revolti

ng element has been shot dead. However the shadow that U.S. Army helicopter causes to American army by down incident did not drop off quickly accordingly, the investigation of the Pentagon still is continueing.

According to the report, in the center of former U.S. Army allow headquarters assistant commanding officer, newly to be stationed in Afghan U.S. Army supreme comman

der makes an appointment with writing Allan (John Allen) says to the reporter in the Pentagon, "Be in about on August 8 midnight, was stationed in Afghan allied forces to shoot dead announce to call the Taliban that is in charge of to should have assault revolting element " .

The U.S. Army encounters " black on Saturday " 30 people be killed in battle

Local time 6 days of before dawn, be stationed in Afghan U.S. Army to encounter " black on Saturday " , one carries the CH-47 of arms of special type of 22 U.S. Armies and 7 Afghanistan soldier " raise a slave to work " large helicopter is in Waerdake saves Afghan the eastpart part meet with down, include aircrew personnel inside, cause officers and soldiers of at least 30 U.S. Armies to die, since creating the United States to start Afghan war, the U.S. Army dies of the number most. This also was 1987 U.S. Army special type fights after headquarters holds water, incident with most heavy casualties.

The Pentagon respect is after those who pass two days is silent, just confirm to media, "Jinuke " helicopter is aided to push shrapnel down by a rocket truly, cause 25 special type to fight in all unit team member and be killed in action of staff of unit of 5 air force, an a the member that include observation of 3 air force, mouth dragoman, army dog person, in addition still an army dog dies.

The message says, among them soldiers of 22 be killed in battle come from the United States the pickeddest " seal commando " , but the Pentagon was not judged to buy of this one message.

Some earlier this year moment, the officers and soldiers that comes from same branch group slips into Pakistan, shot dead " base " leader of constituent number one Benladeng. Nevertheless, beautiful official says, officers and soldiers of this second be killed in battle was not participated in shoot dead pull the martial operation that scale.

Ever since, mujiaxide of spokesman of class of Afghan tower benefit publishs written statement to say, this organization crashs to this incident is responsible. He says, armed organization personnel uses Taliban " rocket " down this " raise exert to work " military helicopter.

The Pentagon investigation

The report says, the Pentagon will be examined around a series of crashing problems, include Dalibanru why to constitute menace to the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army is entered " Jinuke " the instruction that when helicopter executes special mission, receives.

In the center of the U.S. Army headquarters commander Ma Di this (James Mattis) appoints division spy (Jeffrey Colt) general is in charge of investigating the work this. It is reported, investigation will analyse a lot of and main problem, because American army believes helicopter by down, investigation will remove the objective issue such as such as weather, landform and mechanical failure possibly.

American army still will be investigated " Jinuke " the flight height that helicopter enters battle area and method.

Investigation still will involve other a series of problems, such as: Why to choose this group to execute the mission, how much do they understand to area terrain, they wait to once suffer ground attack,taking what safeguard beforehand.

Taliban " please army into earthen jar " the U.S. Army is trapped

According to the report, do not wish the official of government of Afghan high level of sign one's name tells Afp, taliban organizes a commander Daxier gives off a message, someplace of class of benefit saying a tower holds the meeting, with this the U.S. Army that entice falls into the trap of elaborate design.

He also says, 4 Pakistanis assist Daxier to carry out this plan.

This official cites to say from the information of local collect, taliban knows this wears helicopter to meet flying where a channel. This is an only course, so they are in the valley chooses good place on two side hill. Fly when helicopter close when, they use rocket and other contemporary weapon launchs attack, helicopter is in be hit the several crash after playing.

The analysis points to, as a result of Afghan churchyard much high mountain, special be helpful for armed element concealing, often want to rely on large helicopter to finish plus the work that carries an U.S. Army to head for war zone, this arms to Taliban use pallet equipment to started sneak attack to offer an opportunity. There ever also was an U.S. Army in the past the example that large carriage helicopter is fallen by ram of ground armed fire.

In the meantime, this crashing incident happens in nightly and special fight in the task -- Yu Ji of nightly task benefit is raided, but mountainous landform, condition of rare air lamp is excellent to driver and machine for the guest, very dangerous also. The assault team member on helicopter at that time is to hurry to army of aid friendly forces, they are in shoot dead 8 rebel army nearby from capital Kabul, helicopter flies low slow, inside the range that drives shrapnel in the rocket.

It is reported, helicopter crashing incident occupies 10 years to come the U.S. Army dies in Afghanistan 10% of 1725 people, among them because,great majority is mechanical failure or crewman error, gunfire of enemy of and rather than.

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